Facial Hair Implants

Facial Hair Implants

In this article, we will explain the Facial Hair Implants issue to you. One of the most important places for men on their faces is the beard. Hair loss may occur in some periods in beards. Some people also do not shed, but a genetically rare beard occurs. Nowadays, we do not say fate for this situation and we create Facial Hair Implants treatments.  First of all, we tell you about beard transplantation from Facial Hair Implants sections. We will talk about eyebrow transplantation in the next sections.

What is Beard Transplant?

For those who wonder what beard transplantation is, we would like to talk about our research. Beard cultivation is among the Facial Hair Implants processes. Beards that affect the appearance of people’s faces sometimes do not please us. Also, among the reasons for this dissatisfaction are the low density or the messy beard. Also, in this case, people turn to hair transplant treatment as a remedy. In the beard transplantation process, hair follicles are taken from the excess parts of the beard and placed in sparse parts.

Since the hair follicles planted at the time of the procedure belong to the patient, the resulting appearance will be natural. In addition, the hair roots in the cheekbones can be used in beard transplantation. The number of men who are satisfied with the beard on the cheekbone is also low. For this reason, they also get rid of their beards in that area.


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Why is a beard transplant needed?

The beard is in a distinct place in men’s appearance and its lack is very noticeable. Beard transplantation has become a way of salvation for those who do not grow a beard or grow infrequently with the developing technology. Also, this technique, which is included in the Facial Hair Implants methods, provides very important differences on the face of the person. Whether or not to have a beard transplant is up to the person. However, if you suffer from this issue, we recommend that you start the beard transplant treatment as soon as possible. If the beard loss is due to irreversible reasons, it will definitely be necessary to see a specialist.

For most men, the lack of a beard is considered a flaw. And there is also the cultivation of beard among the methods used to eliminate it. This operation proceeds with the same mechanism as hair transplantation. In addition, since it is an operation under local anesthesia, the person can return to normal life immediately. This operation can easily be successful if set out with the necessary expert team. No prosthesis or similar is applied to the person. hair roots belonging to the person are used in the application. There is no need for a special period for the application. So, the person can have this operation whenever he wants. There is very little risk of hair loss in the beard operation. This operation, which is included in the Facial Hair Implants methods, does not pose any great risk.

Before beard transplantation

There are some points that people should know before aesthetic interventions. Your doctor will give you the necessary information in this regard. And you should follow your doctor’s advice. As a result, you are having an operation related to yourself. So you have to do everything you need carefully.

After beard transplantation

Beard transplantation is generally a risk-free procedure. Therefore, you will not experience serious side effects after the procedure. Apart from that, some time is needed for beards to grow and grow. Let’s talk about a few of the procedures after beard transplantation. First of all, some redness may occur in the treated area after the procedure. This is because there was a blood clot during the procedure. Therefore, the area should be cleaned 24 or 48 hours after the procedure.

Thus, the wastes remaining without coagulation are removed. Now, the necessary environment for hair follicles to come out is provided. A few days after the procedure, the hairs continue to be nourished. Therefore, there is blood in the region. This situation is expected and should not be alarmed. This situation, on the contrary, is positive. Because it is proof that hair follicles are adequately nourished. Transplanted hair roots should be different from the person’s beard at the beginning. Because the planted beards are hair. Therefore, it is soft. However, it will continue to harden over time. Beard transplantation is one of the Facial Hair İmplants methods.

Can You Get Eyebrow Hair Implants?


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Eyebrow Transplant

One of the Facial Hair İmplants methods is eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrows play a role in the formation of different expressions of the face and the formation of our facial expressions. For this reason, shed eyebrows can make people unhappy. 

How is eyebrow transplantation done?

Technically, eyebrow transplantation is the operation of placing the hair follicles taken from the neck of the person to the hollow part of the eyebrow, as in hair transplantation. The application takes one hour and one day after the procedure, one can take a shower. The lengthening of the transplanted eyebrows varies according to the person. However, if we give an average figure, it can take up to 4-5 months.

Is pain felt during the application?

Spray is sprayed on the area to be locally anesthetized before the procedure. In this way, pain is relieved before this small procedure. 

Eyebrow Hair Implants and Surgery Prices

Can a natural appearance be achieved in eyebrow transplantation?

This question is linked to what kind of eyebrow the person wants. The size of the eyebrow to be transplanted should be suitable for the person’s previous eyebrow and hair structure.

What Should Be Considered After Eyebrow Transplantation?

Our eyebrows grow a little slower than our hair. Therefore, the eyebrows that grow from the new hair follicles added as a result of transplantation grow faster than normal eyebrows. For this reason, it is recommended to trim the eyebrows every 15 days after the eyebrow transplant. This is the eyebrow transplantation process, which is one of the Facial Hair İmplants methods.