Does Hair Transplant Hurt?

Does Hair Transplant Hurt?

What is Hair Loss?

Does Hair Transplant Hurt? Sometimes when you look yourself in a mirror, you might realize your head seems less hairy than normal. This is the beginning of the second biggest problem in men’s healthcare. Sometimes, a part of your hair starts to fall. This means you are losing hair and need a hair transplant. But there are many reasons like aging. Humans always lose hair. But usually, new hair grows in place of fallen hair. This is named the hair growth cycle. When your age reaches about 40-45, this cycle begins to pass the anagen phase. This is the growing phase of hair. When this occurs, you start losing hair because new ones are not growing instead of fallen ones. If you are older than 40-45, this might be the cause of your hair loss problem. But there are other reasons too. Maybe more than one applies to you.

If you have someone in your family whose hair started to fall early, you might lose hair at those ages. This is a hereditary problem. Like aging, there is no way to prevent this. Some people still have hair at old ages. This is also hereditary. But if you behave to your hair nice you might postpone hair loss by aging. There are some other reasons such as stress. Stress may be looking only psychological but it has a lot of physical effects. There must be a little stress in our life. But if your stress level rises too much, you can get some symptoms. Such as headaches, stomach problems, high blood pressure, chest pain, sexual problem, sleep issues, and hair fall. Yes, you read it correctly, there written hair fall. If you are under stress, that might make your hair fall. So don’t get a hair transplant for this!

What is Hair Transplant?

A lot of actors lose their hair. But when you see them in a movie, they are like their hair is never fallen. They are getting hair transplants. Most of them wouldn’t say they got hair transplants but this is a fact. Humans lose hair and hairs can be transplanted. And no one wants a bald actor in his movie for a charismatic protagonist. A hair transplant is a solution for hair loss. Actually, it is the best solution. There are other of course. But none of them are effective as a hair transplant. So, since this is a surgical operation, you might wonder does hair transplant hurt? Before answering that, let’s have a look at the hair transplant methods. There are two methods used more often than others. Fue and Fut. But the results of them are mostly the same with some advantages the Fue has.


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Fut Hair Transplant

One of them is follicular unit transportation aka Fut. When you are getting the Fut hair transplant, there are few phases you will get through. First, your surgeon selects an area where is your hair density is greater. This is usually the back of your head. Then he takes a skin strip from your hair and closes the wound by connecting the sides of the scar. Hairs on the side of the wound cover the scar. The surgeon and his/her team take the strip and start cutting it into tiny pieces. Each piece has one or a few hair follicles on them. Then, they begin opening tiny holes in your bald area. After they place that pieces in the holes. After a while, these follicles start growing hair and ta-da, you have hair again! But also you have a scar on the back of your head.

Fue Hair Transplant

In the Fue hair transplant, things are a little different than the Fut. Like Fut, the surgeon and his/her team get the hair from the back of your head. But this time they only take hair follicles from your skin, leaving skin in there. Thus you won’t have a scar from the hair transplant. After that, they start to drill your bald skin as well. They plant these follicles on your bald skin. After a while, when you look at the mirror, you will see tiny hairs growing on your previously bald area. There is a little difference between the Fue and Fut but it makes a great difference in results. Since the Fue method needs more caution, takes more time comparing to the Fut. But it is worth it because you will carry the scar unless you get plastic surgery.

Does Hair Transplants?

There might be some questions in your head. When does my hair start to grow? Can I smoke after a hair transplant? Does hair transplant hurt? It is okay to wonder things like this. Let’s have a look at some of them. When you are getting a hair transplant, your head is mostly shaved completely or partly. Hairs at normal areas start to regrow normally but the planted ones can take some time. Usually, patients observe hair grow 3 or 4 months after the process. This depends on your metabolism. Usually, %70 %80 of the transplanted hair will grow depending strength of the transplanted follicle. But in some cases, this percentage can fall below %20. Also, you can’t smoke right after the operation. You should wait at least 2 or 3 weeks. Hair transplant results mostly depend on your body. You should give time for healing to the grafts.

Does Hair Transplants Hurt?

As you can read it up there, there is a lot of cutting and drilling during the hair transplant. But does hair transplant hurt? Let’s separate this during operation and after the operation. During operation, your surgeon will give you an anesthetic before they start to take strips or grafts. This will numb your head during operation. Surgeons usually numb the area when they finish their job there. This should keep the pain out for 3 hours. After the operation, they will give you painkillers so you won’t be suffering any pain!