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Did Michael Scott Get A Hair Transplant?

Did Michael Scott Get A Hair Transplant?

Who is Michael Scott?

Did Michael Scott Get A Hair Transplant? Michael Scott is a fictional character on The Office tv series. He is originally based on David Brent from the British version of the series. Michael is portrayed by Steve Carell. Michael Scott is the central character. Steve Carell won a Golden Globe and nominated 6 times for Emmy Awards due to performance on the series. Steve Carell was born in Concord, Massachusetts in 1962. In 1995, he married Nancy Walls from Saturday Night Live.

They have 2 children named Elisabeth Anne Carell and John Carell.  He recognized as “America’s Funnies Man” by Life magazine. Steve Carell also worked as an occasional producer, writer and director. In an interview with 60 Minutes news magazine, he stated that his inspirers. Steve Martin, Peter Sellers, John Cleese, Bill Cosby, and George Carlin for acting and comedy. He bought a store in 2009 named Marshfield Hills General Store at Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Steve Carell (Michael Scott) is also a handsome actor for most people. Maybe people think this because he is looking stylish with his outfits. But there is a fact that his hair is in good condition. This affects the style a lot. But did he have these fine hairs all the time? No, like all the men and women alongside him, he suffered from hair loss. When “The Office” started, he has a frontal loss problem and it got worse with time. He decided to get a hair transplant. After the surgery, his hair became thicker and better. This was because he kept his normal hairline intact and created a slight makeover that filled in the density dramatically. However, he never admitted that he had a surgery like that. His fans always wondered if he got a hair transplant. This subject is the hottest debate among his fans.


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What is hair loss and why hair transplant?

Hair loss (aka alopecia) is one of the huge problems in men’s healthcare and style. It can be temporary or permanent. can be hereditary or because of aging. is a fact that men’s priority is good hair healthcare. Hair loss can be risky for one’s personality. It can be very embarrassing and hurt self-confidence. There are symptoms of this problem like thinning on top of the head, circular bald spots, sudden hair loss, etc. Also, there are some temporary “solutions” you can use like makeups, hats or scarves, hairstyles, etc. But some of them can be made poorly and this can show you worse than before. And these are one-time solutions. This will make you pay every time. But if you choose hair implantation, you can be sure there is no bad looking for you anymore! Also, this saves you pay for makeups or barbers every time.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is a problem but there is a solution for good. A hair transplant is such a better way than temporary solutions. You can be like you never suffered from hair loss. This is a simple process. The doctor chooses a hair rich area. Then moves some of it to other hairless or lesser filled areas. Then your own hair grows at the balding area. These operations are made since the 1950s. So, you don’t need to be afraid. And generally, these operations don’t need any surgery room. Usually, doctors do operations at his office. First, the doctor cleans the scalp and injects some anesthetic. When you can’t feel the area, he will start the operation. There are two methods of hair transplantation: Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). You will choose one of them when you decided to do this operation. Steve Carell Bald

What are Hair Transplantation Methods?

There are two hair transplantation methods. One is Follicular Unit Strip Surgery or FUSS for short. With FUSS, the surgeon removes a 6-10 inch (15-25 cm) strip of skin from your back head. And he will immediately sew the open scarp closed. This area won’t be bald of course. The area will be covered with the hair around the stripped area in no time. Then his team will work on the stripped part and cut this strip about 500 to 2000 pieces. Each piece has a hair or few hairs. The number of pieces will change due to your hair type, color and bald spots will be “get-haired”. If you are getting Follicular Unit Extraction, aka FUE, the surgeon will shave your back head. After this surgeon will some of your hair follicles one by one. This area will heal with small dots. But your hair will cover them.

After this point, both procedures will go the same. The surgeon prepares parts of your hair. Then the surgeon cleans and anesthetizes the bald area of your head. After that, his team cuts with a scalpel or needles with a needle the bald area. Next, his team lays the hairy parts to these openings. Depending on what size of your bald area, hair transplant may take 4 to 8 hours to complete. If you want thicker hair or your it keeps shedding, you might get another procedure after this. But usually, one or two sessions of transplant is enough for most people. Within 2 or 3 weeks after surgery, your transplanted hair will fall. Don’t worry because new ones will grow instead of them in a few months. Most of your hair will grow after 6 to 9 months. The complete growth may take one and a half years.

Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant

Of course, regrowth of your bald spots is a wonderful thing. But you might want to know this procedure at all points. Is hair transplant expensive? Or you may think is it worth getting this procedure. Let’s take a look then. The price of transplantation is an issue for most people. You may think this is an expensive process but compared to other one-time solutions, this process is a money saver. If you decide on one-time solutions, they will become a hump on your pocket.

Prices of hair transplantation mostly depend on the number of your bald spots, but it won’t cost a fortune. And usually, insurance plans don’t cover it. If you have a little savings jar on the fridge, it is possible to cover this process. Some clinics might have an installment plan depending on your income. If you want exact numbers, please contact our clinic. Did Michael Scott Get A Hair Transplant? Did Steve Carell Get Hair Implants?