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DHI Hair Transplant, What Kind Of Method Is It?

DHI Hair Transplant, What Kind Of Method Is It?

DHI Hair Transplant, What Kind Of Method Is It? Hair transplanting is a serious business and a very serious decision for patients. Before this cosmetic operation, you need to know as much as you can. Techniques, prices, afterwards, post-operation conditions, etc… DHI hair transplant is the most popular one among those transplanting ways recently.

The DHI technique is also known as hair transplantation without shaving. The Implanter / Choi needle has a very thin, cylindrical, and sharp tip in shape. This cylindrical tip Choi needle is in the form of a channel and the hair can be inserted into the needle by driving along this channel. The reason why the DHi technique is also called the Choi method is because of the shape of this needle.

The painless way in Hair Transplantation!

With the sedation to be applied under the supervision of our anesthesiologist, you will never feel even the local anesthesia before transplantation. You will experience a comfortable and painless hair transplantation experience. Hair transplantation procedures are not very painful procedures, but this new method is much more comfortable for our patients with needle fear. Maybe you can defeat your phobia with this, too. You will not feel any pain after the operation. As we said, the DHI hair transplanting method is the painless way of getting rid of baldness.


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Application of the DHI method

There are some steps like;

  • Hair follicles collected in a hair transplant operation performed with a Choi implanter pen are placed into the pen one by one. This placement needs to be done very carefully. The area is delicate. Your doctor must be an expert.
  • The doctor transplants the hair follicles at the most appropriate angle of 40-45 degrees. This is very important for the shape. The direction is as important as the angle. It should depend on the growing way of the original hair.
  • The hair follicles placed in the Choi needle are determined by the angle and direction and the needle is transplanted with the pushing feature. In the operation, 2 to 6 Choi pens and an average of 15-16 Choi tips are used.

DHI method has some advantages too

The survival rate of hair follicles is way higher. The risk of bleeding is lower. You can get back to your daily life more earlier. Because the healing process is faster in this method. Also, in this method, hair transplantation without shaving hair can be done more easily. That is one of the reasons patients demand this method.

There are some other questions about DHI Method in patients’ minds. For example:

“Am I  Eligible for DHI Hair Transplantation?”

This method first invented at Kyungpook National University in the Korea Republic. Researchers first concluded that not everyone is suitable for hair transplantation with the first developed Choi pen, and they thought this application was a difficult method.

But, time has changed and methods had their own development. In the light of scientific and technological developments, hair transplantation can now be done much more safely with the DHI method. You just need a good doctor and a good clinic. That is all.

Let’s come to the most important question. The knowledge bout the DHI method is enough. So, let’s talk about the money you will spend on his operation.

How much DHI hair transplant cost?

Hair transplantation is a very serious operation. Of course, the choice of center and expert may cause price changes. Also, as in every hair transplant method, the amount of hair follicle taken from the person and the amount of the area to be transplanted affect the DHI hair transplantation price. So, there is not a single price for it. Pricing depends on lots of variables.

DHI hair transplant operation varies according to the clinic or hospital where it is applied. Although this method is not the latest technology transplantation method due to its long duration and high labor force, transplantation fees remain quite high compared to other methods.

Although sometimes these high prices give the feeling of the best method to the patients who will receive the service, today it is possible to buy much better methods at much better prices. But, if you insist on the DHI method, we can say that it is not a cheap way for having hair. But the naturalness and quality to be achieved will be worth this cost.

 If we come to DHI hair transplant prices; (Average prices. Your hair may cost more or less depends on the variables)

Hair Transplant Price for a Person with Dense Hair Loss may cost  7000-10.000 TL

But, as we say above it depends on lots of variables. If you go to a private clinic of a doctor, the price may be more or less. If you go to a well-known or unknown clinic, the price would be higher or lower, too. So, before deciding on the DHI hair transplant method, you need to make your own researches very carefully. You shouldn’t chase the cheapest price. In every area of life, the cheapest things may have some problems. In the medical world, the cheapest things may have more serious problems.

DHI hair transplant is a very delicate method and it needs more time and labor. So, these things are affecting the price. You need to see the best experts for his operation.

DHI starts again like the FUE technique and grafts are placed one by one on the Choi needle. Therefore, it is technically extremely difficult and a longer procedure. For this reason, DHI Hair Transplant Pricing is different from the Classic FUE hair transplant pricing.

If you want more information about the DHI hair transplanting method or more, you can contact us. All your questions about methods and procedures will be answered by our experts.

Please contact us for DHI Hair Transplant Prices. For more detailed information about Hair Transplantation, you can send us a message or send photos via our contact lines. As soon as possible, You will be informed about DHI  Hair Transplant Prices.

May health be with you forever.