Eyelash Transplant

Eyelash Transplant

Eyelash Transplant Have you ever searched the eyelash transplantation costs in Turkey? Recently, eyelash transplantation has gained great popularity in terms of aesthetics and health. Apart from aesthetics, it has the task of protecting it from small but effective external factors. Even if cosmetic products help eyelashes, the desired result is not provided. People can lose their eyelashes when using cosmetics for their eyelashes. Lack of eyelashes can cause self-confidence problems.

That’s why eyelash transplantation continues to gain importance. An eyelash transplant is a transplant from your hair follicles. usually transferred from the back of the head surgeon applies this operation to people who have little or no eyelashes. For this operation, patients should go to an experienced, successful surgeon. It is a microsurgical procedure and it is an FUE technique. Eyelash transplantation costs in Turkey are preferred by many people because it is convenient.

Compared to other eyelash transfer operations, this procedure offers permanent results if done with a successful surgeon. In the article, you can find everything from how to make eyelash transfer, to the points that post-operation. Also, With this article, you can find information on eyelash transplantation costs in Turkey.


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How is Eyelash Transplantation Performed?

Hair follicles in all parts of the body can be used in transplantation. Eyelash transplantation offers a solution to your eyelash problem for many years However, the area where the roots will be taken depends on the type of transplantation to be made. Eyelashes will be permanent for many years with this successful method. Lower eyelash care is more difficult than long eyelashes. First, the surgeon chooses a donor area.

The surgeon will examine your eyelashes and determine the number of roots to be used in transplantation. Then the doctor shaves the donor area.. Some surgeons cut 1-2 cm while others shave the area. This depends on the method of a surgeon. Anesthesia is applied to the patient during the operation. It is extremely important that the patient does not blink during the operation. Therefore, the patient may be put to sleep in the eyelash transplant surgery.

Some patients may want an extra session of eyelash transplantation to reach their restoration touchdown. Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

Who needs eyelash transplantation?

  • There are numerous reasons why people would need an eyelash transplant.
  • People who suffering from eyelash loss as a result of accidents, burns, or chemical incidents.
  • Doctors make eyelash transplantation for people born with thin or sparse eyelashes.
  • Eyelash transplantation is suitable for those with congenital genetic disorders.
  • Patients who lose their eyelashes after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • People who cause irreparable damage to their eyelashes by wearing too much makeup.
  • People who experience wear and shedding due to excessive use of false eyelashes.
  • Patients who suffer from trachoma disease.

The average amount of hair follicles in eyelash transplantation

In general, the number of follicles needed in eyelash transplantation is between 20 and 70. In addition, The number of eyelashes a person has varies according to race, genetic factors, and gender.

Is eyelash transplantation painful?

Eyelash transplantation has become the choice of many people because it takes a very short time. Specialists always apply local anesthesia, not general anesthesia, in eyelash transplantation. Doctors also anesthetize with small needles and do it in a sterile environment. Thanks to anesthesia, patients do not feel any pain.

Do the Implanted Eyelashes Grow Longer? How Long Do Lashes Plant with Eyelash Transplantation?

The hair follicles transplanted into the eyelashes area continue to grow as they preserve their old properties. The growth times and sizes of eyelashes vary according to the area taken. If it is taken from the neck, the longer the hair on the neck, the longer the eyelashes will grow. You need to be cut your eyelashes in certain periods because it creates an ugly appearance when it gets too long. However, it is not necessary to shorten after 2-4 months after the eyelash transplantation. You have to shorten them for the first 2-3 weeks.


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After eyelash transplantation

Things to watch out for during the process;

In the first three days after the operation, you should protect your eyelashes from water. Water can cause the root to loosen. If water touches, roots cannot hold. Therefore, you should keep your eyelashes away from water until the 3rd day. Also, After the eyelash transplantation, the person should not wear makeup for a while. Your doctor will do the first wash at the end of the 3rd day.

Avoid contact with foreign substances around your eyes. The patient should be very careful while sleeping, especially in the first week. Eyelashes should never come into contact with the pillow. The transplanted eyelashes should not come into direct contact with sunlight. You should also take care not to expose it to water or dust. Eyelashes should not come into contact with glasses. Additionally, the person should stay away from smoking and alcohol environments for the first week. After about 2 weeks, most of the eyelashes you have sewn are shed by shock shedding. With this completely temporary shedding, the roots become stronger. Eyelashes that appear in the first place may be very thin and distorted. But it will grow stronger over time. Doctors recommend waiting for an average of two weeks for eye makeup.

Eyelash regeneration time

Eyelashes are shed every 5-6 years on average and then reappear in a normal way.

How long does the operation take?

It takes 1-2 hours on average. According to the patient, this period can be up to 3-4 hours.

What are the disadvantages?

Since the lashes are very long, you should have regular maintenance. If you don’t like to deal with it, it can tire you. They can also stretch straight so you have to curl them.

What are its advantages?

It is a reliable method.

Eyelash Transplantation costs are very affordable. Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey

Things to be careful about in eyelash transplantation;

Together with a specialist and experienced doctor, they produce amazing results.

Before making eyelash transplantation, the patient’s request should be learned thoroughly. Then, the surgeon should perform accordingly.

Eyelash Transplantation Cost In Turkey

In Turkey, eyelash transplantation costs vary according to patient and method. You can contact us for more information. Moreover, eyelash transplantation costs in Turkey are cheaper than in other countries.