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FUE Chest Hair Transplant

FUE Chest Hair Transplant Hair transplantation has been developing for decades and new techniques are beginning to give better results than ever before. However, one of the limiting factors for hair transplantation has always been the amount of grafts found in donor areas. Some new developments have occurred in this regard.

Traditional Donor Sites

Traditional donor areas consist of the back and sides of the head. Hair in these areas are not affected by the bad effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and therefore they do not fall out after hair transplantation.

Possible Body Hair Donor Areas

Some hair transplant surgeons experiment with body hair for transplant purposes. Body hair is also far from the bad effects of DHT. During FUE hair transplant, hairs are usually taken from the leg, beard and chest. These can be used on the scalp. While the follicles on the legs are generally used in the frontal areas due to their light appearance, beard hair can be used in the back areas to create volume. The best part is that these offer a much larger number of hair follicles compared to traditional donor sites.


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Currently, this technique is only used by a handful of hair transplant surgeons. However, with encouraging results, more surgeons are likely to use this option in the future. The best thing about this new method is that it can create more grafts and reduce the number of surgeries required to cover the same area. It can also help people with extensive hair loss to have more hair volume after a hair transplant due to the large supply of grafts. Beard Hair Transplantation 

Root Collection

Back of the head; It is the best option for collecting hair follicles that will be transplanted to other parts of the body such as head, beard and eyebrows. However, not all patients have enough hair on the back of their head to produce the desired results. Solution: FUE body hair transplants.

The person should consider the body hair as a complement to the hair transplant procedure. We do this type of hair transplantation to the following people:

  • Having less donor hair after the previous transplant;
  • Not having enough hairs for the proper amount of roots. Hair transplantation may now be appropriate for individuals who have received advice against hair transplantation for this reason in the past;
  • Who want to have old and dense roots and renew them;
  • Who wants thicker hair with high volume.

While a thicker density is desired for hair transplantation, if there is not enough hair in the neck area, we can consider the option of body hair transplantation. Body hair is different from hair hair. They are usually a little thicker, more curly and do not grow as long as the hair shaft. It may be asked if there is any logic in transplanting body hair. Yes, because the hair adapts exactly as it should, to the characteristics of the body part it is transplanted to. For example, when a breast hair is planted on the head, it acquires all the characteristics of the head area over time. Hair can be removed from the arms, chest, legs, belly, armpits or face. In certain cases, even a beard can be used.

Donor Area

In some patients, body hair can be the source of thousands of roots needed for the desired result. This large donor area can be used in patients with little or no hair on the head. Patients who do not have enough hair in the donor area are not suitable for classical transplantation. Fue Perfect examines all options with you because we strive to help as many people as possible with hair problems.

When more hair extraction is not possible in the donor area of ​​the back of the head, the current donor area expands to the whole body and hair transplantation becomes possible for almost everyone. Our surgeons are experts and will observe this immediately when you come to the first meeting. During the first examination in Almere, you will be examined thoroughly and all options will be investigated. You will receive honest advice regarding your personal situation, your expectations and the treatment itself.

What is FUE hair transplant?

Fue hair transplantation is one of the different methods applied for hair transplantation. During this application, hair follicles are taken from the hairy area called donor area. These roots are transferred to areas where hair is sparse or not. With the Fue technique, more and more hair follicles can be transferred more easily. For this reason, it is more advantageous than the Fut method. The Fue technique is applied in a very practical way. At the same time, the amount of hair follicles you need is transferred to the balding area. One of the reasons why Fue aesthetics is preferred is that it leaves no traces.

Hair Roots in Other Parts of the Body (Back, Leg, etc.)

The hair follicles here have the same features as the hair follicles in the chest area where FUE transplant is desired. We use all of the hair follicles (beard, chest, etc.) that we take from the body as thickening roots in the middle regions, not in the frontal border regions in our hair transplant planning. FUE body hair transplantation is a method we use a lot today.

Planning of Body Area Hair in Hair Transplantation

In hair transplantation, we try to collect as much hair follicles as possible without damaging the nape area. After that, we plan to take the hair follicles from the beard area first. Here, our doctors are among the oldest known in the field of hair transplantation, who started to use this area. In other words, when planning FUE hair transplant, instead of planning to collect hair from the chest area first, we prefer the beard area where more hair follicles can be taken. How Successful Is A FUE Hair Transplant?


We use hair transplantation with the roots we take from the body in people whose first-degree important hair follicles in the neck area are not sufficient. Our aim is to increase the success of hair transplantation. In other words, we take the other hair follicles of the body suitable for this to the planting plan. If you want to transplant hair using your body hair with the FUE method, write to us.