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Does Laser Hair Transplant Work?

Does Laser Hair Transplant Work?

Does Laser Hair Transplant Work? Laser hair transplantation is prepared for the planting of healthy hair follicles taken from the donor area in areas with hair loss. Hair grafts taken from the donor area are directly transplanted into these areas created by the laser. The hair in the donor area is taken one by one using FUE and DHI methods. And then it is directly transplanted into laser-created regions of the place to be treated, so laser hair transplantation works, we will explain this in this article.  Laser hair transplantation is the latest hair transplant technique that continues to be increasingly popular in the world. This method, which is called laser hair transplantation, is used only in the channel opening phase. This method is more costly than FUT and FUE technique.

Scarring in laser hair transplantation

No scar occurs in the laser hair transplantation process; with this method, physiological evaluation; in other words, oxygenation is minimized. Hair transplantation reduces blood flow to the implanted hair follicles and increases the vitality of the hair follicles. This ensures that the hair looks natural and healthy. Since micrografts are used extensively in this operation, the spaces between the grafts have more frequent intervals. This provides a more even and balanced distribution of the hair.

What are the advantages of laser hair transplantation?

Laser hair transplantation has many disadvantages. As we just mentioned, no scar occurs in laser hair transplantation. And in this operation, the channels to which the grafts will be transferred in hair transplantation are prepared painlessly, without incisions, in a fast and sterile manner. These are very important for the health of the patient. If the environment to be operated on is not sterilized, the patient may become infected. With the laser technique, the tissues are vaporized, and the channels required for hair transplantation are created. Since these channels are tiny, unique micro materials are used in laser hair transplantation. Thanks to these materials, there is not much heat transfer or damage to the tissues. Before the laser hair transplantation, local anesthesia is used to relieve the patient. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain or ache.


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Laser therapy is also used in hair rejuvenation treatment. The weakened hairs called quince feathers, which are present in laser hair rejuvenation, are strengthened and become normal hair. Thus, hair follicles that do not produce hair are stimulated to grow hair, and the hair becomes vibrant, plump, shiny and more robust.

Hair transplanted areas gain a natural appearance

Thanks to laser hair transplantation, your hair will have a natural appearance. Lasers are not used in traditional techniques. Since there are no slits and punctures in laser treatment, the most significant advantage of this method is that it creates a healthy hair root canal. With the micro tools used in the laser method, more frequent gaps are made, and the front hairline and general hair design are more successful. There is no scar in the channels, and the opened channels heal very quickly.

The healing process in laser hair transplantation

The healing process in laser hair transplantation occurs faster than other hair transplantation techniques. Because, in this technique, the risk of loss of the grafts is minimized thanks to the protection of dermal elasticity in the recipient area. While you can wash your hair professionally after standard hair transplantation procedures, you can gently wash your hair yourself in laser hair transplantation.

And the healing process allows for crust formation during the first 24 hours, and naturally, the crusting phase passes quickly. Even if the scalp is shaved during the healing process, there is no clinical sign of scar formation.

Things to know about laser hair transplantation

You should not consume alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, tea and caffeine before laser operation. One week before the operation, aspirin and vitamin E should not be used because they cause thinning of the blood. If you are using any medication, you must have stopped using the medicine 15 days before the surgery. You should inform your doctor about the medicines you use.

In the laser hair transplant operation, the hairline is designed first, after local anesthesia, the operation begins. You can read books, watch movies and listen to music during the operation. After the operation is over, you can go home and wash your hair.

Laser hair transplant benefits and results

Laser hair transplantation has many advantages over other hair transplantation techniques. We shared these advantages with you. Thanks to the laser beams that penetrate under the scalp, inactive hair follicles are revitalized, and blood circulation is accelerated, so your hair looks more natural-looking and healthier. The development of hair follicles and thinning hair strands become thicker, and a more beneficial hair structure is achieved.

The results of regular hair treatment appear at the end of 12-18 months. The results of laser hair transplantation vary according to the rate of hair loss. It should be known that after the first session with laser, hair loss begins to decrease, and you can see severe changes in your hair within an average of 2-3 months.

Features of laser hair transplantation

We have stated that laser hair transplant operation is different from other hair transplantation procedures, shorter recovery and shorter recovery time. In laser hair transplantation, the hair taken from the donor area (healthy hair on the neck and above the ears) is collected and transplanted into the spilt part. The process takes 3-5 hours depending on the hair type. And in this operation, local anesthesia is used. An average of 5,000-6,000 grafts can be placed in a single session. There are approximately 2-4 hair strands in a graft. The scabs formed after hair transplantation are shed within one week, and the hair starts to grow in a concise time.

In this article, we have explained the laser hair transplantation technique. As you can see, laser hair transplantation has many advantages. Like other hair transplants, it is a permanent solution in laser hair transplantation. You can come to our clinic and get information about which hair transplant method is suitable for you.