Fue Hair Transplant: Do You Need It?

Fue Hair Transplant: Do You Need It?

Fue Hair Transplant: Do You Need It? Do you suffer from hair loss? Are your bald spots bothering you? Maybe Fue hair transplant can be the thing you need. In this day and age, our appearances are very important. We live in the age of social media. Other people’s looks are accessible to us. If you suffer from hair loss looking at other people can lower your confidence. What If I told you there is a way to bring your hair back? Not like wearing a wig. This will be your actual hair that is growing out of your head. This solution is called a Fue hair transplant. If you are thinking to yourself “Do I need a Fue hair transplant?” you should read this article. We will tell you everything you need to know about this operation.

Fue hair transplant

Hair problems have been around for centuries. Our ancestors had the same problem and tried to find a solution to this too. Luckily Fue hair transplant changed the game. It has become the most accurate technique with the highest success rate. Healing time is shorter, and scarring is way less compared to the older techniques. The process starts with the consultation. Your doctor will tell you whether or not you are eligible for this surgery. If you are, the first thing you must do is to get a date for the surgery. You must also take into consideration that you will need time to heal. After the surgery, you won’t be able to go to school or work. You will need a couple of days to rest at home. The good news is you can go home after the surgery is done.

On the day of the surgery, you must arrive at least an hour early. Your doctor will examine your hair to plan out what to do. Also, your doctor will take pictures of your scalp for further examination. Those pictures can be used for comparison in the future. This surgery is done with either local or general anesthesia. Using local anesthesia is more common for Fue hair transplant surgery. During the surgery, your doctor will extract hair follicles with small punches. It will leave the tiniest hole possible so that they can heal faster. Extracted hair follicles get cleaned in a special liquid. After that, it is time for reattaching them to your scalp. The doctor will evenly distribute the hair follicles on the bald spots. The purpose of this is the cover the bald spots in the most efficient way possible.


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What to do after the process?

If general anesthesia is used in the Fue hair transplant surgery. Once it is done you will still be sleeping. This three-hour-long surgery will feel just like a minute. After you wake up your head will be covered in bandages. Your doctor will ask you to keep them on for at least two days. Other than that, you are free to go home. In the meantime, you can feel some pain and itching. Also, your scalp can be red, and it can swell. Your doctor will give you medication for them. So, you might need to take painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine. Before taking them make sure you tell your doctor If you have any allergies. And If those medications have some unwanted side effects, you should consult your doctor.

After the surgery, your hair might fall in the first few weeks. That is a shock loss. People who have shock loss might feel like something is wrong or the surgery did not work. It actually is a common thing that happens after the Fue hair transplant. It should stop after a week or two. There are some rules you must follow after the surgery. If you do not follow them the surgery can lose its effect. First of all, whatever you do with your hair you must be very gentle. It is still in the healing process so both your hair and scalp can be very sensitive. Don’t wash your hair until your doctor says you can. After that wash it very carefully. Also do not wear a hat or brush your hair. These can stop the growing process.

Who Needs a Fue Hair Transplant?

Let’s answer this question right away. Do you need this operation? It is up to you to decide but we will tell you everything you need to know. First of all, every age group can have hair loss, even people in their twenties. Therefore, it is nothing to be ashamed of. 25% of people start losing their hair at the age of 30. More than 60% of the men lose their hair by the age of 60. You can get a hair transplant above the age of 18 but doctors suggest you wait until age 25. Best age to get a hair transplant is 40 and above because then doctors can see the best treatment for you. This does not mean getting the surgery before 40 won’t work. If you are uncomfortable with the way you look you can get surgery.

If you have bald spots that are bothering you and affect your self-esteem you might need this solution. You can try other things such as wigs. Cheap synthetic wigs look fake and real hair wigs are quite expensive. Also, this is not exactly a solution, it only hides the problem. Fue hair transplant is a quick surgery and it only lasts for three hours. The success rate can change according to the doctor but most of the implanted hair will grow back. 80% of the people who had this surgery are satisfied with the results. In this 80%, there are people from every gender and age. Therefore, it is most likely that you will be happy with your results too. Do your research, look at the pros and cons, and check the prices. Also, remember that this is a decision only you can make.