First Day After Hair Transplantation

First Day After Hair Transplantation

The first day after hair transplantation and the things to be considered, the patient is informed by the doctor who operated. After hair transplantation, if these problems are observed and followed, there is no reason for the failure to obtain the expected results from the plantation process.

Few essential rules about what should be considered after hair transplantation should be noted here. Other than that will be monitored by your doctor will be informed about the issues. Special operations running smoothly after planting, and some applications should not use the drug regularly, applications are recommended for your new hair should be enough to give you a moment ago.

After Hair Transplantation

You should avoid heavy work that will make you sweat, tire and cause you to take a shower constantly. Also due to damaged hair follicles and sweat will extend in a healthy way.


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You should stay away from stressful and tense atmosphere. Stress is one of the most important causes of hair loss. Do not be in stressful environments after hair transplantation, especially if you have lost your hair due to stress.

After the hair transplant, you should stay away from sexual intercourse for a few nights.

After that, you will need antibiotics for plantation definitely you should not use alcohol. Alcohol will enter your system through direct blood circulation, which will be detrimental to your newly transplanted hair.


Hair transplantation after partial possible to feel pain and fatigue. Given the tension may occur due to local anaesthesia. If you use the medications recommended by your doctor, these complaints will disappear completely within a few days.

The first few days as possible and should be treated with supine region should avoid touching anything. If the application you must lie down in the back of your head held.

Oedema may occur if you lie in the transplanted area after hair transplantation. You don’t have to worry about that. This swelling will disappear within a few days.

1st Day in Hair Transplantation

1st day of hair transplantation is as important as healing processes. Your lines are determined for hair transplantation.

Portions will be received and transmitting the portions to be plated are set, needles and caps are completed, and start the prone treatment with anaesthesia. It may take 1 hour. On the first day, you may have mild pain and redness and bleeding. After your hair transplantation procedure (we can say the nape of healing) can complete the transaction by attaching bandages to apply pressure to the area donor to facilitate this process. This is because the shape of a leak

Done to prevent bleeding. The most important thing in hair transplantation is sleep on the first day and in all processes.

The reason for this is done to prevent bleeding from a leak. Hair transplantation is the most important thing in all processes and 1-day sleeping position. The grafts will have a fresher and bloody appearance in the first week. On the 1st day, the operations are completed by opening the channels, scraping the hair, and dressing.

What should we do?

Let’s talk about them if you wish. When you go home to rest both to ease your pain and your hair will rest if you feel pain. If you smoke and drink alcohol, you should not use it that day. time should drink plenty of fluids and medications you need to use at home. It is useful to use 2 pillows while lying down. Although rare, there may be bleeding in the form of leakage on the first day, do not be afraid. Lay back and neck strap supplied by inserting the donor touching region can achieve a comfortable fit. The first day can be spent in the rest position status.

The day after the hair transplant, the bandage placed on the hair removal area of the neck should be removed and dressing should be done. Thereafter, a bandage on your forehead oedema of your head and on your forehead to avoid falling into your eyes will be installed.

Starting from the second day after the plantation planting is not done in any application made to the region. During this period, only drugs and solutions prescribed by your doctor should be used. Hair transplantation is the first day of donor hair transplantation surgery healing process is as important as the healing of made plantation. It can generalize as the nape of recovery after hair transplantation covered with a bandage this section facilitates this process so you can be discharged. The most important issue to be considered after hair transplantation: a sleeping position. Hair Transplant First 10 Days

What should be done if hair loss occurs after hair transplantation?

Within a month after hair transplantation, there may be hair loss in the transplanted area. This is called a “shock spill”. This does not mean a failed hair transplant. In some patients, even the entire hair may fall out after transplantation. When looking at the result, success is not different between the patient with no hair loss and the patient with hair loss.

It should not be forgotten that hair loss after hair transplantation is a part of the process. At the end of the shedding, new hair will start to grow again. So, the result of hair transplantation will be fully evident in 6-8 months.

Is it possible to do sports after hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, light-scaled sports can only be done after 15 days. Experts do not recommend sports that require moving the head structure.

Is smoking allowed after hair transplantation?

It is recommended to be careful about smoking or even not to use it after hair transplantation. 6 Days After Hair Transplant

Does hair transplant give definite results?

Hair transplantation gives definite results, but there are some criteria that affect the success of the surgery. Hair density; Factors such as the thickness of the hair strand, the length of the hair, the volume of hair loss in the area to be transplanted, the structure of the hair, the colour of the scalp, and the colour of the hair affect whether the results of the hair transplant surgery will be successful or not.

Finally, hair transplant people who give definite results; are the people who suffer from partial hair loss, defined as type 3, type 4 and type 5. Hair loss in these people is in the form of dilution. So, people with large hair loss, it is possible to get the desired result with a treatment plan of several sessions. Another feature of people who give a definite result of hair transplantation is those with dark hair colour and thick hair strands. One final note; It is important to pay attention to the issues suggested by your doctor before and after the hair transplantation, to perform what is expected from you in a complete and desired order in order to reach the final result of hair transplantation.