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Elon Musk Before Hair Transplant

Elon Musk Before Hair Transplant

In this article, we will give you information about Elon Musk Before Hair Transplant Elon Musk and his charismatic hair. Elon Musk said hello to life in South Africa in 1971. He founded X.com in 1999 when he was only 28 years old. In addition, Elon Musk before hair Elon Musk, who founded SpaceX to carry out space research in 2002, immediately entered the automotive market with Tesla Motors.

SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, became the first private venture to organize a trip to the international space station in 2012. In addition, the Falcon 9 rocket, equipped with the most advanced technology, successfully reached the space station.

Elon Musk before hair  Elon Musk entered the energy sector after space technologies and automotive. Elon Musk founded SolarCity, producing giant solar panels and automobile batteries. In other words, Musk made groundbreaking moves in every sector he entered.


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Elon Musk before hair Elon Musk, who aims to establish a colony on Mars in the near future, is also the technical consultant of the White House. If you wish, let’s take a look at the life of Elon Musk, the extraordinary inventor of modern times.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk before hair  Elon Musk was born to a Canadian mother and a South African father. He spent his childhood years in South Africa. Upon her parents’ divorce when she was 10 years old, she turned her attention to the world of computers. Learning to code, Musk designed a computer game called Blastar when he was only 12 years old. Elon Musk’s goals included living in the United States. He saw America as a land of opportunity where he could make his dreams come true. For this purpose, he first acquired Canadian citizenship. In 2002, he became a US citizen. 

Education Life of Elon Musk

Elon Musk before hair Elon Musk went to Canada in 1989 for higher education. After graduating from the Queen’s University, he studied physics and economics at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA. Not satisfied with that, Musk got a master’s degree in energy physics at Stanford University.

During the years Musk went to Stanford University, the internet started to spread. Seeing this as a great opportunity, Musk left his education halfway to establish his first company, Zip2. Zip2, which serves tourism as an online city guide, has achieved great success. It also started providing content for newspapers such as Zip2, The New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune. In 1999, Compaq Bilgisayar bought Musk’s company for $ 307 million in cash.

According to Forbes magazine announced in December 2017, Elon Musk before hair transplant Elon Musk’s fortune is around $ 20.2 billion. He made his first billion dollars with the PayPal company. Among the companies it currently owns, the most valuable company is SpaceX. SpaceX’s estimated market value is over $ 20 billion.

SpaceX, Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Company

One of Elon Musk’s most important inventions was the idea of making commercial trips to space. Space research, which was a state monopoly until 2002, when Elon Musk entered the market with SpaceX, was now handled by the private sector. SpaceX company was bringing rich tourists to space in exchange for money and giving them space experience. This company later caught the attention of NASA. According to the agreement signed between NASA and SpaceX, SpaceX would carry the materials that NASA had to send to space. Elon Musk Before And After Hair Transplant

Elon Musk’s hair

We have conveyed these great initiatives and the success of Elon Musk to you. Let’s give some information about Elon Musk before hair transplant Elon Musk’s appearance. Have you ever looked at Musk’s youth photos? If you have looked, you must have seen that Elon Musk’s hair used to be thin. So what is the reason why Elon Musk’s current hair is stronger than his youth? Let’s give the answer; Elon Musk before hair transplant Elon Musk had a hair transplant. You should be surprised by this information because Elon Musk’s hair looks quite natural.

Nowadays, along with the developing space technologies, hair transplantation methods have also improved. In other words, hair transplant operations performed today can give very successful results. Now we will provide you with information about what to do before the hair transplant operation.

Before Hair Transplantation

The clinic that will have a hair transplant should take care of you before the hair transplant operation. In the preoperative period, your doctor will explain to you how to prepare, what to eat and drink, how to smoke and the medications you should take or quit. If necessary, some examinations are requested. If you follow these recommendations carefully, the results will be more pleasant for you. It is vital that you quit smoking at least 10 days before the operation. Because smoking decreases the rate of healing of your hair by reducing blood flow to the skin. 

Also, bring a hat that can be loosened and tightened from the back to wear after the operation. If possible, do not smoke for 24 hours before the operation. Do not forget that smoking will prolong your healing process and thus you will get unsuccessful results from hair transplantation.

On the day of the operation, be careful not to drink coffee, cola or other drinks containing caffeine. These types of drinks will cause you to bleed during the operation and to be exposed to various negative side effects. Do not use multi-vitamin preparations containing B and E vitamins 1 week before the operation. Since you cannot drive for 12 hours after the operation, be careful not to come to the clinic with your vehicle.

When coming to the operation, it is absolutely important to wear clothes that will not rub against your head during donning and taking off and that you can wear and take off comfortably.Elon Musk Hair Plugs


In short, Hair transplant operation is an operation that you should be very careful before and after. If you want your hair to have a successful hair transplant operation like Elon Musk, you should pay attention to these factors. Nowadays, success rates in hair transplant operations have increased significantly, but these factors are still important. Therefore, follow the steps we mentioned above and have hair like Elon Musk.