Eyebrow Transplant Before And After  

Eyebrow Transplant Before And After

In this article, we will tell you about Eyebrow Transplant Before And After Like hair, from time to time, eyebrows also experience hair loss. This, in turn, causes visual disorders in both men and women. There can be many different causes of eyebrow loss. Stress, medications used, some skin diseases, injuries, physical effects such as burning, and hormone imbalances can lead to the loss of eyebrows, as well as the loss of eyebrows depending on age. It may be desirable to have sparse eyebrows and rumble these eyebrows or eyelashes. The most know that of these popularly calls “brow fussiness”. The wrong methods used to shape eyebrows in brows can sometimes cause damage, leading to reduced eyebrows or permanent loss. Some hormones are more or less secreted than necessary, which also leads to eyebrow loss.

For example, in patients with goiter whose thyroid gland works poorly, the thyroid hormone is low. A low thyroid level can also cause eyebrow and hair loss. In such cases, patients may decide to have an eyebrow transplant. Eyebrow transplantation is important for individuals to deal with such problems. Eyebrow transplantation and eyebrow lifting are especially preferred by women. After the eyebrow transplant, the eyebrows are clearly visible before and after.

Causes Of Eyebrow Loss 

In addition to what happened before and after eyebrow transplantation, another important issue is the causes of eyebrow loss. Eyebrow loss is not considering a natural process like hair. It is not aesthetically acceptable. If we briefly look at the causes of rarity or eyebrow loss: 


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Thyroid disorders: the October process does not make sense in eyebrow loss due to Hypotroidia. Because the thyroid glands cannot produce enough hormones, the hair of the donor area will also be weak and thin. Medical droid therapy for the cause should be applied. 

Infections: there may be shedding or flaking, especially as a result of fungal infections. Results can obtain with fungal treatment. 

Vitamin deficiencies: this is a condition especially seen in biotin deficiency and vitamin deficiencies due to an unbalanced diet. 

How Is Eyebrow Transplantation Treated? 

Eyebrow transplantation is done by a method called FUE and also used in hair transplantation. In this method, as in hair transplantation, the donor located between the two ears on the back of the head is taken one by one. The recipients are placed in the empty eyebrow area by adjusting the individual angles. Thanks to this method, both your spilled eyebrows end, and your risk of experiencing this problem again decreases with the strong hair follicles. Eyebrow Transplant: Before & After

To Whom Is Eyebrow Transplantation Treatment Applied? 

Men and women aged 22 and older who experience permanent eyebrow loss or who are structurally weak eyebrows and want to have a thicker and more shaped shape can plant eyebrows. Eyebrows make the face look lively, energetic, energetic, young, and happy and add meaning to the gaze.  Eyebrow transplantation treatment can be applied to anyone whose eyebrows are sparse, who experiences permanent shedding, who is uncomfortable with their appearance. 

How Is Eyebrow Transplantation Done? 

Eyebrow transplantation is applied together with local anesthesia. Thus, the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. The physician decides where to get the roots that will be planted before the eyebrow transplantation process performed. The most useful are the hair follicles located on the back of the neck. It can use depending on the situation in the roots located in the armpits and arms, except for this area. Because the roots in both the nape and armpit and arms are the areas of the body that do not fall out easily and have the most robust hair structure as a structure. 

The roots that will take from these points of the problem of shedding eyebrows are examining and those that will fit the overall appearance of your eyebrow are selected. In addition, hair that will not leave you in difficult situations prefer stretching too much. An average of five hundred grafts may be required to achieve healthy-looking eyebrows. According to the size and thickness of the existing eyebrow, the number of grafts of the desired eyebrow can vary from person to person. The doctor must make sure that each hair lies properly in the direction of natural growth. In order to capture an equal and complete image in eyebrow planting, it is also necessary to place the feathers very tightly. Can You Get Hair Implants On Your Eyebrows?

Before And After Eyebrow Transplantation 

The process of taking root with micromotors determine by the place planted. After the application, the patient can easily return to his / her daily life. After eyebrow transplantation, it may be necessary to check the area with certain periods. Very rarely, some patients may have lumps in the eyebrow place. Some hairs begin to fall out after eyebrow planting. This is completely normal, and with new hair, the brow becomes its natural state over time. Care should also take for the care of eyebrows and eyelashes after October. The measures given by the physician should take into account. 

Complications that may occur in eyebrow transplantation are very small. Bleeding, infection, and scars are very unusual. In addition, if the eyebrow transplant is not performing by specialist surgeons in the field, the eyebrows may grow in different directions. You must be careful in choosing a doctor. Although the recovery time for eyebrow operation is very fast, it is significant to choose an experienced surgeon to make sure you get the best results. Care should take eyebrow care after the operation. After eyebrow planting, brows should not be touched by substances containing water and chemicals. 

The lengthening time of the planted eyebrows varies according to the person. On average, it takes up to two or six months. Although newly planted eyebrows grow faster than your own eyebrows in the first year, they adapt to the growth rate of the area in which they plant ing at the end of one year. In the technique used in eyebrow transplantation, the degree and causes of a person’s eyebrow loss do not matter. You can take your eyebrows carefully at regular intervals.