Elon Musk Hair Plugs

Elon Musk Hair Plugs

Elon Musk Hair Plugs Today, we will talk about Elon Musk ‘s life, hair transplantation and hair plugs , and accordingly, modern hair transplant methods.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria. We would like to say that he was born in South Africa under the name Elon Reeve Musk and is known as an engineer, industrial designer, technology entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Musk is the co-founder and head of product design at Tesla Motors. The famous man’s interest in electric vehicles contributed to the creation of Tesla. The business hired Martin Eberhard as CEO and invested almost the entire budget in Tesla’s first two investment rounds. And you may notice that he was having a stressful time in this process. The forced layoffs at Tesla in 2008 started with the economic crisis. Musk did a successful job, assuming the position of CEO based on need.

Problems in Elon Musk’s Life

He was thought deaf as a child, he said that he constantly moved away as a child, did not respond to his family’s speech and was thought deaf. However, checks revealed that Elon was not deaf, he just plunged into the world of dreams. He was bullied at school. A different boy, Elon had a hard time making friends and was bullied by kids older than him throughout his school life. His nose and several bones were broken during this period, and he took his money by organizing university parties. Parties with an entrance fee of $ 5 to get the school money. He did not drink and did not control his cash flow and had his mother collect money at the door to avoid data.


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Four years after dropping out of school, she became a millionaire. Musk enrolled at Stanford University in 1995, studying physics was his dream. He dropped out of school two days later and entered the internet industry by starting Zip2.
You can read from the news that the company, which had a big cash problem after Tesla, which he founded with a huge debt after leaving his first wife, put all the shares on the stock market. As a result, Tesla became a $ 33.4 billion company, while Musk’s personal fortune reached $ 12.7 billion.

For this reason, Musk, who lived a stressful life, lost his hair. But Elon Musk found the solution in hair plugs and transplantation.

Has Elon Musk Had a Hair Transplant or Hair Plugs?

Elon Musk hair transplanted between 2000-2010 in his time. You can see that he usually kept his hair short in his reportations. You can see that the back length is obvious after the hair transplantation. Because it is obvious. You can see that his hair is very natural. With the process performed by the doctors, the front line of his hair has been kept up. Thus, it both captures an appearance suitable for its current age and the density in the transplanted area has been increased.

Was Elon Musk a Good Candidate for Hair Plugs or Transplant?

Elon Musk is a good candidate for transplantation or hair plugs method, someone with adequate and stable donor hair supply. In addition to balding areas, it should be sufficient to cover other areas where hair loss may occur in the future.

Individuals over the age of thirty are particularly suitable for hair transplantation, because hair loss patterns are generally better established than younger patients.

Mr. Musk definitely had a lot of donor hair on the back of his head, looking at his pre-restoration pictures. He had lost a significant amount of hair on the front of his head and around his temples.


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Hair Plugs vs Hair Transplants

The difference in hair plugs and modern hair transplantation techniques is not only the way of application. The most obvious difference between them is the appearance after they are made. Since the patch is used on the hair plugs, the hair is collected in one place.

For this reason, a natural look was not achieved. If you have never seen someone who had a hair plug treatment before, imagine the hair on the plastic head of a doll. You’ll remember that a few hairs emerged from one spot and there were obvious gaps between them. This was the expected result from hair transplantation in the 1980s.

Unlike hair plugs, modern hair transplant operations look more natural. Since patches cannot be placed on the entire balding area, you will have an image that does not have an even distribution of hair follicles. Experienced surgeons place donor follicles in the same direction as your own hair. This means your transplanted hair will stand out perfectly.

I want my hair back, I don’t want a hair plugs, what are my options?

If you think so, we can recommend modern hair transplant methods. So what are these methods?

What is FUE hair transplant?

Fue hair transplantation is a method applied for hair transplantation. With this technique, hair follicles are taken from the hairy area called donor area. These roots are then planted in areas where hair is sparse or not. The Fue technique is more advantageous than the Fut method because it is more comfortable and more hair follicles can be transferred. The Fue technique is applied very practically, at the same time, the amount of hair follicles you need are transferred to the balding area. One of the reasons why Fue aesthetics is preferred is that it occurs without a trace.

How is FUE hair transplantation done?

In the Fue hair transplant technique, unlike the Fut method, it is not necessary to take tissue from the donor area where the grafts are taken during hair transplantation. For this reason, hair transplantation is performed without the need for stitches, incisions, or any traumatic intervention. In addition, session intervals are shorter. Therefore, this technique is used more for hair transplantation. In FUE hair transplantation, your hair follicles are collected one by one and transplanted to the bald area. Before these procedures, the hair in the donor area is shaved very shortly. Local anesthesia is applied to the area where the hair follicles will be taken and the area where you will have hair transplantation.

