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Dutasteride is a kind of medicine used for hair loss. Hair loss due to various reasons is seen in almost everyone. A certain amount of hair loss is also considered normal. However, if more than 100 strands of hair are shed on average per day, this may be a sign of another scalp problem. By following yourself, you can observe the intensity of hair loss, talk to dermatologists and start using various medications. Dutasteride is one of the most used drugs for hair loss. The type of medicine that can be used by both men and women has various effects. These effects help strengthen hair follicles and reduce shedding. However, it is useful to consult a doctor before using it.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Dutasteride is considered one-to-one for hair loss. However, before starting to use the drug, it is necessary to find out the cause of hair loss. It is usually possible to learn the causes of shedding as a result of blood tests or various hair analyzes. Afterwards, you can switch to medication under the supervision of a doctor. The causes of hair loss can be listed as follows;

  • seasonal changes
  • Stress
  • Life style
  • Using the wrong hair care and cleaning product
  • Iron and vitamin deficiency
  • Hormone disorders
  • hair loss
  • Genetic
  • Eczema and psoriasis
  • irregular diet
  • Various internal diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure

The symptoms of these reasons and the intensity of hair loss may vary from person to person. However, if there are clusters of shedding in general, Dutasteride is the drug of choice in the treatment of hair loss. In particular, hair loss type shedding is usually continuous and drug treatment may be required. Because it causes rounded baldness in certain parts of the head. Similarly, shedding caused by thyroid hormone can also cause intense hair loss. If your thyroid gland is working hard, that is, if you have hyperthyroidism, you may experience hair loss.


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In this case, you may need to use various drug treatments under the control of a doctor. However, it is recommended to take treatments that will balance your thyroid hormone first, and then your hair will regain its old appearance in about 8 weeks. Also, what causes hair loss? Different causes of hair loss may occur in men and women, depending on the type of hair. Therefore, attention should be paid to gender during the treatment phase.


What Is Dutasteride Medication?

Dutasteride is a drug used in the treatment of hair loss. Oral medication is actually used to prevent prostate gland enlargement. However, as a result of the researches, it was concluded that it is also very effective in hair loss. Especially in 2006, various studies conducted in Korea and as a result, tests were conducted showing that the drug eliminated baldness on the top of the head. These tests prove that the drug can be used safely. Therefore, it is generally used for male pattern hair loss. Its effects on baldness are still under investigation. It is produced in low doses against hair loss, especially abroad. In our country, only 0.5 mg sizes are sold. In addition, the drugs are produced in the form of avodart capsules, so they are very difficult to consume by dividing in half and half.

The drug is specifically compared to another drug called Finasteride. This is because both can be used for the same purpose. However, their effects may differ from each other. Especially if you think that your hair follicles are weak, you can treat it quickly by using Dutasteride. Early diagnosis and treatment are very important in using this drug. The drug, which provides the elimination of the problem of baldness, especially in men over 50 years old, helps to thicken the hair strands. Androgentic type alopecia, which is seen not only in middle-aged men but also in young people, is caused by a decrease in the androgen hormone. Decreased hormone especially causes regression of the front hairline. Dutasteride helps to normalize hormone levels in the treatment of hair loss. The drug enables the testosterone hormone to be converted to the DHT hormone.


What are the Effects of Dutasteride Drug?

Dutasteride is a drug often preferred by people who experience hair loss. It shows its effects especially in male pattern hair loss, that is, the regression of the front line and the onset of baldness. The drug prevents the conversion of testosterone hormone in the scalp to DHT hormone. This obstacle occurs thanks to the enzyme called 5-alpha reductase in the drug. The reason why it is used especially in hair loss seen in men aged 50 and over is that baldness accelerates more at these ages. If you start using the drug at the earliest date, you can have thick hair without the need for various treatment methods such as hair transplantation. With Dutasteride hair loss drug, you can prevent the changes in the scalp. The possibility of obtaining positive results is quite high, as the drug completely affects the functioning of the hormones in the skin.

You can make it even more effective by using the drug with shampoo types against hair loss. As a result of the researches, it has been determined that 66% of men regrow the hair that has been lost. If you use it regularly for 2 years, you can make your hair grow faster and stronger. You can also get rid of dryness and itching problems on your scalp. Because the drug helps to experience permanent improvements in sensitive skin. Apart from the scalp, it helps the front line to become clear and reach where it should be. You can get rid of the anterior hairline regression, which occurs in both men and women, thanks to the drug Dutasteride. As a result of the researches, Dutasteride grows more hair than other drugs.


DHT Hormone and Hair Loss

Dutasteride anti-hair loss drug contains enzymes that prevent the increase of DHT hormones in the scalp. The DHT hormone is especially seen in men and should decrease as they age. The hormone, which is present in the body from the mother’s womb and gradually disappears as we age, continues to live by clinging to the hair follicles in some cases. This causes the hair to become thinner, weaker and start to fall out. In other words, it slows down hair growth. Because the DHT hormone is fed by the vitamins and minerals found in the hair strands. This prevents hair growth. The fact that Dutasteride, which is used when seeking an answer to the question of how to prevent hair loss, is linked to both the prostate and hair follicles is due to the hormone DHT. Because DHT hormone continues to exist in these regions.

The more sensitive the hair follicles are to DHT, the higher the chance of shedding. Hair loss known as androgenic alopecia, that is, male pattern baldness, is related to DHT as it develops in line with hormone imbalances. However, the main reason may also be genetic factors. If your scalp is sensitive, it is more likely to be affected by hormones. Even small amounts of DHT trigger hair loss. Dutasteride plays an active role in the treatment of hair loss when stress, irregular diet and age factors come into play. Dutasteride, which minimizes the effects of hormones in the fight against baldness, which can be seen in both men and women, begins to show its effects in about 24 weeks. However, the use of drugs can bring with it various side effects.

Side Effects of Dutasteride

Dutasteride has disadvantages as well as the advantages of a drug that prevents hair loss. Although it is successful in reducing hormone values ​​to normal levels, it may have a little more side effects compared to other drugs. This is because it shows its effects quite quickly. Dutasteride blocks the DHT hormone 20% more than other drugs. The side effects of the drug are as follows;

Failure to achieve an erection, Decreased libido, Decreased sperm motility and strength, Infertility, Breast enlargement in men, sexual reluctance as DHT hormone decreases, loss of pleasure during intercourse suddenly, Various ejaculation problems such as semen color becoming transparent, Decreased quality in sexual intercourse, DHT hormone ear It is responsible for the production of a substance called the plug, which protects it from dirt and dust. If this substance is destroyed, dirt fills the ear and bacterial growth increases. This causes middle ear inflammation.

Some More Side Affect

As the DHT hormone decreases, the rate of inflammation in the ear increases. Dutasteride stays in the circulatory system for a longer time than other drugs. This can cause fatty liver and elevated liver enzymes. Another condition under the control of the hormone DHT is sebum secretion. If sebum secretion is insufficient, dryness and rash may occur on the skin. Dryness also causes the signs of aging to appear faster. When DHT decreases, the muscles become weaker and their stiffness and curvature decrease.

Dutasteride hair loss medication side effects may vary from person to person and depending on the duration of use. You can get more detailed information by reading the prescription of the drug or consult your doctor. In some people, different side effects such as dizziness, immune system disorders, rash, itching, various skin reactions, testicular pain can be observed. If these effects are too much for you, you can also use oils that are good for hair loss.

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