FUE Grafts Shedding

FUE Grafts Shedding

In this article, we will talk about concepts such as fue grafts shedding. FUE Hair Transplantation is the type of operation most frequently used by men in today’s technology. This operation, which put an end to the problem of baldness, continues to develop day by day. The FUT technique, which was a painful operation process that left a mark before, was used. However, people can now continue their daily lives without feeling pain.

Today, the FUE method is frequently performed by specialists who perform plastic surgery. There are experts who have devoted their life to hair transplant operations. For this reason, the experience of the person who will have FUE Hair Transplantation is very, very important. Since hair transplantation operations develop frequently, expert teams should be able to learn and apply every development instantly. In this way, hair transplant operations will be more successful and at the same time, the daily life quality of the people will increase. During this process, we will explain the importance of concepts such as fue grafts shedding.

FUE Hair Transplant Design and Frontal Hair Line

The critical part of hair transplantation is the hair transplant plan according to the head structure. The specialist in hair transplant operation has to explain to you the reason for every action. However, the final decision is of course the one to make.


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If you are wondering about people who have had hair transplantation before, your specialist will help you. Read on to get information on fue grafts shedding.

Correct Determination of the Direction of Hair Root Growth

Today, we see that DHI and FUE techniques are the leaders in hair transplantation use. The FUT technique is not considered modern and has many harms.  FUE and DHI techniques, on the other hand, leave no marks and are easier, so they are preferred.
In FUE Hair Transplantation, hair follicles are collected with the help of some tools in the area where the hair will be transplanted. Hair follicles are calledfue grafts shedding. Although it is separated as single and binary, it can sometimes be used as three roots.  During this process, the most important detail is to remove the hair follicles without any damage. The fue grafts shedding concepts are very important at this time.
After the grafts taken from the targeted area are placed, the hair transplantation process begins. Looking at the model of the hair, the process is continued appropriately and carefully. The experience of the specialist or clinic you prefer here is the decisive factor in providing a natural appearance and achieving a successful result. Successful use of fue grafts shedding concepts depends on this. Fue Surgery

The Reason For The Hair Roots To Be Implanted From The Neck Area

The hair in the back of the hair is the strongest hair. Here, we can say that the hormones are not affected no matter what. However, due to the insufficiency of some parts, hair can be taken from various parts of the body and transplanted to the target area. However, the first point we prefer is the back of the hair and it will continue. Because we see that hair is kept stronger in this area. This option is also useful for the fue grafts shedding topic.

After FUE Hair Transplant

When the hair transplant operation is over, washing procedures can be done on the 2nd or 3rd day. Nobody will understand that you have had hair transplantation after 10 days of shedding, do not worry. After your first month has passed, the shock spill process is entered. Then, when you come to the 3rd month, you will see the difference in your hair. This is the process of fue grafts shedding subject over time. Also, it is very important to pay attention to these factors for fue grafts shedding topic. 

In this process, you should take care of your hair care and stay away from artificial, chemical-containing shampoos. Your first wash should be done by the hair transplant center. You can also do the hair loss yourself, but we recommend you to go to the clinic. This stage is easier than the fue grafts shedding stage.

Price Determination in FUE Hair Transplantation Process

There is no fixed price and a determined fee scale in hair transplantation procedures.

This determines the quality and culture of the hair transplant center. The fee policy can be measured by the graft or it is called evaluation over maximum fue grafts shedding. Among them, the most important factor is that this process is carried out by reliable and able to handle experts. Shock Loss Donor Area

What are the advantages of the FUE technique?

We have said that this technique is a method of hair transplantation in which fue grafts shedding are taken one by one without the need to take tissue from the scalp. In this technique, there are no stitches, no cutting and no traumatic surgical intervention. In addition, there is no need to wait long between sessions. This method is generally used in hair transplant operations applied today. Since there is no surgical intervention in this operation, patients prefer this method.

In hair transplantation methods, the first transplanted hair sheds at the end of the first month and starts to grow again 2.5 months after hair transplantation. These develop visibly within 6 months. However, hair goes into its most beautiful state in 1 year after the adaptation process. Since the hair transplanted to the bald area is taken from the area coded not to shed, it does not fall out. 

However, grafts have been used more closely in hair transplantation recently. This helps patients in a single session and by offering faster recovery opportunities than before. 

We can say that the prerequisite of naturalness in the FUE technique is the most important ingredient of this hair transplant method. In hair transplantation, the determination of the hair follicle density in cm2 applied to the targeted area is the factor that shows the success of the operation and the quality of the result. Naturalness in hair transplantation can be achieved by applying more intensive hair transplantation and more careful steps to the bald area.