What is FUT hair transplant?

The FUT type hair transplant method is one of the modern hair transplant methods that has been applied since 1990. In this method, where a small surgical procedure is applied, the scalp is cut and removed from the donor area, which is genetically stronger, non-shedding hair. Then, under the microscope, the hair follicles are separated from these strips and transplanted into small channels opened one by one in the recipient area. Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, no pain is felt, and a small amount of pain may be experienced after the procedure. A session may take 4-8 hours depending on the amount of hair follicles to be transplanted. For additional sessions, the closed area is expected to heal completely (1-2 months). The price of FUT is more suitable because less effort and time is spent. It is especially recommended for people with large bald areas.

Advantages of FUT Type Hair Transplantation

The main advantage of FUT is that it usually provides the highest hair yield. If the person’s first choice is to achieve maximum fullness, Fut is the first option to consider. There are many reasons for this, including meticulously separating the follicular units from the skin strips microscopically, cutting and removing hair strips from a more efficient area of the donor area.

The most important of its other advantages are:
One of the biggest advantages of not shaving the donor area.
A maximum of 4000 hair follicles can be transplanted in one session, depending on the experience of the specialist. In addition to larger bald areas, several sessions may be required.
The risk of damage to the hair follicles during the collection and processing from the donor area is minimal. Elon Musk Hair

What is the Difference Between FUE and FUT Method?

The most important difference between them is the way the hair is taken. Separation and shipping processes are done in the same way. In the Fut method, stitches should be placed in the donor area. Fue technique, hair follicles are taken from the over-the-ear and nape regions one by one with a micro motor, then they are divided into groups of 1, 2 and 3, there is no need to use a microscope. Fut technique, after the flap part is cut and removed from the nape area, the hair follicles are divided into groups under the microscope.

Fue technique, post – operative scarring in the neck area is not expected. In the Fut technique, there is a stitch scar in the neck area. In the Fue technique, numbness and tension in the neck area is not expected. Fut technique, there may be a feeling of numbness in the area where the flap is taken for 2-4 months. In addition, since stitches are made, there is a feeling of tension in the skin in the back area. FUE technique, when the patient goes home, there may be pain in the place where the root is taken. In the Fue technique, there is no pain after the procedure. After the operation performed with the FUT technique, the loss of work force is longer in the patients compared to Fue.

The Fue method is preferred because it is a newer method without attachment. Since this method is now used very often, you can safely do it if you need it.

DHI Hair Transplantation

The most distinctive feature of DHI is that it does not leave any wound or stitch marks.The purpose of this method is to minimize the time that the grafts you have taken to be transplanted from the back of your head stay outside and ensure that they are healthy. The grafts taken from the donor area for transplantation are directly implanted with special needles used for hair transplantation.

The fact that no hole is drilled in the area to be planted increases the number of roots that can be planted and allows more intensive planting. This technique is more challenging and time consuming than the classical FUE technique. On the other hand, since there is no incision, it allows the healing process to be faster.

The most important feature of Hair Transplantation performed with this method is to minimize the time that the grafts taken to be transplanted are outside and make them healthier and stronger. Your hair follicles are directly placed in the places where hair transplantation will be made, painlessly  without the need to drill holes, thanks to special tipped needles.

Advantages of hair transplantation with DHI technique

The best advantage of this technique is that it provides density. The density it provides is the double layer strip technique. It is 40 – 60 grafts per square centimeter. This density provides a great opportunity to cover the area where your hair is shed.

In the area where you will have hair transplantation, hair transplantation can be provided at different angles depending on the natural growth angle of the hair. And when applied to sensitive areas such as your hairline, it will provide a natural look and more successful results. Thanks to the fine-tipped needles used in the DHI hair transplant technique, the risk of any scarring is minimized.

With the DHI method, your hair design reaches very natural and very successful results in hair transplantation. It is the newest hair transplantation technique that is closest to your natural hair structure, has no risk of scarring, you can use if you want dense hair and has a high recovery rate because special needles are used. Elon Musk Before And After Hair Transplant

How is Natural Looking Hair Transplant Done?

When you want to have a hair transplant, you will have some reservations about the application. This is normal. You may be afraid whether the confusion will be a natural look. As a result of our research, the hair plugs or natural transplantation made by Elon Musk confused all lovers.

When you decide to have the procedure done, you should apply to trusted places. It is important that your health is a safe place. When you choose successful hospitals, you can achieve the natural look you want. When you research the places where hair transplantation is performed, you can look at previous successful applications. Feedback from hair transplant recipients should be evaluated. We recommend you to choose a hygienic hospital with specialist physicians in the field.

So we talked about Elon Musk ‘s life, transplantation and hair plugs, and accordingly, modern transplant methods.