Can You Have A Hair Transplant Without Shaving Your Head?

Can You Have A Hair Transplant Without Shaving Your Head?

Can you have a hair transplant without shaving your head? After consulting the cost of hair transplant in Turkey who want to undergo this operation but this kind of intervention from the plantation to shave your head for many patients fear the aesthetic result may sound like a dream.

In fact, the famous FUE hair transplantation using the technique of hair without shaving is not a common thing, and the fact that the use of alternative methods that do not require shaving FUT as FUE technique is not recommended because of multiple complications compared. and “strip method” you throughout your whole life, “beautiful”, taking into account would leave a trail. I will explained this questions : Can you have a hair transplant without shaving your head?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of shaving your scalp before the operation?

In the following lines, we will give an appropriate answer to these and many more questions.


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How is hair transplantation done without head shaving?

Most men do not like the idea before the hair shaves his head. So can you make without hair shaved your head? The answer will depend on each patient. In principle, it is treated only in a small area, you do not need to shave all your hair before surgery; For example, an intervention where 4,000 follicles will be implanted is not the same as another intervention that only involves 1,000 follicles to cover some bald spots or forehead.

Most surgeons, choosing to look better and grafts of follicular prefer to shave the fact that all heads because it is more comfortable, but the truth is, unshaven possible as a transport technology and surgery eliminates the many aesthetic drawbacks. . However, at the same time an FUE hair transplant technique that uses an unshaven, intervention makes it longer and more complicated and makes the course more expensive.Is Fue Hair Transplant Safe?

A small area of unshaven hair transplantation surgeon to perform needs to select the ideal donor area will be shaved; If you have long hair if the patient becomes much easier because then the intervention hairy and hairless made alternative bands so that the first can be located close below the latter in a natural way. Such an operation is possible when a patient is an about 6-7 centimeters long hair.

FUE method and then the operation of the follicle from the donor area, as in a normal response to the individual receiving and will continue to be placed in the recipient field; In some cases, hair transplantation is possible without shaving the recipient area, but this makes the operation very difficult. In fact, the entire head of hair transplantation as pleasant as it sounds made from shaving has some limitations and drawbacks.

What are the drawbacks of FUE hair transplantation without shaving the head?

As we mentioned earlier, when the surgeon chooses to shave the hair completely, and intervention without shaving the scalp for most of the head is usually less hygienic and can have more side effects as it is more complex. Therefore, although technically feasible, “Can I move my head shaved before planting hair?” If you ask, they’ll answer “No”.

Top of the other disadvantages of interventions from shaving are:

  • Only long hair or baldness can finish in patients without an advance stage.
  • Health teams capable of removing fewer follicular units in one session, so you will need several surgeries to achieve similar results.
  • The donor receives a smaller area so limiting, there is a greater risk of complications due to over-extraction.
  • It is more complex than the maintenance of hair and scalp after both washing and maintenance
  • The cost of an unshaved FUE hair transplant is usually higher than normal
  • On the contrary, the factors that completely shaved your head for hair transplantation has many advantages, especially these:
  • Removing both the follicle to be implanted into both simpler, faster and more precise
  • The medical team will gain a larger and clearer field of view on the transmitter. The receiver, thus facilitating intervention.
  • It becomes much easier to clean the scalp during the procedure.
  • Recipients of the hair follicles risk of entanglement or loss of hair eliminate.

Advantages of Partially Shaved Hair Transplantation

  • Patients may keep their original hair during and after the process in the same style and length.
  • It allows patients to return to work shortly after treatment without showing that they have undergone the procedure.
  • Since the number of grafts to be implanted is less, the overall recovery time may be shorter.
  • Postoperative crusts and crusts formed in the donor area will not be seen.

Disadvantages of Partially Shaved Hair Transplantation

  • This process can only apply to patients who have long hair.
  • Fewer follicular units in a session can harvest.
  • The treatment may require more than one session to achieve the desire result, but there should be a minimum of 6 months interval between 2 sessions.
  • Since the donor area limit to a small section. There is a risk of overharvesting.
  • General procedure costs are higher.

Advantages of Full Unshaved Hair Transplantation

  • Shaving is eliminated.
  • Partially shaved hair transplantation procedure is similar to the patient’s need to have long hair, but hair length may be shorter than 6-7 cm.
  • Post-operative crusting and crusting in the donor area are hardly visible.
  • The number of grafts that can be cultivated generally shorter recovery time because less.

Disadvantages of Full Unshaved Hair Transplantation

Operating surgeon excessive training, experience, and that require skill, labour-intensive and meticulous process.

DHI hair transplantation method of the early version of the amount of graft can take in one session less than the FUE method but thanks to the improvements make in the art may be present in higher amounts. Grafts provide coverage and hair density require to achieve satisfactory results in patient’s plantation.

Immediately after the procedure grafts plant in front of gorse patient care will fall between 2 and 4 weeks following surgery. Fue Hair Transplant Without Shaving Hair

Unshaved Hair Transplant Preference Rate

As one of the first adopters, we followed and witnessed the development of hair transplantation techniques. With the vast experience we gained during this transformation, we performed thousands of surgeries on patients. Accumulate statistical data on hair transplant operations.