Celebrity Hair Transplants

Celebrity Hair Transplants

Today, we will talk about the most preferred hair transplant methods and celebrity hair transplants.

What is the most preferred hair transplant technique?

With the developing technology for hair transplantation, which is among the most common and frequently preferred aesthetic operations of today, many methods have been used.

In the first years of hair transplantation, while providing solutions to patients with the FUT technique, the FUE technique was used over time and finally the DHI technique was developed. The most commonly used methods today are FUE and DHI hair transplantation methods. There are several important details for a successful hair transplant operation. The most important of these is that the hair has a natural appearance after the hair transplant operation.


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What Is DHI Hair Transplant?

The DHI method is the placement of your hair follicles that you have collected one by one in the transplantation area. Your physician uses needles with a thickness between 0.6 mm and 1 mm in DHI hair transplantation. It transfers the geft it receives directly to the scalp without opening a channel. This process, which is performed in two separate sessions in normal hair transplantation, is performed in one go in DHI hair transplantation. For this reason, we can call DHI ‘direct hair transplantation’. This method is successful with the intense attention and effort of experienced surgeons. This is why it is more expensive than other techniques.

What Is The FUE Method?

In the FUE method, hair follicles that you will get from a certain area of your head are transplanted into non-hair areas. Before hair transplantation, you should shorten your hair in the area where the roots will be transplanted to 1 millimeter.
The area where your hair will be transplanted is numbed with local anesthesia. And hair transplantation begins. Since the FUE technique does not involve cuts or stitches, it is painless and painless.

What Are The Differences Between The FUE Technique And The DHI Method?

  • The first point that draws attention between the differences between the FUE technique and the DHI method is the difference in application methods. You can transplant between 3000-4500 grafts in a single session in the
  • FUE technique, and 1500-2500 grafts in a single session in the DHI technique.
    The recovery time in the DHI technique is slightly shorter than the FUE technique and there is almost no bleeding.
  • FUE technique is the DHI method for planting in a larger area; It is the ideal method for more frequent planting.
  • Hair shaving is mandatory in the FUE technique. In the DHI technique, it is sufficient to shave only the donor area.
  • While the FUE technique takes 6-8 hours, the DHI method takes a little longer, so DHI is more expensive.

Celebrity Having Hair Transplants

After the hair transplant operation, the change experienced by the famous names with younger and better appearance does not escape the attention of their fans.

While hair transplantation has been known as an application that cannot be met by everyone financially in the past, it is among the aesthetic applications preferred by many people with the increase in the number of hair transplantation centers and the decrease in hair transplantation prices to reasonable levels.

Before and after the operation, the famous names who have hair transplantation are frequently reported in the media. Famous names who complain about the thinness of their hair and prefer using prosthetic hair to look better have turned to hair transplantation, which is a much more comfortable application than using prosthetic hair.

15 famous names that do not go unnoticed before and after hair transplantation

Photographs of local and foreign celebrity who have had hair transplants before and after hair transplantation are among the most frequently reported content in the magazine press. Here are 15 famous names who have had a hair transplant and have a completely different look after hair transplantation;


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Paigey Cakey

Paigey Cakey: RAP singer, one of the UK’s leading Paigey Cakey plantation is one of the famous names who prefer Turkey for the operation. Hair transplantation was applied to the front line of Paigey Cakey, who was operated with the FUE hair transplantation method, and the treatment was supported by the PRP method. The patient is quite satisfied with his appearance.

Simon Searles:

Simon Searles, the star of Love Island published in England, is one of the famous names who prefer hair transplantation. Front line tightening was performed for Simon. Simon was very pleased with this operation.

Al Pacino:

Al Pacino, one of the famous names of Hollywood, defies the years with his new hair. 80-year-old Al Pacino regained his hair, which he lost over the years, with hair transplantation.

Egemen Bağış:

One of the well-known names in the political world, Former Minister of the European Union Egemen Bağış has become 10 years younger after hair transplantation. Looking at the photos before the hair transplant, it is impossible not to be aware of the big change in Egemen Bağış.

Yılmaz Erdoğan:

Famous comedian, actor and writer Yılmaz Erdoğan is among the famous people who have hair transplantation for the front and top areas. When looking at the photos before the hair transplant, Yılmaz Erdoğan, who was observed to have very little hair on the front of his head, gained a more natural and bushy hair appearance after hair transplantation.

Arda Kural:

Actor Arda Kural, who is known for his resemblance to Leonardo Di Caprio, is one of the famous names who underwent a hair transplant operation. The handsome player got a younger look by redesigning the front line. It is not overlooked that Arda Kural’s hair is tight by moving the front area further.


Megastar Tarkan is one of those who have a much younger and more impressive appearance with hair transplantation. After Tarkan underwent hair transplantation for front line tightening, he had much thicker and cooler hair.

Mustafa Sandal:

Another famous name in the music world, Mustafa Sandal is also known as one of the names who find a solution to his sparse hair with hair transplantation. Mustafa Sandal, who has thicker hair after hair transplantation, has been studying the time with his bushy hair for years.

