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Expert Hair Transplant

What do hair transplant specialists do?

Expert Hair Transplant Hair transplant specialists find out whether the health condition of the patient who will have hair transplantation is suitable for hair transplantation and begin to examine the skin – hair structure. Skin and hair structure are the determining factors in the treatment to be applied. The hairline is determined by determining the width of the hairless area and it is investigated whether the hair follicle is suitable for shedding.

So , necessary investigations are made about intervention after the hair transplant process and after. Hair transplantation at an appropriate time is done under hygienic conditions. Finally, it is recommended to stop the use of alcohol or blood thinners before the operation. After the hair transplantation, the patient is followed in detail.

How to become a hair transplant specialist?

Hair transplantation is among the most demanding applications in the medical aesthetic process. Turkey also has the most prefer  aesthetic in plantation operations. IVF treatment in order to be coming to Turkey for health tourism, plastic surgery, dental aesthetics as well as the plantation stands out. Hair transplantation is among the procedures with the most potential among medical aesthetic applications. The need for specialist hair transplant specialists continues to increase. Those who plan their career as a hair transplant specialist with the increasing demand for the hair transplant process are doing research on the profession. In order to be employe  as a hair transplant specialist. So , it is necessary to study in medical schools or to specialize in Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive fields.


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On the other hand, individuals who are Dermatologists and Medical Aesthetics specialists can also be employe  as hair transplant specialists by taking the necessary training. Hair transplantation procedures are perform with different methods with technological products. FUE and DHI methods are mostly use within the framework of hair transplantation techniques. In both methods, it is essential to transfer the hair follicle take  from the donor area to the area with thinning or baldness. Finally ,small differences in the applications in the hair transplantation process distinguish the methods from each other.

Who and Which Specialists Can Perform Hair Transplantation?

Nowadays, one of the issues that people who will have hair transplantation are wondering about is which experts do hair transplantation.

Technological developments have been an increase in demand due to the plantation. Where demand will no doubt who want to translate this demand into revenue. So  , the most important issue in this field should be to question the speciality of the physician who will do hair transplantation and to search for his experience. Legally, physicians who have expertise in plastic surgery or dermatology can perform hair transplantation.

What is the importance of choosing a specialist doctor in hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation procedures are consider  within aesthetic surgery applications. According to our laws, hair transplantation can finish by plastic surgery or dermatology specialists. Including hair transplantation surgery practices require medical expertise and experience with design skills and artistic skills. It is very important that the physician who will perform the operation is experienced and has obtained successful results in this field before. The physician will make for plantation must constantly renew itself.

For this purpose, the patient’s physician is in the profession for several years, how many hair transplantation processes is carry  out and that the results of the national or international congresses and symposia to participate must be question  whether the broadcasts. An unsuccessful operation can cause undesirable results and an abnormal hair appearance. A bad operation worsens a person’s psychology. The sick person may have to struggle to correct the operational defects.

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Who is doing hair transplantation today?

In addition , to be a surgical operation, hair transplantation is an application that requires experience and artistic talent. Hair transplantation is perform by plastic surgeons or dermatologists.  So,it is an aesthetic operation and it enters the application area of plastic surgeons because of its external appearance. On the other hand, it concerns dermatologists with the aspect of working on the skin surface.

How should the ideal hair transplant be?

First , procedures for ideal hair transplantation start with the patient’s decision. Ideal hair transplantation begins with meticulous planning of every step of the treatment, including patient motivation, and continues with the design of the front hairline according to the person’s facial lines and age after the preparation phase. Ideally steps of plantation, individually, select  from a collection of hair follicles of a donor for transplantation, the opening angle according to the direction of natural hair root and hair follicles and is arrange  to place the channels. So , hair follicles collect  in these channels flawlessly. The width and depth of the channels to be open  should be compatible with the length and diameter of the hair follicles to be transplant . Finally , the issues to be focus  on for ideal hair transplantation are as follows:

  • Pre-operative examinations and examinations,
  • Patient motivation,
  • Designing the front hairline,
  • Width, depth, angle and directions of the channels where hair follicles will be placed,
  • Correct placement of hair follicles in these channels.

Finally, the ideal hair transplant is hair transplantation where a natural appearance is obtain . The most important point expert hair transplant to reveal this is to determine the front hairline correctly. The front hairline starts 7-11 cm above the line between the two eyebrows. The hair transplant  to the front hairline should be narrowly  forward. So , the angles of the channels should  increase  as you go back from the front. The depth of the canal opened for transplantation should be compatible with the hair root length, and the canal width should be equal to the hair root diameter.

In order to understand the doctor’s experience and success;

  • Doctors attended on the issue of participation in the courses and other training documents,
  • How many years in the profession that,
  • The successful hair transplantation surgery and the associated references,
  • The papers presented at national or international congresses. So , symposiums held on the plantation, his publications on the subject,
  • Pictures or other documents of previous hair transplant operations and the addresses of people who have had hair transplantation can show to you. So, this person can assess in consultation with satisfaction or complaints they hear from the results.

Finally, I explained expert hair transplant. You can read expert hair transplant writing and choose the best way .

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