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What causes female hair loss frontal hairline? If the female hair loss starts with the front hairline, this is a sign of male pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is also a problem in women. Since it starts from the front hairline, it causes a very bad appearance and damages women’s self-confidence. This may occur for a variety of reasons. Generally, it is possible to prevent hair loss with herbal methods or the use of drugs. However, it is useful to be patient during this process. Because it is very difficult for the change in the front hairline to be restored in the long run. Especially since changes in hormone levels trigger male hair loss, the use of drugs helps to get efficient results.

Why Does The Hairline Regress in Women?

Female hair loss frontal hairline makes the forehead area appear lighter. This situation can cause discomfort to the person in terms of aesthetics. The anterior hairline regression, which is usually seen in men, can also cause hair separation in women. This is due to the fact that there is too much hair loss in that area. Disruption of hair separation also prevents shaping the hair. The main causes of hair loss that can happen to every woman are as follows;

  • Changes in hormone levels (increase in testosterone hormone)
  • Genetic
  • drug use
  • Stress
  • seasonal changes
  • Age



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Psychological and Sociological Reasons

Female hair loss may occur due to anterior hairline regression, apart from these reasons, as well as male hair loss. The reasons for this type of shedding can be increased as pregnancy, diets that are not suitable for the person’s body, thyroid gland diseases, menopause, applying too much hair dryer and dye processes, vitamin deficiencies, irregular eating habits, being in contact with chlorine and water too much, and tightening the cap too much.

If the person is wondering what causes hair loss, they can examine their lifestyle or consult a doctor. If the regression reaches serious dimensions, the cause can be reached as a result of various tests and the treatment phase is started. Especially after the age of 65, there may be an increase in shedding as the hair follicles will weaken due to hormonal reasons. After a certain age, the number of DHA hormone in the body increases and if not intervened early, the front hairline regresses permanently. The result of this situation can reach up to baldness.

Male Pattern Hair Loss in Women

If a female is experiencing female hair loss frontal hairline, this may mean that male pattern hair loss has started. Hair loss, which is frequently seen in men due to stress, age or genetics, starts from the hairline and continues up to the crown. This causes hair to remain only on the nape and ear areas. In women, shedding does not progress that much, but it can cause the front hairline to disappear. Hair loss, which is generally seen in 3 types, starts with the thinning of the hair strands. First, the hair follicles around the forehead weaken and begin to fall out. Then the front line widens and gradually begins to move towards the apex. Over time, regional baldness occurs at the peak. Although this condition is especially seen in middle aged women, it is also possible to occur in young girls.

Especially stress, hormone problems and the wrong hair care products used trigger female hair loss frontal hairline. Generally, blow-drying, bleaching and dyeing processes also cause the hair strands to weaken, thin and break. Applying too many heat and chemical treatments are among the main causes of spills. The thinning of the hair strands may spread to every part of the head over time and thinning may begin. This situation is called diffuse shedding. It is up to the person to slow down and destroy the diffuse shedding. Early diagnosis and rapid treatment helps to regain lost hair. If there is a shedding of more than 100 hairs per day, female hair loss may have started to regress in the anterior hairline.

Female Hair Loss Treatment

Various treatments can be applied for female hair loss frontal hairline. If the shedding has just started, drug treatment can be started as a result of the examinations. Medical treatments must be done under the supervision of a doctor. The effects of drugs can be listed as follows;

Usually, the drugs that bring the hormone values ​​to normal levels show their effects if they are used regularly.

Most drugs help thicken hair strands during use.

After the use of the drug is completed, the lost hair is regained, the front hairline regains the appearance it should have.

Medicines are not only against hair loss, but also help hair grow faster.

If the front line regression is due to female hair loss, birth control pills can also be used.

Apart from these drugs, cream can also be used for female hair loss and anterior hairline regression. Topical estrone-containing creams especially help strengthen fine hair strands. Many studies show that they are effective. If drug and cream treatments are insufficient, you can also try PRPR and mesotherapy, which are applied treatments.

Especially the PRP process, which is applied using the person’s own blood cells, is often preferred to strengthen the hair follicles. PRP treatment includes the same methods as plasma treatment. In both, the person’s blood is taken and brought to a state to be injected into the skin. Similarly, hair mesotherapy is done by injecting various vitamins into the scalp of the person. These injection processes help the spills to decrease and disappear in a short time.

Natural Treatment Methods for Front Hairline Loss

Apart from applied methods, there are also natural solutions for female hair loss frontal hairline. At the beginning of these solutions are the use of shampoo and vegetable oil. If the spills have just started, you can use specially formulated shampoos. Herbal shampoos should be rich in silicon, zinc, magnesium, vitamins B5 and B7. In this way, the thinning strands become thicker, the roots of the hair are strengthened and the shedding is prevented. It is very important to examine the contents when purchasing shampoo types against hair loss. Because products with different formulas may be required for oily, dry or normal hair types. Using the right product helps to improve hair quality. In this way, the frontal line can be preserved for a long time with natural methods.

Apart from shampoo, natural oils can also be preferred for female hair loss and anterior hairline regression. Oils provide the elimination of dryness and rashes, especially on the scalp. In a dehydrated skin, the pores are clogged, and the roots of the hair do not breathe. Air-tight hair follicles become thinner over time and begin to shed. Thanks to oils, you can both prevent spills and have shiny hair.

Oils that are good for hair loss can be listed as follows


  • Olive oil
  • garlic oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Black cumin oil
  • Almond oil
  • Indian Oil
  • coconut oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Argan oil
  • Lavender oil

You can apply these oils in the form of a mask by massaging your scalp, and you can wash them after waiting for a few hours. Especially applying it to the bottom of the hair will prevent front line spills. If you use it regularly, you can make your front line clear with natural methods.

Hair Transplant Treatment

If women’s hair loss cannot be stopped with drugs and cream treatments or natural methods and baldness has started, hair transplantation can be tried. Hair transplantation, which is usually applied to men, can also be done to women who experience male pattern hair loss. The person can quickly reach the desired appearance. In the methods that progress in the form of sessions, hair analysis is done first. Since each person’s head structure and hair type are different, the correct techniques can be found as a result of the analysis. At this point, male and female hair transplantation differences also emerge. Hair transplantation points, things to be considered before and after the operation, and the time when the hair starts to grow may differ in women.

Methods of Hair Transplant

Different transplantation methods can be tried for female hair loss frontal hairline. The first of these is unshaven hair transplantation. In this method, a part of the hair is shaved and transplanted to the bald area. In addition, the method is divided into two different methods, FUE and DHI. With the FUE method, hair root transplantation is performed and is the most preferred method. The steps can be listed as follows;

The hair is washed, sterilization processes are performed and the place where the hair follicles will be taken is made ready.

A special liquid is injected so that the hair follicles can be easily removed. Then the grafts are taken one by one with the help of a special pen.

Hair channels are opened. The angle of the channels is determined as a result of the hair analysis of the person.

The most important point in front line planting is to obtain a natural appearance that is compatible with the forehead structure of the person.

In line with these methods, an answer can be found to the question of how to prevent hair loss.

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