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FUE Hair Restoration can be roughly explained as the elimination of negative images after hair transplantation. This fix is ​​a process that starts with realizing the error first. Hair that is not transplanted correctly will not have a healthy appearance. It also takes time to realize this situation. However, even if the error is noticed late, specialist doctors can easily overcome this problem.

When is hair transplant error noticed?

The transplanted hair gets rid of its shells after 10 days. And it continues to grow smoothly as the days go by. It takes 1 year to understand whether the hair is growing healthy or getting a proper shape. FUE Hair Restoration is a very important requirement. 

Why does hair transplant fail?

Hair transplantation gives results according to the preferred method; For example, in the FUT method, hair transplantation is done in strips. Also, this compromises the naturalness of the result to be obtained in the transplantation process. It is more appropriate to take the hair to be transplanted one by one. Because with this result, an image is formed in a way that cannot be separated from its natural appearance. For this, it is recommended to use the FUE technique. In the FUE technique, hair follicles taken from the neck are transplanted one by one. This increases the success rate of the applied treatment. Additionally, it provides a natural look. That’s why FUE Hair Restoration is important. 


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Why is improperly transplanted hair restoration needed?

Restoration is also performed when the traces left from the old method of FUT technique are tried to be removed.  Also When it is desired to straighten the hair transplanted at the wrong angle and This process is performed when the hair shed as a result of incorrect transplantation does not grow again. 

In the FUT technique, when the hair is transplanted in strips and a natural appearance is not obtained, it may still be necessary to restructure. A grass man-like appearance may occur when the transplanted hair grows vertically rather than at a correct and horizontal angle. In other words, restoration is needed for incorrectly transplanted hair. The two most important factors that cause this situation are the choice of specialist physician and the method used. When deciding on hair transplantation, specialist physician research should be made. It is recommended that the FUE technique be preferred for the technique to be used, which is the other issue. So it also gets linked to FUE Hair Restoration

Does improperly transplanted hair restoration provide a permanent solution?

This method is very effective in covering the scars. It offers you a fully permanent solution. In addition, the treatment can be repeated more than once for the area available for replanting. In order to avoid the need for this type of hair restoration, you should carefully choose your physician before the first transplant. Also, You should examine these methods yourself. FUE Hair Restoration can produce many different results. 

FUE / FUT Transplant Restoration 

No matter how successful both methods are, “Hair Restoration” is required. Before the operation or application, hairline planning should be done with the patient. Also, the hairline should be designed based on the points determined from the outer parts of the eyebrows and the middle of the two eyebrows. Afterward, the hairline should be calculated according to the age and face ratio of the person. In addition, the predicted hair loss that the person will encounter in the future should be calculated. Sowing samples based on hair direction and structure; It has created discontent in people who dream of changing their hair. This should be very careful. FUE Hair Restoration is more recommended. 

Thus, with Hair Restoration; With small touches to the hairline, a hairline suitable for the person’s face line can be created. In addition, sparse hair lines can be made fuller and stronger. In addition, the space between the hair transplantation area and the hair border can be filled. And finally Traces in rooted areas can be removed. These issues are more advantageous in the FUE Hair Restoration process. Can I Wear A Hat After FUE Hair Transplant?

Should FUE be used or FUT?

In both techniques, strong hair follicles in the side and back of the head are transplanted to the balding area. FUT hair transplantation technique, one of these methods applied today, has been successfully applied since the early 1990s. It is performed using anesthesia in the operating room environment. It is the process of removing hair, skin and subcutaneous tissue elliptically, separating them into 3-4 hair rooted parts and transplanting them by opening holes in the balding area. This FUT hair transplant technique left its place to the FUE technique in the early 2000s.

FUE hair follicles; By separating hair particles called grafts; It is the process of transplanting to the balding area one by one. With the help of local anesthesia, hair follicles are taken one by one with a specially designed needle. In cases where the number of hair is not sufficient, follicles can also be taken from the beard, chest and back area. If there is a problem, FUE Hair Restoration transaction is done. Since there is no stitch scar, there is no scar due to it. At the same time, by getting rid of side effects such as loss of sensation and tension; A higher number of grafts up to 5000-6000 can be transplanted. Although the required process in FUE is long; It has gained superiority due to its post-application advantages and is preferred. For FUE Hair Restoration, errors must occur in these processes. 


Most of the correction operations go through correcting the mistakes of non-experts. For this reason, one should not make the same mistake for the second time. So it is very important to get help from people who are competent in this field. Contrary to popular belief, correction operations are a more demanding application and definitely require expertise. This process can be much more difficult and longer than a normal cultivation. Sometimes, even more than one session may be needed to see the results. For this reason, those who will have transplantation for the first time should make the right choice. FUE Hair Restoration is indispensable for treatment.

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