Tamer Karadağlı:

Tamer Karadağlı, who is well known by the masses, is among the famous names who have hair transplantation with the series Don’t Let Children Hear. Karadağlı had hair transplantation in this area due to the thinning of the middle part of her hair and achieved a good result. Karadağlı, who reinforces his charismatic stance in the TV series with his lush hair, is appreciated for his natural appearance.

Acun Ilıcalı:

Acun Ilıcalı, one of the top names in the TV world, also claims to have a thicker and more vibrant appearance with the front line densification process, and dyes his hair. 51-year-old Acun Ilıcalı’s young and dynamic appearance also plays an important role in her hair, which is more common than before.

Rıza Kocaoğlu:

Rıza Kocaoğlu, one of the names we love in the series, has found a solution to the problem of thin hair with the FUE hair transplantation method. Kocaoğlu gained a more energetic and youthful appearance after he had a hair transplant on his front and temples.

Oğuzhan Koç:

Oğuzhan Koç is a musician who had hair transplantation despite the thinning problem in the front of his hair. Since Oğuzhan Koç does not have much hair loss, his hair has a natural appearance. For this reason, we often think that he did not have a hair transplant.

Wayne Rooney:

The world-famous British footballer Rooney is one of the celebrity who had a hair transplants to get thicker hair when his hair thinned out. The hair transplant of the English football player had a wide repercussion in the world press. Rooney’s hair transplant results drew attention. After hair transplantation, her appearance changed and she gained a more natural look. It is known that the famous football player had this procedure done in a clinic in London in England.

Oktay Kaynarca:

Famous actress Oktay Kaynarca is among the celebrity who found the solution for their thin hair to have hair transplants. Oktay Kaynarca, who covered the thinning temples and front line with hair transplantation method, had a more energetic, young and natural appearance.

Murat Boz:

Famous singer Murat Boz, who had a hair transplant for the thinning hill area, looks much better and natural than before. Looking at the old photographs of Murat Boz, the dilution in the hill area did not go unnoticed. The 40-year-old famous pop singer now has much thicker hair.

Jude Law

Jude Law, who is one of the most important members of the talented and charismatic British actors caravan recently, has found a solution to his hair problem with a little touch.

Matthew Mcconaughey

The Irish-born actress, who has had a considerable reputation in recent years with the series and movies she has played, successfully intervened in her hair, which began to thin and we could never fix its color.

Tom hanks

Tom Hanks is one of the biggest actors of recent years. Hanks is 64 years old and therefore was deprived of some physical advantage. We can say that the successful player who won 2 Oscars solved some of this problem by hair transplantation.

Mel Gibson:

The famous actress, whom we remember with his beautiful and long hair, lost his hair as he got older. Hair transplant Mel Gibson has a younger appearance, though not as much as in the Braveheart movie.

John Travolta:

We attribute the regeneration of the lost hair to hair transplantation, even though he did not explain it himself.

Jeremy Piven:

Hair transplants are among those who survived baldness. Nowadays, his thick hair has a positive effect on the actor’s career. Celebrity Hair Transplants Before And After

Sir Elton John:

The genius musician, who has the title of ‘Sir’, had hair transplantation on the hair he lost in 70 years. And he regained his old hair. He is one of the first celebrities to have a hair transplant.

Billy Bob Thorton:

The musician and actress Thorton has recently appeared in the Fargo series. The artist, who came to the fore with her marriage to Angeline Jolie, also had a hair transplant for her reduced hair.

David Beckham:

One of the most popular footballers of all time, Beckham’s reputation stemmed not only from football but because he was a good advertising face. Beckham, who does not delay hair transplantation, continues on his way with his thick hair.

Brendan Fraser:

The actor you will remember from the mummy movies is perhaps one of the celebrities with the most serious hair loss problem. Approaching the degree of baldness, the player regained his old appearance by having a hair transplant.

Sylvester Stallone: ​​

The 70-year-old American actor’s hair is one of those who find the remedy in hair transplantation, even though his hair resists years.

Jason Alexander:

Perhaps the most successful play of the famous actor, Seinfeld, even though he had a bald character, ended this image by adding hair.

Robbie Williams:

Becoming known with the group Take That, the singer continued her career as a solo in 1995. She regained her missing hair with hair transplantation, which has also been a problem for her.

Salman Khan:

Khan is one of Bollywood’s most famous names. Just like her Hollywood colleagues, she has been one of those who have had a hair transplant.

Aj McLean:

The handsome member of the band Backstreet Boys, which became the darling of young girls in the 90s, lost his hair at a high rate later in his career. After hair transplantation, she did something different from other celebrities and did not neglect to share before and after photos.

Tom Arnold:

The handsome actor stopped his progressive hair loss by having a transplant. It looks quite young with its new look.

Rob Brydon:

The British actor who has obviously lost his hair now is far from the old days thanks to the hair transplant.

George Clooney:

The handsome actor who had hair transplant had thicker hair than before. He is one of the unknown people who had transplanted. Celebrity Hair Plugs

Thus, we covered the subject of celebrity hair transplants.