Female Hair Transplant

Female Hairline Transplant

Female Hair Transplant  is a hair transplant treatment dedicate to the hair restoration needs of women. Doctors regularly perform hair replacement procedures on women and have extensive experience addressing their are unique concerns. Surgical hairline, follicular unit hair transplantation are very important procedures for women.Treats extremely high hairline, baldness in women, disrupting hair growth and scars caused by cosmetic surgery and can even be used to restore eyebrows.

International studies show that hair transplantation success is lower in women than men. The reason is that although hair loss in women is similar to men, it is completely different, so women need to have a special hair transplant procedure. It is known that 99% success can be achieve if hair transplantation is perform by a team of experts in hair transplantation to women.

What is the Difference of Hair Transplantation in Women and Men?

Hair loss in women is usually experience in the front and middle lines, and the hair between the two ears is usually not shed and partial thinning is usually experience instead of full shedding. On the 3rd day after hair transplantation, the first washing is done by the clinic where the operation was perform. Every day for the next 10 days, the person washes at home as describe by the doctor. After two weeks, shock shedding (shedding of transplanted hair) occurs.


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3 months after the operation, the hair starts to grow thinner and gets stronger. At the end of the 8th to 12th month, the desire dense and voluminous hair  achieve. However, unlike men, the causes of hair loss in women may develop due to anemia or goiter disease. In such cases, hair transplantation is useless without medical intervention. The transplant hair will also fall out.

Female Hair Loss Treatment Reviews

How Is Hair Transplantation Done In Women?

Although it is require to shave all of the hair in some techniques apply to male patients, this is not expect in female patients. A certain area is shaved in the area between the two ears, where the hair follicles are strong, and the roots are taken one by one with the FUE method. Hair taken from the nape root is placed in sparse areas one by one. Thanks to this method, it cannot be understood from the outside that hair transplantation is performed. The disadvantage of this method is that large numbers of grafts cannot be harvest  at one time. The maximum number of grafts that can be taken in a session is approximately 1500. If a higher number of hair follicles are need, the hair follicle can be take again by partial shaving at intervals of 6 months.

The operation takes approximately 4-6 hours under local anesthesia. The transplant hair will fall out within 20 days and gain density within 3-6 months. If you feel that your hair is shedding too much and thinning, you should first find the reason why the hair is shed and focus on the solution of the problem. After preventing your hair loss, you can apply for hair transplant operations if you want your hair to regain its former business. The experts state that the front hairline design in women is one of the most demand aesthetic applications all over the world, and said that the front hairline affects the face very much. So how should the front hairline be? How should the hairline of narrow foreheads or wide foreheads be? How is the front hairline correction finish  in women?

Extremely Narrow or Wide Fronts

For example, an excessively narrow forehead causes the face to look dark, while an excessively high hairline can make the face look longer than it is. More women than we think have seriously complain about the front hairline, that the front hairline correction has reach the top in the most common hair transplant operations.

What Applications Are Available in Hair Line Correction?

Various applications can make according to the need for hairline correction. For example, hairlines of women with extremely wide foreheads can pull down. The forehead opened from the sides can tighten and brought into an ideal shape in accordance with the age. And when the frontal hairline is correct, the face looks much younger and aesthetic.

Can You Get Hair Implants On Your Forehead?

How to Correct the Front Hairline in Women?

Female Hair Transplant The front hairline can reshape as if it comes out of a painter’s brush, without scarring, with various hair transplantation methods apply to women.  The hair follicles are take one by one. The front hairline, which is renew with an appropriate angle, direction, shape, balance and density, plays a very important role in having a younger and more aesthetic face. In this way, women who have to close their front hairline with bangs . Whose front hairline recedes with aging can have a more aesthetic and younger appearance with a small correction operation. For this operation, it is very important to apply hair transplantation methods specific to women . To design the most suitable front hairline for the face.

How Does the Process Before and After Hair Transplantation Work in Women?

Before the operation, some tests are perform on the patient for control and precautionary purposes. (Hepatitis B / C – HIV – Jaundice) Evaluation is make according to the results. The hair of the area to be graft is shave and grafts are take from the donor point. The channels open one one with the latest technology applications and the grafts taken are transplant one by one. The process in hair transplantation is apply after transplantation.Within 10 days, the patient washes himself every day. After each washing, it regains its natural appearance every day. Within 3 months, the transplant area is 30-35%. In 6 months, 60-65% rise occurs.

.According to the structure of each patient, 100% exit occurs between the 8th months and 12th months. It is useful to use vitamins to protect existing hair and eyebrows after transplantation. It is especially useful to use stem cell multivitamin-supported serums. In washing processes, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact situation. That there is no chemical product , paraben and colourant in the shampoo. Female Hair Transplant