Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant Hair loss is a problem a lot of people, men and women, suffer from. A lot of people define the hair loss as a “male problem” but it is not. Many women experience hair loss resulting from different factors. These factors can be hereditary. For instance, if a woman has family members that experience hair loss, she will be likely to experience hair loss. And also, hormonal balances and changes can affect a woman in different ways and can cause hair loss. Many women who go through menopause experience hair loss in that period. Or women who give birth can experience hair loss due to hormonal changes. It is most likely to happen after a month following the birth. Hair loss can also result from stress and anxiety. And aging plays a huge part in hair loss. This article will be about hair loss and female hair transplant.

The way women and men experience hair loss is very different from each other. In men, baldness affects the top of the scalp, whereas in women, it affects the whole scalp. The people who are eligible for a transplant are the ones experiencing hair loss due to an accident, trauma (burns/scars). And also, people who are suffering from female-pattern baldness is a candidate for female hair transplant.

There are lots of techniques specialists perform on patients, but the Follicular Unit Extraction technique is the most effective one. It is the one technique that is preferred by both specialists and patients. Follicular Unit Extraction technique so many advantages. Now, let’s discuss the Follicular Unit Extraction technique’s features in the following sub-title. Then we will inform you about what you should/can do to prevent your hair from falling out.


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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant is one of the techniques a lot of specialists perform. And it is the best choice for women who do not want to undergo a hair transplant. Because this method does not require shaving. A woman does not have to shave her hair fully to be prepared for the surgery. This is why a lot of women prefer to undergo an FUE hair transplant. Follicular Unit Extraction is a non-invasive technique, so it does not leave any scars. This is another great feature of this hair transplant technique. It also gives hair a natural and amazing look to the hair. It has a high success rate. FUE hair transplant technique’s recovery period is very short. A person can go back to work within a week.

There are a lot of advantages of Follicular Unit Extraction. Since it’s a non-invasive technique, a woman can feel comfortable around people without having to cover her scalp. Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most advanced hair transplant techniques. And the specialist who performs the surgery aims to give a natural look. It is a painless surgical procedure; the patient is put under local/general anesthesia. The surgery usually lasts 6 to 8 hours. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. A patient can leave the hospital on the same day the surgery is completed. And she can return to her home. In addition, with this technique, max. number of hair grafts can be transplanted in a single session. This technique is performed by using the patient’s own hair follicles, and thanks to this feature, the results are permanent. Woman Hair Transplant

What to Do to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

A woman can take some measures to prevent hair loss. Let’s give examples of those measures. She should not use chemical shampoos or solutions that will harm her hair in the long run. A woman can eat foods that contain vitamins that will help the hair to grow. She should not wash her hair with hot or cold water. The water should be warm, hot or cold water can be very harmful to the hair. And the hairstyles, such as braids, buns, and ponytails put so much pressure on one’s hair. A woman should avoid those hairstyles. Scalp massage is another way to help hair growth. She can also apply oils that are beneficial to hair growth to her hair. She can pour some oil into her scalp when giving a massage to her scalp. It will soften the scalp and the massage will be very effective.

Choose Us to Get Amazing Results!

As a hospital, we aim to take good care of our patients and to provide the best service to them. Our specialists, who have years of experience in this field, are constantly working on new techniques to improve themselves. They aim to be better at performing hair transplant procedures.

We offer you video consults for free via WhatsApp. The specialists will examine you through a video conference. Thanks to this, you will not have to visit the hospital for the first consult. The specialists will examine your scalp and they will decide if you need a hair transplant or not. Or they will ask for you to come to the hospital for a second consult and check your medical status. Or they can ask for you to come if they need to run some blood tests. Patients who live abroad do not have to travel all the way from their home country to get a consult. This is a great feature that our hospital offers you. It will help you save money for the transplant and it will significantly reduce the amount you need to spend. And it will help you adjust your budget.

And our medical staff, who are on your service 24/7, are always ready to answer your questions. Ask them everything you have in mind (about the surgery or the hospital), they’ll be pleased to answer your questions. Specialists and the medical team of our hospital are working day/night to provide you a good service. If you choose us, you will never regret your decision! If you want your hair to look natural and healthy, our hospital will be the best choice for you! Female Hair Loss Treatment Reviews


Our dedication to an excellent hair transplant quality and attention to the smallest details in customer service makes us one of the most preferred providers of hair transplants in Turkey

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