Facial Hair Transplantation Cost Turkey

Facial Hair Transplantation Cost Turkey

What is Beard Transplant?

Facial hair transplantation cost Turkey is so important topic. Beard and moustache are the two most important parts of the male appearance and are often seen as a sign of masculinity, so facial beard loss can even affect psychology. Due to heredity, ageing, scarring, immune diseases, or trichotillomania, the beard may become thin, patchy, or mottled, and even disappear completely. Beard transplantation is a popular and effective solution for beard loss, which many people prefer, for those who suffer from such conditions. Of course, this is the best way to grow a beard and stimulate beard growth.

You won’t have to worry about the lack of facial hair or scratch to see if it grows any longer. Science continues to advance and there is already a solution to beard loss: beard transplantation. Beard transplantation is the permanent and best solution for beard and moustache hair loss. It is a painless cosmetic surgery procedure that repairs the beard by transplanting grafts from high-density areas to the transplanted area.

Beard Transplant

In many cultures beard is associated with masculinity and is considered also as a complement to the aesthetic appearance of a man’s face; Masculine appearance also gives him what he wanted. All these reasons, beard and moustache problems of living men had to seek a definitive solution, something that is possible today thanks to modern technology and techniques.


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DHI or FUE techniques can be used where grafts are taken from the back or posterior part of the scalp called the donor area. These roots are then examined thoroughly under the microscope and placed one by one in the area where beard shedding occurs.

Beard and moustache in Turkey, you are having some problems with the presence of elongation of the hair or beard and moustache space or just want to allow you to regain your physical appearance and your self-confidence. get the higher density.

Who Should Do Beard Transplantation?

In fact, many men primarily suffer from unevenly distributed or absent facial hair. In most severe cases, an alopecia beard is not uncommon and is usually genetic. At this point, beard transplantation alone can help you grow a thick beard under certain conditions. For example, the key to a successful beard transplant is to have enough grafts in your donor area, which is usually your own beard.

Thus, anyone who is over the age of 20 and does not have a systematic disease can have beard and moustache transplantation as long as they have sufficient grafts for permanent treatment of facial hair loss.

DHI Beard & Mustache Transplant

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is one of the most effective methods used in the treatment of beard or moustache thinning / balding. Unlike the FUE method, in the DHI beard transplantation method, the preparation of the recipient area. The implantation of the follicle are performed simultaneously, that is, extraction and implantation are combined as part of a one or two-stage process. The transplantation of beard hair follicles, which are extracted directly from the recipient areas, is performed with a transplant pen (Choi pen) without the need to create channels in the recipient area.

Beard Transplant: Should I Do It?

Strong and healthy hair is important, but a thick beard. Moustache also boost the self-confidence of many men and gives them a good-looking feel. It is common for men suffering from facial hair loss to use medication first in search of solutions for thinning beards or moustaches. However, most of these medications or supplements do not grow a thick beard. At this stage, the best solution for beard loss may be beard transplantation.


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Firstly, especially in the cheek area of bald spots on the beard, you should know that an extremely common problem. Beard loss to explain the reasons why there is very little scientific, but it may be due to the following factors:


Genetics causes beard loss in more than 50% of men. Those who experience facial hair loss due to genetics also suffer from male pattern hair loss. This is when beard loss does not respond to any medication or supplements. Therefore beard transplantation becomes the only option.

 Pros and Cons of Beard Transplantation

A few years ago, beard or moustache loss was considered an unsolved problem. However, following the recent developments in the treatment of beard. Moustache loss, facial hair loss is no longer a problem. It is possible to grow a healthy beard. Moustache with the latest beard transplant technology. beard cultivation in Turkey is quite advanced. If you encounter any problems after the procedure Beard correct planting techniques and made them with the latest technology.


Facial transplantation is a graft amount of transfer prices, the doctor who performed the operation centre. The cultivation carry out varies according to skills and experience. Besides, the patient’s own health plans to price the issue of holding the second and focus on the results they want, it will be helpful for people to do their research in this context.

Do patients prefer Turkey’s reason for planting a beard?

To make more than 100,000 patients annually hair and beard cultivation going to Turkey. Reasons for choosing Turkey to make beard cultivation of men are:

Low price

Facial hair transplantation cost Turkey the seedless than about 2-4 times that of the United States or Europe. This is explained by the general pricing policies and income of local citizens. The average price of beard cultivation in Turkey is about 1,900 dollars.

Experienced doctors

Turkish process of hair transplantation specialists are developing the skills to perform at the highest level permanently. Doctors work abroad, attend international conferences and even invent the author’s techniques for beard hair transplantation.

All-inclusive services

The main benefits of beard cultivation in Turkey is a package price. It’s not just the cost of the procedure, as well as transfers, accommodation, language assistance. In some clinics also includes additional services such as meals.

Things to consider when undergoing a beard transplantation

The hair follicles to implant should be suitable for the beard because the hair roots in the beard area are not similar to the hair. As the hairs are usually thinner, the follicles extracted should be suitable. Therefore, the hair roots to extract from the neck in the beard region are more preferred. With the hair follicles in this region, a natural appearance can create. Also, the nape area suitable for the extraction of the hair follicles require for beard transplantation. But the priority is always the neck area.

Another issue to consider during beard transplantation is the implantation of hair is essential for a natural look. During FUE, no cutting tools use. This helps to create a natural-looking result.

Hair roots to use in beard transplantation should be single. In other words, the hair follicles to take from the neck should separate and then implanted. This is because the natural hair follicles in the beard area are always single. The double, triple hair roots look very coarse on the beard.