Do Hair Implants Fall Out?

Do Hair Implants Fall Out?

Do Hair Implants Fall Out? In order to receive a permanent and smooth treatment of hair implantation, consider following. First of all, do all the research in order to find a Professional organization and medical staff to do the operation. Without being done by a an professional team, there is a great possibility that the hair implants fall out.  Or even worse side effects  may occur. In addition to this, you also have  to take good care of your hair implants.

The right medication will be prescribed by the doctor in order to prevent any swelling, pain, itchiness, or infections. You have to use these medications for the recommended time. Some patients can use shampoo on their hair the day they get the hair implantation, whereas others are recommended to wait. You should not forget that every healing process is different per person.

The doctor will recommend the right time to use shampoo according to the circumstances of the patient. The type, colour, quality, length, etc. of the hair are important factors of this process. Whereas some follicles will recover quickly, others may lose their hair or even fall out themself. Shock loss is a negative effect most patients experience after their hair implantation surgery. Even though shock loss may scare some patients, it is completely normal.


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New hair will grow out of these follicles a few months after the surgery. The hair will be completely normal and healthy and will adapt to the already existing hair in a short time. Using any kind of combs or brushes may also lead to hair loss. As long as patients follow the rules their doctor sets and avoid doing any kind of practice that could cause hair loss. Hair implantation is a permanent solution.

How is hair implantation surgery performed?

Hair implantation procedure is performed in order to help you if you are suffering from balding or hair loss. Genes, age, lifestyle, stress, the quality of the hair, and care are all factors that affect your hair growth. If one of these factors is lacking. Or if you don’t not take good care of your hair, hair loss may occur. If you have a parent that has a balding problem,  you are more likely to experience it as well. Men are more likely to suffer from balding in contrast to women.

There are shampoos and other supplements that hinder hair loss and support healthy hair growth. However sometimes these might not be good enough for you. In cases like these, hair implantation might serve as your only and permanent solution for your hair loss problem. There are two different methods of hair implantation you can choose from. The Medical team will explain them in detail so together with you we will choose according to your circumstances which is best for you. We have explained the methods of hair implantation isted below so you can get an idea of the differences:

Methods of Hair Implantation

Follicular Unit Transplant: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is more suitable for you if you are suffering from balding in a linear area. If you want just a hairline reconstruction you may prefer this method. During the follicular unit transplant procedure, a piece of skin is cut out or in other words stripped from the ‘donor area’. This strip contains healthy and normal hair.

The donor area is the part of your the head that is less prone to balding. This part of the skin contains the hair follicles that will be implanted during your treatment. The medical staff will cut the piece of skin into smaller units that contain about 3-4 hair follicles per piece. And once this is done, the medical team will place those units into the problematic area of the ‘recipient site’. Follicular Unit Transplant is a method that has been used for a very long time and is still satisfying patients. A professional and experienced surgeon and medical team will present the best outcome for you if you will prefer this method. What Is Hair Transplant?

FUE Hair Transplant Method

Follicular Unit Extraction: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).  This method of hair implantation is more suitable for patients who are experiencing hair loss in certain spots. Follicular unit extraction is a process that requires complete attention and care from the medical staff. During this procedure,  your hair follicles are individually extracted from your donor site and implanted into the recipient site. Every single hair follicle will be implanted into you balding area according to its natural direction.

This is done in order to give you the most natural look possible. This way, the difference between the already existing hair and the new hair will not be seen. In contrast to the Follicular unit transplant method, this method offers a more natural and real hair look. An experienced and professional medical team will always provide patients the best results. This method is more modern in contrast to the other method. And you might want to know that it is this method which is used mostly.

Risks of hair implantation

Hair implantation surgeries are considered safe. However since they involve the usage of anesthesia and some medications some complications may occur. Some patients may be allergic to the components of anesthesia. Allergy testing is a way of being sure that there are no allergies to anesthesia or the medications that are used during aftercare. Infections are also always possible if proper care is not taken. Patients must follow all the rules and precautions the doctor sets for them.

The skin and newly implanted follicles must be protected from the sun. Hats should be avoided for a while. The doctor will prescribe medication and lotions that prevent swelling, pain, itching, or else. The usage of shampoo depends according to the circumstances of the patient. Whereas some patients are recommended to use shampoo the day of the procedure, others are recommended to wait a few days. It is always best to follow the doctor’s instructions.

What should I expect?

In short, hair implantation surgeries are actually surgeries that provide you with a results that last a lifetime. However, the best result will depend on your personal situation and the medical team that will perform it. Durung the treatment some side effects may occur. It is important to find a trustworthy, professional medical team that values the satisfaction of patients. Sometimes it is also possible that problems occur during the recovery apart from complications during the surgery.

Always ask your doctor if you can do certain things instead of researching online or asking other people. Every patient has a different background and circumstances. So it is your doctor that can decide if something is suitable for you. Touching the area, hats, sun, harsh shampoos, etc. should be avoided in the first month. More information will be provided by the doctor and the medical team. Do Hair Implants Fall Out? Is FUE Hair Transplant The Best?