Fue Hair Transplant: How Its Done and Does It Hurt?

Fue Hair Transplant: How Its Done and Does It Hurt?

Fue Hair Transplant: How Its Done and Does It Hurt? Hair loss is a problem that can affect people from every gender and age. This problem can even affect their daily lives and self-esteem. When we have a problem, we try to solve it in the most effective way. Wigs, hair extensions, and stuff like that can only hide the bald spots. To get rid of this problem the most efficient way is to get Fue hair transplant surgery. Every surgery is scary no matter how much we need or want to get them. In this article, we will inform you about this surgery so you will be no longer afraid. Also, you will find the answer to the most important question. That question is “Do Fue hair transplant hurt?”

Surgical process and how much it hurts

Before we get surgery, we all want to know If this surgical operation will hurt or not. We are here to answer this question. No Fue hair transplant surgery does not hurt. This surgery is done with local anesthesia therefore you will not feel anything during surgery. In some cases, this surgery can be done using general anesthesia. Either way, you will not feel anything on your head during surgery. After the operation, you can feel slight pain and swell on your head. Your doctor will prescribe you painkillers in the case of that. In the end with the help of painkillers afterward of this operation will be painless as well. This surgery is only done by taking hair follicles from your head. Punches will leave the smallest holes possible. That does not hurt very much.

Yes, Fue hair transplant is not a surgery that brings unbearable pain but this was not always the case. Before the Fue technique was invented surgeons that do hair transplants were using other methods. One example of this is the Fut hair transplant technique. Follicular unit transplantation, also known as the Fut method, is quite different from the Fue. With this method, the surgeon cuts a strip of skin from the back of the scalp. That part of the skin must have hair follicles on it. The surgeon will sew the skin back together at the back of the head. They cut the extracted skin into little pieces and fill the bald spots with hair follicles. That technique made the healing process longer. Also, it left scars on some patient’s heads. Therefore, this technique is being replaced by Fue, a more effective, and painless technique.


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After the surgery: Is it effective?

When the Fue hair transplant surgery is over you will be staying in the hospital for a few hours for further observation. If the surgery went well you are free to go home afterward. You might feel itching or pain, that is completely normal. Also, you might have some swellings. Your doctor will prescribe you medications for all of this. To heal faster you must follow your doctor’s orders. For the first few days, you must not remove the bandages around your head. You can go to work or school but If you stay at home you will heal faster. Do not brush your hair because it can prevent hair from growing. Also, consult your doctor before washing your hair. For the next few days washing it is not advised. After that, your doctor might ask you to wash it gently every day.

When it comes to the success rate of the surgery there are a few points you should consider. Usually, 30 to 90 percent of the transplanted hair grows back. If you are in a good hospital and you have a very successful surgeon, the success rate can be close to 100%. You should also know about the shock hair loss. Newly planted hair can fall down for the first few weeks. This is a normal process. If the falling does not stop then you should see your doctor about it. As you age your hair can start falling down again. Therefore you might need to get another surgery. Fue hair transplant does not guarantee that hair loss will stop. More than 80% percent of the patients who get Fue hair transplant are satisfied with the results. So, we can say that this surgery is very effective.

Pros and cons

In most cases getting a Fue hair transplant solves the problem of bald spots forever. As we have mentioned before more than 80% of the people are satisfied with the results. Also, most patients do not need to get this surgery again. The doctors can fill their bald spots in one session. Surgery time is short, it only takes 3 hours for it to be complete. After that recovery time is not long either. You can go home the same day and only stay at home for a few days to recover. In the next months, the results will be visible. Shock loss can freak you out but do not worry it is a natural process. In six to nine months you can see the results with your eyes.

When it comes to cons the biggest problem of the people who wants to have a Fue hair transplant is its price. Insurance does not cover this procedure. Of course, there are some countries that you can have this surgery at a cheaper price. If you are living in America or Canada, getting the surgery there can be challenging for your wallet. After the surgery, you might be in an uncomfortable situation. Your scalp can be itch and red. Also, it can swell. Some people may not want to be in that situation. For those of you who love doing sports, there is another con to this surgery. That is, you cannot exercise after the surgery. You must wait at least a week before doing any exercise. You can’t wear anything on your head. So, before you have this surgery you must think about these pros and cons.