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Can You Finance Fue Hair Transplant?

Can You Finance Fue Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant and Hair Loss

Can You Finance Fue Hair Transplant? Humans renew themselves biologically by cell renewal. Your skin dries out, sheds and new skin develops. Your toenails and nails grow continuously. When any part of you gets cut, wounded tissue regenerates, and the wound closes. Your stomach renews itself in 9 days. Even your DNAs reconstruct themselves in 2-3 months. Like these, your hair follicles renews themselves. This is named the hair growth cycle. It has 4 steps: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, Exogen. In Anagen, your hair grows. This is the longest step. In Catagen, your hair growth begins to slow down. In Telogen, your hair stops growing and stays what length it is. And in Exogen, your hair sheds by itself or external factors like washing them. It is normal losing 50 – 100 hairs a day. It should grow as the fall rate. If it isn’t growing that much, time for a hair transplant.

When your hair growth rate can’t reach the fall rate, then you should start looking for reasons. There are many reasons for hair loss. Like aging. Aging is the reason for many things like hair loss. You can’t prevent it completely, but if you treat your hair nicely, you can postpone this. Also, hereditary hair loss is a reason which you can’t prevent. There is a solution for them, however. It is a hair transplant. But if you losing hair while under stress, do not panic. When your stressful days are gone, your hair loss should stop. If it isn’t stopping, there must be another reason from above. A hair transplant is a surgery that everyone suffering from hair loss can get. Even the most famous persons from television and cinema get these surgeries. Because this is a common procedure between people. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

What are Hair Transplant techniques?

hair transplant is a surgery that makes your bald spots hairy again. This is a simple yet effective surgery. There are two types of hair transplants. One of them is the Fut technique. In the Fut technique, The surgeon shaves your head. Then he chooses an area where the hair is denser. This area is usually the back of your head. Then he/she takes a skin strip from your head. After that, he/she cuts it into grafts. Each graft has one hair follicle. Then he/she starts drilling little holes to your bald spots. After that, he/she plants these grafts in the holes. Then he/she closes the wound by connecting two sides of the wound. The hair around the wound should cover the scar. After these steps, your hair should grow in a few months after the hair transplant. But it leaves a scar at the back of your head.


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The other technique is the Fue technique. The same process goes on most of the techniques. There is a little difference between these techniques. But it makes a great difference in the results. Like the Fut, the doctor shaves your head. Then he picks an area which has a denser hairline. After that, he/she removes the hair follicles one by one from your head. Without getting any strips from your head. Since this is a more complicated technique, this makes the Fue longer than the Fut. After he/she get these grafts, he/she starts making holes on your scalp. Then he/she plants these grafts in the holes. And the same story goes away. But there is a great difference here. There are no scars left on your head. This is a better way to get a hair transplant since it leaves nothing bad behind.

Is It Worth To Get Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is a major problem in men’s style. Most fashionists think hairstyles make men more handsome. According to research, most women find men with a nice hairstyle attractive. And you can’t see a charismatic protagonist with a bald head in a movie. But there are some exceptions of course but you got the point. So you should get a hair transplant if you suffer from hair loss. It means a lot. Hairs can show the one younger. Also being bald shows the one older than normal. So, it is worth it usually. It is also not too expensive. If you are afraid to get a hair transplant, you can come to our clinic and ask whatever you want. Also, don’t be ashamed of that. This is a requirement these days. Everyone gets it and also no one has a right to judge you because of this.

Is Hair Transplant Expensive?

When the topic comes to the money, everyone starts to get uneasy. But there is no need to be afraid of the prices of hair transplants. Since the hair transplants are arbitrary, most health insurance doesn’t cover the surgery fees. But if you have all-inclusive health insurance, check if they cover hair transplants. Also, some companies’ employees at high positions get these hair transplants on the company’s account. So consult to HR department before you get this kind of operation. Also, none of the above applies to you, you can still get a hair transplant. Go to a bank and take a loan. You can pay the bank monthly and you can get the hair transplant. Also, if you save some money regularly, you can collect the fees for the surgery. So there are so many ways for getting money for a hair transplant.

Can you finance an FUE hair transplant? Probably the answer is yes. Because hair transplants’ fees depend on how many grafts needed to be planted for you. If you don’t get late for the hair transplant, you can get the hair transplant for proper prices. So decide quickly if you think you need one. Every day makes it costlier! If you need an exact number that how many grafts you will need, come to our clinic for examination. If you want to know how much is it going to cost you, contact us.