Female Hair Transplant Turkey

Female Hair Transplant Turkey

Female Hair Transplant Turkey We’ve discussed a topic that’s been considered a lot for you.Hair loss in women can be a stressful situation. Women care more about appearances than men. Turkey is probably the best place to transplant hair loss for female. This is why female is most affected in case of any hair loss.This causes them to seek hair transplantation. Turkey is a possible alternative for female who is looking for reliable health services to get rid of female hair loss through a cosmetic procedure of the best quality.

Causes of female hair loss can be blood diseases, hormonal changes, excessive styling, chemotherapy, and childbirth. The best hair loss treatment for females is hair transplantation. However, hair transplant surgery for female hair loss is more complex than men’s. Equal results are harder to achieve. For this reason, the cause is to be determined before any hair loss treatment is performed.

Hair loss in women is never a” normal ” thing.But when hair loss becomes excessive and affects a woman’s quality of life, it should be followed up until a diagnosis is made. If you decide to have a hair transplant in Turkey for female, you only need to stay in Istanbul for three days. You can go back to work only two days after surgery and continue your life as normal without any scars or side effects after the treatment is over.


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Hair Loss in Women

Female type hair loss is the most common type of hair loss in women and becomes more common as age progresses. Women with hair loss problems can experience psychological distress and experience a decline in social performance. Hair loss often has a greater impact on women than men because it is less socially acceptable. Research indicates that up to two-thirds of postmenopausal women suffer from areas of thinning hair or baldness. In women, partial hair loss occurs gradually, usually along the dividing line, and spreads from the top of the lost head. Currently, there are some medications and treatments for hair loss.

However, they have not been proven to provide a permanent solution to female hair loss.At this stage, women can resort to a relatively common technique, female hair transplantation. Hair transplantation for women provides satisfactory results in terms of female hair restoration. Given the amount women spend on inefficient cosmetic products for hair loss; female hair transplantation costs significantly less than these options.

Who Should Do Female Hair Transplantation?

A large percentage of women experience female-type hair loss for various reasons. In order to overcome this problem, a permanent hair transplant is performed. There are factors that determine whether you are a potential candidate for female hair transplantation. These:

  • Women who want their thinning hairline back,
  • Some women who experience hair loss after facelifting or other cosmetic procedures,
  • Women trouble from hair loss because of mechanical or traction alopecia,
  • Women who have previously had cosmetic or plastic surgery and are concerned about hair loss in incision areas,
  • And women with a different pattern of baldness often referred to as female-type baldness.
  • They can suffer from hair loss due to trauma, burning, or scarring.
  • Women with alopecia marginalia.

Why is female hair transplantation cheap in Turkey?

Turkey is the most popular country in all types of hair transplantation and plastic surgery. In Turkey, it is easier to get female hair transplantation at a much cheaper cost. Female Hair Loss Treatment Reviews


  • It has cheaper costs. Turkey supports the domestic production of any goods and products on imports. As a result, it removes the shipping, logistics, and customs costs from the final pricing stage. It also contributes to low health costs and surgical prices in Turkey.
  • In the United States or the United Kingdom and Europe, average salaries are higher not only than income but also the cost of living, due to exchange rates that can really be called ‘low cost’ in Turkey.
  • This explains why women’s hair transplantation is cheaper in Turkey.
  • Turkey has a reputation for developing medical tourism in other treatments such as organ transplantation, cardiology, dentistry, and plastic surgery. One of the reasons for the growth of Turkey’s medical tourism industry is that the Turkish government has greatly supported the sector by providing both financial and political assistance to hospitals, clinics, and surgical tourism facilitators.
  • As Turkey develops with hair transplantation and many other cosmetic operations, tourism is progressing in the country. Istanbul, which is more popular than other cities, provides a larger service. It is thriving in bringing more tourists to medical tourism.
  • In other words, although other cities in Turkey supply women’s hair transplantation or any hair transplantation in general, Istanbul should be your first choice.

Types of Hair Transplant Operation

FUE is preferred for hair transplantation for women in Turkey. Hair follicles take separately from the donor area and transplants into the necessary areas with the help of a fist. Because females have finer strands of hair than males, the diameter of the Staples varies. Another method suggests for women is the DHI technique. This method does not require shaving the donor area, which is a great advantage for women. When a person has a thick donor area, up to 5000 hair follicles can be removed in a single procedure without cutting the hair.

During FUT surgery, a surgeon cuts a long, narrow strip of skin from the back of the scalp. Individual hair follicles are removed and implanted along the hairline. This method is usually the fastest and cheapest but can leave a long scar. The scar may be noticeable if your hair is short, but it does not appear on longer hair. In DHI and FUE operations, individual fue hair follicles are removed directly from your scalp. During FUE, a surgeon manually cuts a set of canals in your scalp to place the hair follicles. The DHI technique allows surgeons to perform these incisions and transport hair at the same time. DHI and FUE avoid long scarring caused by FUT, but these surgeries usually take longer and are more expensive. Hair Transplant Cost Europe