DHI Hair Transplant Prices

Dhi Hair Transplant Prices

DHI Hair Transplant Prices is an important part of our look. Hair completes our look. We care for it. However, people’s hair may not always be in a good condition. It may look unhealthy, there may be loss of hair, your hair may fall out. Furthermore, people may experience baldness. As a result, people would want their old healthy hair back.

There are many ways to give your hair its old healthy condition. However, looking for a permanent solution is advisory. Haircare is a long process. Making it short is all up to you. If you are bald or losing your hair, you may look for operations or look for a wig. On the other hand, hair transplantation is the most permanent option.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. It has good outcomes. Many people prefer hair transplantation. Because hair transplantation offers permanent solutions to patients. Furthermore, it is done under healthy conditions. One can receive its hair transplant procedure in clinics. Our clinics offer the best medical pieces of equipment and teams. To get more information you can contact us.


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What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is basically returning one’s hair back by an operation. It may generally require surgical operation. Furthermore one can receive hair transplantation for cosmetic purposes. With a good clinic and a medical team, your hair transplantation will work well.

There are different types of hair transplant. Consulting a professional and choosing a suitable type is advisory. Hair follicles and hair roots are the main materials of the process.  In the hair transplantation, the surgeon locates hair follicles or roots into the bald area. Moreover, there are some requirements for hair transplantation. If one meets the requirements and ready for the procedure, hair transplantation is a good choice.

What are the types of hair transplantation?

There are mainly four types of hair transplantation. These types refer to different techniques and materials. Also, types of hair transplantation determine the right treatment for the patients. These main types are:

  • FUE
  • DHI
  • FUT

By consulting your surgeon or your clinician you can find your perfect match type. Each type has a different process and recovery time. What Is Hair Implants?

FUE Hair Transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the hair transplantation types. It has a lot of pros. Firstly it is done with small technological needles. The surgeon takes the hair follicles and places them with the help of needles. Surgeon place the hair follicles where there is no hair or loss of hair. FUE hair transplantation has a shorter recovery time. However, it may not be the same for other types of transplantation. Furthermore, in the FUE type of transplantation, there is not too much scar tissue. That’s why it uses small technological needles. It is one of the huge advantages of this type. 

Moreover, the FUE type allows the surgeon to select the best grants or follicles to apply. FUE type of transplant uses small needles and its most visible benefit is scar after the procedure. Thanks to this technique, the scar tissue that forms after the transplant is minimal. Because FUE type doesn’t touch the scalp deeply or rarely touches the blood vessels.

 If one needs to consider all transplants, it is visible that FUE has long lasting results. As a consequence, the FUE type is the best choice and provides a good outcome. For more information about the FUE type of transplantation, you contact us.

What is DHI hair transplantation?

DHI( Direct Hair Implantation) type of hair transplant is another option. In DHI, the laser pen is the main tool of the procedure. Laser pens are used to locate the hair roots into the hairless area. These laser pens minimize the recovery time and pain amount. However, it may not be quick as the FUE type of transplant. Moreover, this procedure may require local anesthesia.

What are the requirements for hair transplantation?

As hair transplantation is a cosmetic or clinical procedure, it has some requirements. If one can not be able to meet the requirements, receiving the transplantation may be risky. Furthermore, these requirements are important to get the best outcome from the transplantation. To receive transplantation, one should meet these:

  • One should notify the surgeon if he/she has a severe disorder
  • People shouldn’t drink alcohol or smoke before the transplantation
  • Having enough hair tissue to receive a transplant

As we mentioned above, these requirements are both crucial for the patient and the surgeon to apply the most suitable technique such as FUE.

Should we trust hair transplantation?

If you receive your hair transplantation in a well-equipped clinic, there is nothing to worry about. For example, we offer our patients a good clinic service with our professional medical team. Hair transplantation is a procedure. In order to make sure both for yourself and the other side checking some certificates is crucial. One needs to make sure that the clinic or the hospital has the JCI and ISO certificates. 

On the other hand, if one doesn’t follow the necessary procedure after the surgery it may give harm. For example, patients should take some antibiotics in order to prevent infection that might occur after the transplantation. With these safety precautions, one can receive their hair transplant easily, safely, and most important healthily. How Much Does DHI Hair Transplant Cost?

What about you?

Considering hair transplantation is not an easy issue. However, with the help of technology, we provide you best clinic environment and a good medical team. Furthermore, with a good transplant, you will return to your old good hair days. A hair transplant doesn’t only give the health of hair back but also it regives the people’s self-confidence.

If you feel ready for hair transplantation, the only thing you need to do is meet with our clinic. For more information, you can contact us. With a good hair transplant, you will be healthier. Moreover, you will feel much more confident.

After all these, you ready to receive your procedure. Contact our clinic, decide on your hair transplantation, and have it safely. To learn more about the procedure you can contact us.

In conclusion, hair transplantation is a cosmetic or clinical-aimed procedure. Its best types are FUE and DHI types. A lot of people prefer FUE because it offers many good results to people. If you are ready you can receive your hair transplant and return your old good days with your hair. DHI Hair Transplant Prices