Fue Hair Transplant: How It is Done and How Long It Takes?

Fue Hair Transplant: How It is Done and How Long It Takes?

Fue Hair Transplant: How It is Done and How Long It Takes Hair loss is something many of us suffer from. It may be connected to age but there are other factors as well. Even men and women at the young age of 20 can lose their hair. While our genetics are letting us down we cannot just sit and pray to have our hair back. Some people just wear a wig or hair extensions, some people try laser therapy. Some people just spray dye on their hair and hope no one notices. There is a better way to get your hair back and it is called Fue hair transplant. In this article, we will answer what is a Fue surgery and how long does a Fue hair transplant take.

Hair transplant and Fue

The popularity of hair transplant surgery is increasing each year. As the demand increases the success rate of this surgery is also increasing. Hair transplant surgeries started in the 1950s, but it was not popular nor successful. This operation gained its rage in the 70s. High demand for this procedure brought life to new techniques. In the ‘90s follicular unit transplantation also known as the Fut became widespread. In the FUE technique, the surgeon cuts a strip of skin from the back of the skull. They implant the hair grafts to bald spots. Unfortunately, this surgery led to some scarring that does not heal. Also, in some cases hair and skin become mismatched. Therefore, the satisfaction rate was not as high as the Fue is right now. To increase both success and satisfaction rate Fue technique started becoming more widespread.

So, what is the Fue technique? Fue is short for follicular unit extraction. It gained its popularity in the 2000s. Unlike Fut, they do not cut off any skin. That makes the healing period so much shorter. Also, it sounds less scary. Since it is a surgical procedure healing process being shorter means more people will want to get this surgery. In Fue hair transplant, the surgeon takes a unit of hair follicles from the back of the hair. This small punch separates the hair from the skin tissue. The scar it makes is as minimal as it can get. These hair follicles rest in a special liquid. Afterward, the surgeon evenly distributes the hair follicles on the bald area. This hair can be collected from beards but that does not happen in most surgeries. Hair is usually taken from the back of the head, you must have some hair.


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How long does a Fue hair transplant take?

One of the most frequently asked questions is how long does Fue surgery take? Before we answer this question, you must know some basics about this hair transplant operation. First, you must choose a doctor and get an appointment. You must know that there is a possibility of not being eligible for the surgery. If your bald spots are too big or your hair loss is caused by another factor you can’t have the surgery. Your doctor will inform you about this. After you get a date for the surgery you must quit your antidepressants If you are using them. Also, some of the vitamins and painkillers you are taking can prevent you from getting this surgery. On the day of the surgery, you must arrive one hour before it. So your doctor can analyze your hair.

Surgery time can change depending on the hair type and the number of hair units that will be transplanted. Usually, Fue hair transplant surgery takes three hours. You have to arrive one hour earlier. Also, you stay in the hospital for some time after the surgery. That is the observation period. Some patients can need more than one operation depending on the bald spots. If you have a lot of bald spots to fill surgery time can be also longer. Two days after the surgery you can take off the bandages. Your doctor will check your scars and observe the swelling and redness on your head. It is for the best If you take off a few days from work or school. The recovery period is approximately five days. Still, you should stay away from physical activities for a week. This includes every sport that will make you sweat.

Where to get a hair transplant and their prices

You can get a hair transplant in almost every country. Of course, price points change according to the country. America, Canada, and England are the most expensive countries to get this surgery in. Therefore, most people prefer to travel in order to get this surgery. Since insurance does not cover it you must think this through. When you compare prices of the Fue surgery cheapest countries are Turkey, Thailand, and Mexico. Poland and India are also popular destinations for this surgery. They are well known not just because of the cheap prices. Those countries have some of the best surgeons that can do this surgery. Because the Fue is popular, doctors in these countries are specialized in that technique. If you do your research, you can find many great and known hospitals that you can get surgery in.

There is one more thing you should put into consideration when you are picking a country for the surgery. That is travel expenses. Those expenses are in addition to the Fue hair transplant surgery. There are three points you must take into consideration. Those are plane tickets, hotels, and stay time. If your surgery is only one session you can stay in that country for five days is enough. For those days you must find a place to stay. You can go home on the same day as the surgery. If you book the hotel early, it will be cheaper for you. The same thing goes for the plane tickets. Also, some seasons can be cheaper than others. If you plan ahead of everything you can get this surgery for a cheap price.