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Can You Get Hair Implants On Your Forehead?

Can You Get Hair Implants On Your Forehead?

Can You Get Hair Implants On Your Forehead? Nowadays, hair loss problems, which especially affect men, are common problems of many people. With the increasing technological possibilities, effective applications have emerged in many areas such as hair deficiency and hair loss. It is possible to get rid of these problems with hair transplantation. In addition to normal hair implants, people often ask the question you can get hair implants on your forehead.

What Are Hair Implants?

Hair implants or hair transplantation is the process of transplanting the hair taken from the donor area into the bald area. Hair follicles are taken from the areas between the ears and the nape of the neck and transferred. In short, it is an aesthetic operation where the hair is taken from the nape of the neck and placed in the front areas. From time to time, hairs in the beard or chest area are also used.

Hair may shed for various reasons. Spills that will cause baldness problems usually occur with the genetic transfer. However, intense stress, traumatic events, and medications used can also cause such spills. As there are different causes of hair loss, different treatments are applied for hair implants. And unfortunately, not everyone can get the same result.


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Can You Get Hair Implants On Your Forehead?

One of the hair problems is the wide forehead problem. A wide forehead can cause discomfort in most people. Many people are doing research on this subject. The question this brings to mind is “can you get hair implants on your forehead”. Hair implants can be applied to any area where there is no hair. The reasons for wanting to have hair transplantation on the forehead are generally in two ways.

Men or women whose forehead is congenitally wide want to narrow their forehead and have hair transplantation. At the same time, the forehead is enlarged with hair loss, which is usually seen in men. This situation bothers most of the men. Due to this situation, men with widening forehead want to have hair implants in the balding area. In genetic male hair loss, the shedding first starts from the forehead area, and over time, the hair loss goes backward. There is not much difference between the hair implant made on the forehead and the other. After the decision is made, it is decided whether it is appropriate to perform a hair transplant on the forehead by discussing it with the hair transplant specialist. Hair transplantation is done after the necessary health checks.

What are Hair Plants Methods?

Appearance affects people’s way of looking at themselves. It is also of great importance in its relations with the outside world. The loss of hair, which is one of the important parts of the external appearance, can cause situations such as loss of self-confidence in the person. In hair transplantation, which is a frequently performed procedure, people expect naturalness in appearance. There are different methods, but the two methods give almost definite results.

One of the oldest and most functional methods is the FUE method. It is the most successful option. Hair Implants with FUE, which is made without damaging the hair follicles, provides a natural hair appearance when viewed from the outside. Hair transplant recipients get more positive results from this method.

Another preferred method is the DHI method. This method also gives good results depending on the hair follicle structure. However, the sessions take longer.

Does Hair Implants Treatment Give Definite Results?

One of the questions that people who want hair transplantation ask a lot is “Does Hair Implants Treatment Give Definite Results?” in the form. Although the hair transplantation process differs from person to person, results of 85% or more can be obtained. The success rate of the results may vary depending on the hair transplant area. The hair transplanted in the hair transplant process is taken from the regions coded for not shedding due to its genetic structure. Therefore, the transplanted hair is permanent for a lifetime. This aesthetic operation with a high success rate should be done in sterile environments. In order to achieve good results, the places where hair transplantation will be performed and the experts should be selected carefully. Not making the right choice can cause bad results.

How Should It Be After Hair Plants?

Hair always needs care and if taken care of, it preserves its vitality and becomes beautiful. After Hair Implants, hair care should be done more meticulously. Even if we are not aware of it after Hair Implants, hair wear occurs. Holes and wounds in hair transplantation cause bleeding. When blood, which is vital for hair follicles, decreases, hair follicles are not fed. The period of 15 days after hair transplantation should pass in a healthy way and within this 15-day period, there are many things you need to pay attention to in your hair.

  •  It is necessary not to walk around without a hat in sunny and rainy weather for 15 days after hair transplantation surgery.
  •  For three days after the haircut, the hair should never be wetted.
  • Antibiotic drugs are used regularly in the first week. Therefore, alcohol should be avoided. It is also important to eat regularly and consume foods high in vitamin content.
  •  The shampoos you will use for 15 days should be natural shampoos. Baby shampoos can be preferred for this. The doctor also offers advice.
  •  In the first 3 days, care should be taken not to lean forward to prevent swelling in the forehead area.

How Much Are Hair Implants Prices?

Hair implants prices vary depending on the clinic to be preferred. In addition, the method to be used and the quality of the machine also affect prices. Hair transplant centers generally charge in Euro. This situation caused an increase in prices in 2020. Compared to 2019, prices increase by an average of 25%. The duration of the hair transplant is effective in prices. If a solution is taken in a single session, lower prices are offered, and higher prices are offered if a few sessions lasted.