Can You Wear A Hat After Hair Transplant?

Can You Wear A Hat After Hair Transplant?

Can You Wear A Hat After Hair Transplant? Hair loss is one of the most common problems today. It is more common in men. Although the causes of hair loss cannot be determined precisely, the reasons that exist differ from person to person. Hair loss problems usually start after the age of 25.

Just as the causes of hair loss vary from person to person, the pattern of hair loss also varies from person to person. For example, hair loss starts in the middle of the head in some individuals, while in some individuals, it begins as openings in the forehead and hair loss intensifies over time.

Hair is significant today for every person, regardless of gender. In terms of appearance, hair is an integral part of our face and being well-groomed and looking good make the person feel more confident psychologically.


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According to some studies, it has been found that hair loss affects the life of a person negatively and impairs his / her self-confidence psychologically. Such people have begun to be more passive in their social life. However, hair transplantation both increases the self-confidence of the person and makes it look younger. The question of can you wear a hat after hair transplantation is one of the most curious questions after the procedure; we will answer this question in this article.

After Hair Transplantation

The first three days after hair transplantation is essential. You should not be in any contact with the area for the early three days, but the first washing should be done on the third day after hair transplantation. It is necessary to go to the hospital yesterday and to dress the neck, but hair washing is recommended three days after the procedure.

The critical point to be considered here is that if washing is done before, it may be challenging to get the desired result from the hair transplantation process.

For the first washing process, you usually go to the hospital where the hair transplantation is performed, but if you cannot go to the hospital, the person can wash with the doctor’s guidance. It is crucial to protect this area from sunlight for the first three days. For this reason, if the person is working, it will be healthier to get permission from the workplace and rest.

However, if the person has to go out after the hair transplant, it is necessary to use a soft fabric hat so as not to put pressure on that area.

Besides, it is recommended to wear a soft fabric hat for the first two weeks after the hair transplant operation to protect the newly transplanted hair from external factors such as not only sunlight but also dust, rain and wind.


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What should be considered in the healing process?

The hair transplantation area should be protected against all kinds of external factors that will be exposed from outside. Particular attention should be paid to these in the first three days. It is necessary to wear a hat after hair transplantation to be protected from external factors such as sunlight, wind, dust. The area where the hair is transplanted should not be touched at all, and care should be taken not to be hit.

If there is any medication used regularly, this medication should be discussed with the doctor. Additional vitamins and painkillers are taken should be discussed with the doctor, and any effects that may affect the healing process should be avoided.

Generally, products with blood-thinning properties such as herbal tea should not be consumed. Besides, things that contain nicotine such as tea, coffee, cigarettes and slow healing should be avoided. In addition to alcohol, the new hair follicles are affected very quickly by substances that directly enter the bloodstream and contain drugs or stimulants. Hair Transplant After 4 Months

How should nutrition be after hair transplantation?

In this process, choosing beneficial foods for hair by being more devoted to nutrition will also increase the rate of cell renewal after transplantation and shorten the recovery period after the operation.

When your nutrition system lacks any of the micro and macronutrients, dysfunctions in the cell membrane can occur. This situation negatively affects the normal life cycle of the hair. It prevents the hair follicles from growing again by feeding and may cause hair loss to continue after hair transplantation.

Vitamins such as B7 (Biotin) and B12; It has a critical role in the structure, quality and healthy growth of hair. These vitamins also support the functioning of the metabolism of food sources by providing nutrients to the whole body, including hair and hair follicles. For this reason, doctors usually recommend their patients to use B-Complex vitamin supplements after hair transplantation.

In cases of zinc deficiency, hair thinning, and hair loss appears as a severe problem. Like zinc deficiency, iron deficiency can also cause hair loss. Iron strengthens the hair and improves the hair texture and helps the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and scalp. For this reason, it is crucial to receive zinc support after hair transplantation.

Things to consider after hair transplantation

The patient should stay away from heavy work that will cause sweating or fatigue and continuously take a shower. In addition, hair follicles will be damaged due to sweating and will not be able to grow healthily.

It would be best if the patient stayed away from stressful and tense environments because stress is one of the most important causes of hair loss. If the hair has been lost due to stress, you should avoid stressful environments after hair transplantation.

After the hair transplant, you should stay away from sexual intercourse for a few nights. Besides, painkillers and vitamins to be taken after hair transplantation should be consulted with the doctor, and alcohol should not be consumed because antibiotics will be used.

It is possible to feel partial pain and fatigue after hair transplantation. Tension has also been observed in patients due to local anaesthesia. If the medications recommended by the doctor are used, these complaints will disappear entirely within a few days.

It is essential to lie on your back as much as possible for the first few days and not to contact anything with the treated area. However, in cases where it is necessary to go out, a hat should be worn after hair transplantation. Can You Wear a Hat After FUE Hair Transplant?