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Fill In Bald Spots On Beard

Fill In Bald Spots On Beard

What is Beard Transplant?

Fill In Bald Spots On Beard Today we will be discussing fill in bald spots on beard. A man completes his beard gain until the age of 19-20 at the latest. Beard transplantation comes into play for those who do not have thick beards even though they are over the age of 20, and who face aesthetic beard problems due to regional irregularities or reasons such as wounds and burns.

Beard transplantation is an application for the problematic area to achieve the desired beard density and shape. Those who do not grow a beard, whose certain areas are blunted due to scars or burn marks, or whose beard grows asymmetrically, can now achieve the beard of their dreams with beard transplantation. Some even feel bad when their beard grows because of this appearance. Patients are very satisfied with the result of the beard transplant operation applied to those who face all these problems.

Considering the psychological dimensions of the beard, it is better understood that it is a feature that a man needs as an indicator of masculinity. During the completion of adolescence, voice thickening, height and weight change as well as beard gain are very important for a man. If the beards are still not thicker by the age of 20, naturally, beard gain is over.


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Why Is Beard Transplant Necessary?

In men’s appearance, beard is an element that makes an important difference and makes men unhappy with its lack. Beard cultivation has become a hope for people with sparse or abnormal beard with the development of technology. Aesthetically adding value to people; Depending on genetic, hormonal or external factors, it may decrease in encounters that occur over time. With the beard transplantation application, the beards can still be desired and the information about the important differences in the face of the transplant.
Of course, the need for beard transplantation is his own choice. However, when it will be said that there is no beard transplant option; We will encounter the rest of the situation with other medical methods.

  • Fill in bald spots on beard is needed if the beard is shed for reasons that cannot be recovered for external reasons or externally.
  •  It is a preferred situation, by the way, beard deficiency is an aesthetic problem for some of us and this method can be preferred to eliminate it.
  •  The operation is based on the same infrastructure as hair transplantation and it is an application that is performed with local anesthesia and can return to daily life immediately, from being an advanced surgery.
  •  The operation can be carried out in the hands of post-specialist physicians.
  • No prosthesis or similar transplantation is made to the person because the person’s own hair roots are used in the application.
  •  No special recovery period is required for treatment. The person can choose this method at any time.
  • Beard transplantation is a permanent operation. For this reason, the risk of falling out of the planted roots is almost negligible.
  • In short, as long as the operation is carried out by experts, there is no risk.

How is Beard Transplantation Done?

FUE transplantation method is used in beard transplantation. In beard transplantation, the process begins by determining the donor area. It is preferred to remove the hairs on the neck and cheekbones in beard transplantation. The reason for this is that these bristles are not very aesthetically necessary. If sufficient grafts (1 graft contains 2 to 3 hair follicles on average) cannot be obtained from these areas, the hair of the nape area is preferred. Even the patient’s own barber will not realize that there is a decrease in this area.

The second step in beard transplantation is to determine the area to be transplanted and how many hair follicles will be transplanted into the area. Then, a channel is opened in the area where the beard will be transplanted, and this is one of the most important steps in the beard transplantation process. The width of the hair follicles to be planted and the natural look of the beard are very important. For this, it is very important to open the channels at the right angle. After the channel opening, it is time to take the grafts from the donor area. The necessary graft is collected from the donor area with a fine-tipped and high-circuit device. The hair follicles taken are placed one by one in the channels opened in the area to be transplanted. Thus, the transplantation process is completed. Beard Implant Before and After

Is Redness Normal After Beard Transplantation?

It is very normal to have a rash on the face after the beard transplant operation. The question of when does the redness pass after beard transplantation is a question that almost every beard transplant is wondering about. This redness and tenderness will go away in a few days. The same redness can be seen in the donor area where the beard transplant is performed. The redness and tenderness here will go away in a few days, just like the transplanted area.

The beard transplantation area is washed by experts 2-3 days after the beard transplant. Red bubbles may occur on the face after this procedure. This is completely normal and disappears when the first or second week following the wash is over.

Things to Consider After Beard Transplantation

When you go home after the beard transplant, it is especially important on the first night. You should sleep with your head up on the first night. For this, support your head with pillows. Sleeping by keeping your head upright avoids the risk of bleeding and provides a comfortable sleep and rest.

When the doctor says that you can wash your face for the first time in the hospital after the beard transplant, the most important issue you should pay attention to is the temperature of the washing water. It is ideal to use warm water for this purpose. During washing, wash your face carefully and gently. Perform the washing process with as little contact with your face as possible.

Is The Result After Beard Transplantation Permanent?

The result obtained with beard transplantation is natural just like hair transplantation. If the person who has the beard transplantation does not have an extra health problem or biological differences, the result obtained after the beard transplantation will be permanent. Thus, we have addressed the issue of fill in bald spots on beard. If you want to get more detailed information, you can contact us. 10 Days After Hair Transplantation