Can You Wear An Hat After An FUE Hair Transplant?

Can You Wear An Hat After An FUE Hair Transplant?

Can You Wear An Hat After An FUE Hair Transplant? Hair transplant has become something quite popular amongst men who suffer from hair loss. Since modern technology allows us to improve the techniques used in such delicate procedures, FUE hair transplant has inevitably become the most chosen solution to this distress. There are many topics to talk about the procedure. Because it is an important decision to make, the client should know everything about it. However, some special and important details should not be ignored before or after the transplant. In this article, we will focus on one peculiar question: Can I wear a hat after an FUE hair transplant? If you have already gone through the procedure or even if you are thinking about it, I am sure this question has popped into your head at least once. Well, before jumping into the answer we should talk about everything you need to know about the transplant.

What Is An FUE Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant is a procedure used on people who have trouble with lacking hair on their bodies. The procedure is quite a hit in public. Over 95% of the procedures performed on men is this type of transplant. The aim of the procedure is to take the hair molecules from the area where the hair grows and to restore the bald or thinning parts with it. The hair is usually taken from the back or the sides of the head and transplant into the front area. Basically, the patient’s own hair is used to recover the areas where the loss is seen.

There are two main types of male hair transplant. While one of them is the FUE one, the other one is the FUT hair transplant. However, this type of transplant has started to lose its popularity due to the side effects of the procedure. First of all, unlike the FUE one, the FUT transplant leaves a scar on your body. Since the whole point of getting a transplant is to look better in every way, the patients do not tend to choose it.  The other reason is that in the FUT transplant, the whole piece of the skin or scalp is taken with the follicles and the piece is transplanting into the hairless area. So, in many cases, the taken area does not match the surrounding parts and this situation does not create a healthy look.


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FUE hair transplant surgery is the only permanent answer to the restoring of the bald or thinning parts of the body for men. Consequently, there are many aspects of the procedure for the patients must know about. Now we will focus on different pieces of information about the surgery.

What Should You Know About Before And During The Transplant?

FUE transplant is a delicate procedure. So, before going into such surgery, your doctor should inform you about every part of it. Not all people are suitable for the transplant. For example, some medical health problems and medications can cause a problem. So, the patient should talk about his medical history with his doctor or dermatologist. Also, about 4-5 days before having the surgery, the patient should stop using any kind of medication even Aspirin. Another thing to pay attention to is to stop using alcohol, smoking, and taking caffeine at least a week before the procedure. Moreover, since these things can be dangerous for your body, the patient must not do them after the surgery too.

When the procedure day comes, the patient dress comfortably and he should wear a buttoned shirt. Because after the surgery, the head should not take damage in any possible way. Before coming to the clinic or the hospital, the patient should not eat anything for breakfast. Although you can drink juices, the body should not get caffeine. Also, the patient should take a shower and wash his hair but must avoid using too much shampoo.

Everything To Pay Attention After The Procedure

After the surgery, your head will be vulnerable. So there are many things you should pay attention to. First of all, you should be comfortable while sleeping and use two pillows to make your head stable. In the first week, there may feel itchiness and discomfort on the donated area which is completely normal. Also, washing helps the scrabs to fall and accelerates healing. So, after the second day, it is highly recommended to do so. After resting for approximately two days, you should be able to go back to your daily activities.

Since the procedure deals with your hair roots, they are expected to be sensitive after it. Hence, it is important for patients to cover their heads from the sunlight for at least three months. That is where the dilemma pops up in the patient’s head: Can I wear a hat after an FUE hair transplant? The answer is, yes you can. However, there are some things to watch out for. Firstly, in order not to harm the donated area, the patient should wait at least 6 days. Nevertheless, if you insist on wearing one, the hat should not be so tight and the area should be able to get some air.

Since the area is so fragile, any thigh scarf covering the head can cause newly implanted hair grafts to dislodge. The healing process is maybe the most important step of this procedure. So, if it is not so necessary, the patient should wait for some time to wear a hat.

Your Efforts Will Be Worth It

Your doctor is aware that you are going through such a difficult procedure to look good. Many patients want to cover their heads before it heals completely. This is totally understandable. Yet, the healing process requires attention and care. Wearing a hat not only harms you in the way of its tightness but also some fabrics like cotton can disturb the area. After waiting for some time, 3 weeks is recommended, you can cover your head with whatever you want. Nevertheless, we believe that you will not want to do so.