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Cure for thinning hair can be considered every person who has lost hair, regardless of whether they are men or women. Since hair thinning will appear in different types, it is useful to know which type of hair loss is seen when treatment is to be performed. Thus, it becomes easy to reach the result by finding out what kind of treatment process should be done to the person and how the treatment should be supported. One procedure that can be done for the cure for thinning hair is drug therapy. Thanks to minoxidil or nanoxidil, you can start using drugs for the treatment of hair thinning. However, it is useful to use these products on the advice of a doctor.

You can find these products in different forms. Products like this are usually given for people to use when they experience some type of hair loss. Hair transplantation will be the most permanent and most effective method. Since hair transplantation has become widespread recently, it is now a method that everyone has. This cure for thinning hair, which is done through the hair taken from the hair area, can be a little more expensive than other methods. If you are not experiencing serious hair thinning, you can also apply a different cure for thinning hair. Another cure for thinning hair is the PRP method. Thanks to this method, it is aimed to stimulate the hair follicles to grow the existing hair by stimulating the hair follicles. And to stimulate the hair cells to grow new hair from the cells that do not grow but are alive.

What is Minoxidil? How Does It Affect Hair?

Minoxidil is a drug used for as a cure for thinning hair. In fact, it is a factor itself. This factor is often preferred because it helps the hair to grow thicker and to grow the hair. Minoxidil is available as a foam, as a solution, as a spray. This agent is also sold in pill form as a medicine. Generally, women are given drugs that contain less minoxidil than men. The effect of minoxidil on the hair is as follows: it allows the capillaries in the scalp to expand, thereby accelerating blood circulation. In order for the hair follicles to activate and produce new hair or to extend the existing hair, blood circulation must be fast.


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A cure for thinning hair with minoxidil can be performed in this way. The alternative to minoxidil, nanoxidil, also shows similar properties. Nanoxidil is said to have fewer side effects. Since this drug, which shows its effects from the moment you start using it, has some side effects, it should be used with caution. It is known that some side effects such as itching, burning, crusting or flaking on the scalp are frequently seen. Although minoxidil is a very useful method, it should be known that it is not a permanent method. The hair will return to its sparse state again if the use of the drug is discontinued. It is a frequently preferred technique as a cure for thinning hair.

Side Effects and Harms of Minoxidil

The side effects of minoxidil show themselves from the moment it is used. Generally, burning, itching, tingling and numbness are observed on the scalp. In order to reduce these effects, nanoxidil, an alternative to minoxidil, has been produced. The use of minoxidil, which in some cases causes severe side effects, should be used with caution. It is also known that the active ingredient of minoxidil causes sexual reluctance.

Although this problem is not to the extent that it causes serious problems, it is still a side effect. People who use minoxidil should definitely not use these products more than recommended. Otherwise, you may face serious problems. This drug causes eczema, scaling and crusting, skin irritation. These are common side effects.

Minoxidil, which is used as a cure for thinning hair, also has serious and not very common side effects such as headache, shortness of breath, chest tightness, impaired heart rhythm, impaired heart rhythm and heart palpitations. If you encounter such a situation, you should contact your doctor directly and stop the medication or reduce the dose. As a side effect, it can be said that the effects of the drug go away immediately after the use of the drug is stopped.

PRP Method in Hair Thinning Treatment

The aim of the PRP method, which is a cure for thinning hair, is to stimulate the hair follicles. In order to perform this procedure, the person experiences a certain amount of hair loss. In this technique, an average of 20 milliliters of blood taken from the arm is separated by means of a special kit and then injected into the scalp. The reason for the separation of the blood taken is to create a plasma that creates growth factor and consists of platelets. This created plasma is injected into sparse spots in the head area. The benefit of the PRP method is not only the proliferation of the hair, but also the renewal of the cells, the awakening of the living but inactive cells and the awakening of new roots.

Thanks to this method, which increases the health of the scalp, it is also aimed to prevent skin disorders. At the same time, since the person’s own blood is used, there is no problem with blood. This treatment, which will be done with an interval of 15 days, will vary depending on how intense the person’s hair sparse is with an interval of 3-4 months. This method, which will have permanent effects as long as it is continued every year or every 10 months, is often preferred. However, it would be wrong to say that it still has a certain permanence. If the person has any health problems, there is a possibility that his hair will fall out again.

