DHI Hair Transplant Prices

DHI Hair Transplant Prices

What is DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI Hair transplant prices is the placement of hair follicles collected individually in the transplantation area with automatic Choi implanter pens. DHI Hair of 1 mM and 0.6 mm between the left and cleaned with surgical grafts pen and then transferred directly to the scalp without opening any channel. This operation is performed in two separate steps in normal DHI hair transplantation method is called direct because at one time the implants made with Hair.

Made with a special applicator pen DHI Hair Transplant procedures require an experienced surgeon’s intense interest and effort. Also, DHI hair transplantation due to the cost of these medical devices used in hair transplantation is done at rates higher than other techniques.
Recently, the highly sought-after DHI method of hair transplantation and the FUE technique is similar. individually collected hair roots are placed with the DHI Hair automatic implantable devices. The grafts are placed in this way and the roots are planted without waiting too long. In DHI Hair Transplantation, this does not have a great positive effect on the life cycle of the hair follicles. Besides, the devices are implanted costs and more time-consuming operation DHI Hair Transplantation price increases.

How is the DHI Hair Transplant Method Performed?

In DHI Transplantation, the hair follicles in the donor location are loosened with the help of a special device and the roots are collected. The hair follicles to be planted in DHI Hair Transplantation are classified separately because they contain a piece of tissue and hair follicles. In DHI Hair Transplantation, the most suitable angle and correct directions for hair follicle transplantation are determined. Hair follicles collected in DHI Hair Transplantation are placed into the implanter pen one by one. In DHI Hair Transplantation, implanter pen tips are used in sizes suitable for the hair follicle and thickness structure of the person. In DHI Hair Transplantation, no incisions are applied when the hair follicles are placed, round holes are created in the skin, and grafts are placed there. After the DHI Hair Transplantation is completed, the scalp enters a rapid recovery process.


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What are its advantages?

The simultaneous opening of the channel and the placement of the hair follicle allows the collected hair follicles to be placed in their place without waiting for a long time. It allows more densely transplanted and more natural views.
Thanks to its special tool, the waiting time of the roots during hair transplantation is reduced. Thus, the risk of root loss is minimized. Existing hair is not adversely affected. It is a method that can be applied to patients with incomplete hair loss. The patient experiences a rapid recovery. As in FUE and Robotic Hair Surgery, the experience of the people who apply the DHI hair transplantation technique is very important as it will affect the result.

What are the features of the pens (implanter pens) used in DHI?

DHI is hollow items used in plantations and a spring mechanism. This spring mechanism pushes the tip is pressed after being stretched and pierces the skin and leaves graft inside. Although these pens were first developed for fine hair, then specialized pens for thick hair were also introduced to the market.

Cost of DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkish clinical services and procedures with the quality of what it offers in terms of 2020 with all the modern technology, especially the US, Britain, and other Western countries consider that it is cheap compared to Europe.
DHI Hair Restoration in Turkey 2500- 3500 gives you a minimum of $ will cost, but the initial price may be reduced in other clinics in Istanbul. However, The price factor here still affects the outcome in many cases. What Is DHI Hair Transplant Technique?

What are the Differences of the DHI Method from Classic FUE?

One of the most important differences is that it allows the DH method plantation planted unshaven hair.
Since the hair follicles are transplanted within 1-2 minutes after being taken from the donor area. The hair follicles cant wait outside the body. This minimizes the possibility of damage to hair follicles. Hair transplantation is entirely possible to make it easier to search in areas where hair loss. More intensive hair transplantation can be done, especially in narrow areas.

Why is a DHI hair transplant in Turkey cheap?

Turkey and all kinds of hair transplantation and hair transplantation DHI most popular countries in Turkey . In plastic surgery is easier to do a lot more cheaply. One of Turkey’s biggest cost factors and all kinds of cheap goods instead of imported goods to support domestic production. The result is that it eliminates transportation and logistics costs and customs pricing as the last step. The same concept, poor health services in Turkey is contributing to the cost of operation and price.

The average salary in the US or the UK and Europe, in Turkey, really “low cost” of what may be called to play an important role. The cost of living is also higher income.
And this is why the DHI hair transplantation in Turkey shows that it is cheaper. It is a question of understanding how the system in the world works. Low prices have everything with the economy and are evaluated as poor quality. How Much Is FUE Hair Transplant?

DHI plantation, where most are made in Turkey?

Turkey and much other cosmetic hair transplantation continue to evolve with the operation, Ankara, Izmir. Clinics and centres spread across the country from Antalya to others may be interested in the plantation. basic cosmetic procedures.

What are the Disadvantages of the DHi Method?

– The operation takes more time than the known FUE technique. For example, an FUE operation of 4,000 grafts can be completed in an average of 6 hours.  DHi hair transplant prices of this number can be completed within 2 days by leaving 6 hours a day.
– In the DHi method, each root is taken and planted immediately. There is no waiting.

Therefore, placing these roots in the area to be transplanted at an equal angle. Direction with the roots planted previously is a situation that requires experience.