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FUE Before and After

FUE Before And After

FUE Before And After Many people all around the world suffer from hair loss and balding. There are many factors that can trigger hair loss and cause balding. Stress, hormones, medicine, are the most common reasons. Thanks to the advancements in modern medicine, there is a permanent solution to this problem. Hair transplant surgeries provide very natural and beautiful results nowadays, and they are the safest way of gaining hair. There are other ways of fighting hair loss, however, these do not provide permanent results. Natural remedies only work for patients who have temporary hair loss. Thus, hair transplant surgeries are the only method that gives permanent results that last a lifetime.

There are different techniques of hair transplantation, however, the most widely preferred one is FUE. FUE leaves a very natural and unnoticeable appearance. In contrast to FUT, it does not leave any scars as well. These are the main reasons why FUE is so preferred. We will explain the advantages of FUE and what an FUE before and after will look like for the patient.

Before FUE

Patients may notice that they start losing more hair than average. Every person loses around 100 strings of hair per day. Those who do not brush their hair daily may observe that they lose more hair once they do. This is normal. When hair loss is the case, the hair may fall out in clumps. Apart from falling out, the hair will look more lifeless, dull, and thin. This is because it is losing the nutrition and vitamins it needs to look healthy. Spots may occur on the head.


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The first thing to do is contacting a dermatologist. The doctor will determine the cause of hair loss and prescribe supplements to stop it. In some cases, hair loss can be stopped without a need for a hair transplant. However, permanent hair loss can not be stopped this way. Permanent hair loss can only be treated with hair transplant surgeries.

After FUE

After the FUE surgery, it will take a few months until the new hair evens out with the hair around it. Once recovery is fully complete, the patients will start to observe the change in their hair. The new hair will blend in into its environment. Also, the hair will be shiny and strong, just like the rest that is resistant to hair loss. Since the follicles are taken from the donor area that is resistant to balding, they will not fall out over time. Is Hair Implant Safe?

Patients can continue with their haircare routine. They can brush it, style it, cut it, the way they like. There are not any restrictions on this once the recovery is completed. Most patients are very happy with the outcome in the end. Since hair is a very big part of the general image, the loss of it damages confidence. The new hair will help the patient regain the lost confidence and make them feel good about themselves.

How is the FUE surgery performed

FUE surgery is very easy and comfortable on the patient’s part. The doctor numbs the patient with local or general anesthesia. The surgery can last several hours depending on the number of hair follicles that will be transplanted. Usually, the medical team can complete the surgery in one session. If they are operating in a bigger area, it can take several sessions to complete it. Since every hair follicle is individually extracted and implanted, FUE takes longer in contrast to FUT.

After the surgery is complete, the patient can go home. Hair transplant surgeries are outpatient surgeries. This means, that patients do not have to stay at the hospital overnight. Once the effect of anesthesia has left the body, they can go home with the assistance of a family member or friend. Patients should not drive home on their own. Additionally, they should not be alone for a few days. Even though the surgery is a minor surgery, there are still possibilities of complications.Shock Loss Donor Area

Recovery period

The recovery period is equal to the surgery process. At this point, the patient is responsible. If any problems occur, it is important to contact the doctor right away. Doctors do not advise patients to take care of complications since this can cause unreversible damage. Normally, the recovery period of FUE is very smooth and problem-free.  

There are some main things patients have to avoid during this period. Direct sunlight, hats, brushing, pulling on the hair, drinking, smoking, are some of these. Patients should cut out blood-thinning medicine or look for alternatives. Drinking alcohol and smoking slow down the recovery period. The patient should also avoid using shampoos or other hair products the doctor does not recommend. This way, they can protect their scalp from harsh chemicals. The doctor will prescribe the necessary shampoo to wash their head.

Although most patients experience no problems during FUE recovery, this does not mean that complications are impossible. Since anesthesia is used during surgery, problems caused by it can appear. Swelling, bleeding, infections, blood clots, allergic reactions, etc. can happen. Even though the rate of these is very low, they are not impossible. Patients should be aware of them.

Shock Loss

Shock loss occurs in most patients. Patients tend to feel insecure when they observe shock loss, however, it is completely normal. Shock loss happens when the hair strings fall out from the hair follicles. If the hair follicles fall out as well, a doctor should be contacted. In cases where the loss of hair follicles is too much, a further session can be arranged. However, normally the follicles do not fall out and normal hair starts growing out after a few weeks. The new hair will even out with the rest after a while.

More Information

The doctors in our hospital have experience and are professional in FUE. In this article, we have explained how the FUE before and after. If you want more information, feel free to contact us! We are more than happy to help our patients during their journey.