Side Effects and Harms of PRP Method

PRP method has side effects and harms. Since the person’s own blood is used directly from the skin in this method, the probability of experiencing an allergic reaction is very low. If you have a certain blood disease, if you have cancer, if you are using a blood thinner, it will not be possible to perform the procedure, as this procedure will be extremely harmful for you. For this reason, you should first consult your own doctor whether you can perform this procedure. It is possible to encounter conditions such as infection, bleeding, tissue damage, nerve damage and injuries.

Conditions such as pain, swelling and burning in the area where the hair was sparse and injected can also be counted as side effects. When this cure for thinning hair is preferred, possible side effects are not often seen. Therefore, it should not be feared. In any case, there will be no problem in the method, since nothing other than his own blood is injected into the person. PRP hair treatment should be done in a strictly sterile environment. In addition, the kits used should be sterile and should not cause any health problems. Otherwise, it can be extremely harmful to health. Apart from this, it is not a hair thinning treatment with a known harm to health.

Hair Transplantation in Hair Thinning Treatment

Hair transplantation procedures are frequently performed as a cure for thinning hair. This procedure has had successful results in men or women. At the same time, this method, which has proven its effects because it is permanent, has become widespread. There are different methods used in hair transplantation. Although the basic purpose is the same in all of these methods, the application method or the materials used differ.

During hair transplantation, the donor area is determined first. In general, the nape is preferred as the donor site. Hair grafts are taken from the donor area. These grafts are transplanted to the area to be transplanted using special pens. Basically, hair transplantation operations are carried out in this way. Since no incision is used in hair transplantation, except for the FUT method, there will be no surgical scars after the procedure. In any case, FUT is a very old and undesirable method.

Although hair transplantation procedures do not take long, it can be said that the healing process is a little long. When there is a full recovery, this period is called 1 year. It takes an average of 1 year for the hair to grow normally. New hair growth will show itself in an average of 3-6 months. The better the healing process is completed, the faster the results will be achieved. Therefore, one must be careful.

Side Effects and Risks of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation has no known serious side effects and risks. First of all, since this procedure is performed with anesthesia, the patient must be properly anesthetized. Otherwise, irreversible damage may occur. During the procedure, conditions such as bleeding and infection may occur. A doctor should be consulted because hair transplantation may be harmful for people with certain diseases. It can be said that the side effects that may occur in hair transplantation are itching, redness or mild burning in the donor or transplantation area after transplantation. These effects will be short-term and temporary. The only factor that will pose a risk in hair transplantation operations is the fact that the procedure is done unconsciously or in non-sterile environments.

In such a case, allergic reactions in the person. There are also risks such as loss of sensation, infection, damage to the existing hair, partial or even complete loss of the transplanted hair in the donor area. After hair transplantation, in some cases, people’s hair grows as desired. If a natural appearance cannot be obtained after transplantation due to incorrectly transplanted hair, it means that the transplantation process of the person did not result in success. In order not to encounter such situations, it is useful to find a good hair transplant center. In addition, if you do not comply with what your doctor says in your recovery process after transplantation, you may encounter serious problems.

Hair Thinning Cures Prices

Cure for thinning hair prices will vary according to the treatment method you have chosen. Although it is a little wrong to say which one is cheaper for the methods, perhaps this will be the most appropriate method for you if you choose the use of drugs in these treatments with different alternatives. However, since drug treatment is not a permanent method, paying for drugs for months can be expensive compared to other methods. If you have chosen hair transplantation for the treatment of hair thinning, you should not forget that hair transplantation methods are also divided among themselves and each one has different prices.

However, in methods such as PRP and especially hair transplantation, your priority should be your health, not money. Because the doctors and hospitals chosen in these methods play a big role in your health. As long as you choose an inexperienced doctor to be affordable, you can have both your hair and your health. The amounts you will pay for each session in PRP hair treatment may differ. For this reason, the prices you will pay vary according to the number of sessions your doctor deems appropriate for you. In these methods, the changes in prices are also caused by situations such as the city you live in, the doctor you have chosen, and the hospital. For this reason, net prices for a cure for thinning hair cannot be given.

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