FUE Body Hair Transplant

FUE Body Hair Transplant

FUE Body Hair Transplant A dense donor area comes first among the factors that ensure success in hair transplantation. So, even if you have a very good technique, sometimes the lack of donor area leaves you below the target. This time, we turn to body hair to do FUE hair transplantation. For this reason, increasing density is an important goal in hair transplantation operations. For this, it is necessary to increase the source of hair follicles to be transplanted. In addition to the traditionally used nape area, we perform more intense hair transplantation in the FUE technique using body hair as a hair source. We call this FUE body hair transplantation.

In addition, the following points should be noted:

  • Determining a hair transplant line compatible with the facial structure by your doctor
  • Using single grafts starting from the sowing line in planting and using multiple grafts in the middle or using volume-providing grafts,
  • To make the planting angle and direction of the hair compatible with the hair in its natural transplanted area. It should generally be planted with an angle of 40-45 degrees and the correct direction.

The people who need body hair in hair transplantation are probably the ones who have more hairlessness problem. Therefore, we do more carefully each root we collect and their planting planning.

In hair transplant planning, we also use beard roots, which are within the scope of body hair. In almost all operations, if the beard area is suitable, we include the roots collected from this area for densification in the planting plan.


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Primary Donor Area in Hair Transplantation: Nape Area

We determine the nape area as the traditional hair transplant operation resource. We call this area the primary donor site. The reason we prefer it is that it has almost the same features as the front hair.

If we need to define this region exactly, it is the region between the two ears. The features that make the hair in this region valuable are:

  • Its genetic characteristics are coded not to spill. They are minimally affected by hormones that trigger hair loss.
  • These hairs are the same as normal hair in terms of growth pattern.
  • It is a more natural looking hair as the other hair in the hairy area is equally affected by the effects from the outer area.
  • It is in the form of multiple grafts like normal hair. In other words, a little more than 2 hair strands can be found in one root. These roots, for example, can contain 2, 3, 4 or more hairs, or they can be single.

These features we have mentioned are proof that these hairs are ideal.

Using Body Hair in Hair Transplantation

We can take the hair follicles that we will use outside the nape area from a few areas to the area where we will make hair transplantation. These are in order of importance:

  • Beard area
  • Chest area
  • Other parts of the body (back, legs, etc.)

In summary, we refer to these regions as other areas of the body that are hair, as seen. FUE Chest Hair Transplant

Hair Roots We Received From The Beard Area

Beard area hair is characteristically closer to nape hair follicles than other body parts.

The growth rates of the hair follicles taken from the beard vary somewhat according to the hair in the neck. Hair has a life span of 4-5 years and grows 1-1.5 cm per month. However, although the beard has a similar lifespan, it grows a little slower.

One feature of beard roots is that they are often single. In other words, there are no two or three strands of hair in one root, as in the nape area.

Beard hair is thick. While a normal hair thickness has a diameter of 0.04-0.06 mm, the diameters of the beard roots can even exceed 0.08 to 0.1 mm on average. Of course these can be different for everyone

We leave the hair follicles that we collect from the beard area limited to the under-chin area. The reason for this is that it can disrupt homogeneity as it is a shaved area. In other words, when the hair follicles are taken from the cheek, there is a slight possibility of being understood. For this reason, we use under the chin.

Chest Area Hair Roots

The hair follicles we take from the chest area, like the hair follicles in the beard area, consist of single hair follicles. Hair follicles from the chest area grow less than beard roots. They are expected to grow at most 5-6 cm. These hair follicles usually grow in a more curved way, not smooth. They are thinner.

Hair Roots in Other Parts of the Body (Back, Leg, etc.)

The hair follicles here have the same characteristics as the hair follicles in the chest area. We use all of the hair follicles (beard, chest, etc.) that we take from the body as thickening roots in the middle regions, not in the frontal border regions in our hair transplant planning. FUE body hair transplantation is a method we use a lot today.

Planning of Body Area Hair in Hair Transplantation

In hair transplantation, we try to collect as much hair follicles as possible without damaging the nape area. After that, we plan to take the hair follicles from the beard area first. Here, our doctors are among the oldest known in the field of hair transplantation, who started to use this area. In other words, when planning hair transplantation, instead of planning to collect hair from the chest area first, we prefer the beard area where more hair follicles can be taken. How Long Does Beard Transplant Take To Heal?


We use hair transplantation with the roots we take from the body in people whose first-degree important hair follicles in the neck area are not sufficient. Our aim is to increase the success of hair transplantation. In other words, we take the other hair follicles of the body suitable for this to the planting plan. If you want to transplant hair using your body hair with the FUE method, write to us.