David Silva Hair

David Silva Hair

Who is David Silva?

David Silva Hair Today we will talk about David Silva‘s personal life, hair and hair transplant. First of all, let’s start by getting to know him.David Silva was born on 08 January 1986 in Arguineguin, Spain. Silva, who started football in Arguineguín, the city where he was born, was later transferred to the V.Mestella team. Discovered by Valencia in 2003, Silva was rented to Eibar a year after his transfer.

Having gained experience during this period, Silva was sent on loan to Celta Vigo, one of the well-established Spanish football teams, the following year. David Silva, who returned to Valencia when his rental processes were completed in 2006, showed a great performance until he was hooked by Manchester City in 2010.

David Silva, who transferred to Manchester City for 28 million 750 thousand Euros in 2010, played in this team until the summer transfer period of 2017. Spoken to be transferred by Fenerbahçe, the 1.70-tall David Silva plays in the left and right wing of the midfield and the ten-number positions. David Silva is known for mastering his left foot.


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David Silva Hair Transplant

If you are a very successful football player, the eyes of the whole world are on you. And your fans will notice even the slightest change in you. Developments in your private area are also of interest to them. Hair transplantation is personal. But if you have beautiful curls and you shave your hair, that would be a little suspicious. We are here based on this doubt. Did David Silva have a hair transplant?
Four Premier League championships, two FA Cups, five League Cups, twice the PFA Team of the Year. He’s a midfielder who makes great use of his left foot. But a few years ago, when Manchester City’s 2018-2019 season had just begun, the Spanish player had his hair shaved completely.

David Silva’s luscious and long hair very successfully concealed his receding hairline. And most people could not even guess that the actor had a hair transplant. So, back to our question, did David Silva really have a hair transplant? Unlike footballer Wayne Rooney, who openly admitted to having a hair transplant, David Silva did not mention anything about his hair transplant. However, we are pretty sure that David Silva had a hair transplant. So let’s take a look at the details.

When Did Fans Noticed David Silva’s Hair Transplant?

Seeing the Spanish footballer without his cool hair, fans began to look closely at photos of his balding scalp. There were small red pimple-like spots along David Silva’s hairline. Yes, this was the most prominent evidence that announces his fans that the football player had a hair transplant surgery.

When he shaved his hair completely, his fans could also notice his hairline getting smaller and thinner. Otherwise, many people were unaware that the actor was suffering from hair loss. But he was not late and chose to intervene early. He didn’t wait for his hair to fall out and go bald. Because early hair loss can make you look older than you are, and experts recommend that you have your hair transplant done as early as possible. By having a hair transplant, you will not only look young but also feel young.

Silva’s fans soon saw that his hair began to grow fairly quickly, and again it looked like we know it. This is an indication of a successful and professional hair transplant surgery. Manchester City fans were shocked when they saw the bald head of their favorite midfielder. In fact, it was quite exciting that many fans talked about this on social media. However, it didn’t take long for those with experience in hair transplantation to understand why the actor shaved his head. If you look at the photos of him pushing his hair back, you’ll see that his hairline has gone backwards. Second, a clear sign of hair transplant surgery is the position of your current hair.

How Successful Was David Silva’s Hair Transplant Surgery?

When we look at the visible results, we think that the operation was quite successful. However, we can say that David Silva and a few football players we know paid quite a lot of money for hair transplant surgeries than normal FUE surgery. Do not think that only celebrities can afford such treatments. Because that would be a completely wrong thought.
You can have an excellent hair transplant surgery that looks equally natural and at a much more affordable price.
You will start to see results one year after the surgery. And if everything goes well, you will regain your natural hair, so you should not give up your dream to have a hair transplant.David Beckham Hair Transplant


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Can I have a hair transplant like David Silva?

FUE hair transplantation is much more economical than previous years, especially if you choose a hair clinic that serves outside the UK. However, the important thing you should pay attention to is that some unethical hair transplant centers in the far east can perform hair transplantation at very cheap prices. However, the result you get from this business will not satisfy you and even make you quite unhappy. The facilities of these enterprises can be very old, the tools they use are worn and ineffective, the personnel are not trained and the hygiene can be dangerously bad.

Can I have a hair transplant like David Silva? When we come to the question, unfortunately, not every patient may be a suitable candidate for the FUE procedure. This may be due to health problems or the absence of healthy hair follicles on the back or sides of the head. If you want a lot, you can work with an expert team in the field and have a detailed hair analysis.

How Does Hair Transplant Surgery Affect My Life?

Positive changes will occur in all aspects of your life with hair transplant surgery. Many people worry that the hair transplant operation will limit the activities it does. But David Silva is living proof against this idea. After the hair transplant, he was able to show the same performance as before. No one could claim that his surgery affected him. Now that he is not worried about his hairline receding, it is quite possible that he will focus more on his game than before. If you have insecurity in your life due to hair loss, it will most likely pass after surgery.David Beckham Hair Loss