Did LeBron Get Hair Implants?

Did LeBron Get Hair Implants?

Did LeBron Get Hair Implants? If you are one of the 40% women or 80% men who experience 40% hair loss in your life, hair loss does not seem to be “natural”. Hair loss is the loss of identity. When we lose hair, we lose a part that creates stress, depression, and isolation. Fortunately, hair loss is not something we have to accept or learn to live with. People with hair loss can apply for effective treatment through hair implants.

LeBron James has been in the NBA for 17 years, where he has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers. At the age of 35, James is still one of the best basketball players in the league and one of the richest athletes in the world. Did LeBron James Get Hair Transplant?

In addition to height, agility, and fitness, this is quite a magazine. This is sometimes on the agenda with his girlfriends, sometimes with nightlife, and sometimes with hair and beard. Did LeBron get hair implants?


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So did Lebron get Hair Implants?

LeBron James may have lost his hair due to years of stressful life and hard work. His hair, which was thicker and more normal, had been thinner and shorter for some time. In this case, he thought it would be appropriate to perform hair implants.

Ignoring the pressure of NBA games, he seems grateful for the hair change. Although he occasionally plays with his sloppy hairstyle, he has generally healthy hair.

If you’ve heard of LeBron James’ hair loss, it’s up to you to decide whether to believe it or not. Now he is standing in front of the cameras with his hair thick. The difference between the time he sheds his hair and now is obvious. Now his problem is not that his hair is falling out, he needs to think about how to do the hairstyle.

FUT Hair Implant Method

FUT or follicular unit transplant is the gold standard for hair restoration techniques. Take a small strip of thick, abundant and permanent hair and cut it into individual microscopes (follicular units) below the membrane – from the donor side to the scalp. The bald spot is transplanted to bald or thin areas. Due to the low difficulty and rapid healing, the procedures give the best results with minimal scarring.

FUE Hair Implant Method

FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is another popular hair restoration method used when patients are not eligible for FUT. During this procedure, individual follicles are removed “one by one” from the donor’s area and again examined under a microscope, and transplanted into thin areas such as the scalp or FUT. This process is more time consuming, usually reducing the growth rate and at the same time reducing the transplant, but can create very different spots in the donor area, which allows for shorter hairstyles. How Successful Is A FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair replacement LeBron James does not know what method. He may have received FUE treatment or FUT treatment according to his own preference. Anyway, we can see that he had a successful hair transplant. The survival rate of grafts transplanted from the donor area is very high.


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FUE & FUT: Survival Rate Of Follicular Units/Implants

A careful approach that gives maximum attention is a prerequisite for any medical care. This is especially true for hair follicle extraction and its consequences.

Extracted cuttings are prone to dehydration. The extracted FUs waiting to be implanted are maintained in a physiological solution suitable for the human body’s environment. During microdermabrasion, fluids are always retained.

In general, implants with FUE are more sensitive because the extraction technique protects the protective tissue around the hair follicles. This ultimately reduces the survival rate. Damage to healthy follicles affects their survival rate, as well as worsens both techniques when the job is not done properly. How Much Is FUE Hair Transplant UK?


Even during optimal extraction, grafts can be damaged during planting. This means that a small number of cuttings will take root.

Extracted and prepared implants The wounds at the recipient’s implantation site play an important role in any transplant. Wounds are best treated with scalpels or blades designed specifically for individual patients – so-called custom blades. With these, the hair surgeon can adjust the width, length, depth, and angle of the cuts in the direction of the patient’s hair growth. Proper wounds help to quickly attach the implants to the blood vessels and nerves, which significantly affects their survival and makes the transplant look natural. Lebron James Hair Implants

FUT & FUE: Conclusions

Both techniques – FUT, FUE – have very good chances of success, but: there is no better or better way – each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The decision about the method of extraction should be weighed in consultation with the hair restoration surgeon. There are several factors to consider. For future natural hair loss, a hair surgeon should be able to assess the quality and density of existing hair, especially the structure of the hair. They should be able to estimate the number of implants that need to be isolated to fulfill a patient’s wishes, discuss alternative therapies such as medications, and explain to the patient the pros and cons of each technique. Also, extensive testing should be done before recommending any export method.

LeBron James is probably the most famous athlete to have a hair transplant. The LeBron had a classic front line that recedes but managed to fully restore it. 30+ million a year in the NBA and hundreds of millions in sponsorship, LeBron probably had no problem finding the best doctors. What Is Better The FUE Or FUT Hair Transplant?

We estimate that LeBron James needed approximately 2,300 – 3,100 transplants

The results probably took 5-7 months during the off-season and the final results probably took 1 year

FUE is great for patients who want to avoid a linear scar at all costs and for younger patients who only need minor treatment. Additionally, FUE is the right choice for body hair implants or correction hair surgery. Fue Hair Transplant is great for (very) few donors, those with scars or those who want to wear their hair too close.