Fue Hair Transplant Scabs

Fue Hair Transplant Scabs

Causes of Scab After Hair Transplantation

Fue Hair Transplant Scabs You also know that Fue hair transplant scabs surgery is not an easy operation. In this operation, you will be physically tired and worn out and your scalp will be worn out. The reason why the scalp is so worn is the thousands of holes or channels opened in this area.

The graft is taken around 2500-3000, even in a small number of grafts containing hair transplantation. Micromotor for each device or punch grafts are dipped individually cut to the scalp and hair follicles are loosened. Consequently, a hole/wound is formed for each graft. Here coagulate the blood flowing in these channels or of the scalp surface of the holes causes scale formation.

The same is true for the planting area. If the DHI hair transplantation technique was not used in the operation, 1 channel or 1 hole according to the technique is opened for each graft in the transplantation area. Just as in the donor area, some bleeding occurs in these channels in the transplantation area, and this blood dry on the scalp and cause crusting.


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Hair transplantation operation to stop the bleeding that occurs during or immediately after surgery is not possible to wash. In fact, this first contact with water is possible by washing the first 3 days of blood clots. During this time, the blood has already turned into shells.

When Does Scab Occur After Hair Transplantation?

After the plantation begins to form crusts made from the day of planting. As we have explained above the crusting of the reason is the clotting of blood on the skin that occurs during hair transplantation surgery. Therefore, as soon as the hair transplant surgery is over, the blood coagulates and dries. It then takes the appearance of the shell.

How To Do Scab Removal After Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplantation, scab removal starts with the first hair wash. The first hair wash is done by expert hands in the hair transplant centre where hair transplantation is performed. The success of the first wash and the subsequent delicate washes is also very effective in cleaning the crusts in a fast and healthy way.

To clean the scab after hair transplantation without damaging the additional hair and in a short time, the first washing and the following delicate washing should be done as follows:

before washing as well as plenty of planting of the donor area where the hair follicles Coat amount of softening lotion, the lotion should reach all hair follicles and average must wait 45 minutes.

It contains softening creams, creams such as Bepanthol or ready-made gels, which are used in these delicate washes until the removal of crusts. The purpose of the use of emollient lotion before washing thoroughly to soften the shells. Thus, the shells will be planted without damaging the hair follicles.

While applying the lotion, no rubbing action is done. A sufficient amount of lotion is poured over the transplantation area and spread on all areas. Light buffering can be applied to the relevant areas to reach all the hair roots.

Scab Removal After Hair Transplantation

After 45 minutes of applying the lotion, the crusts will have softened well. At the end of the period, the lotion is cleaned using warm water.

Pour a quantity of a shampoo lathers planting and yet these areas after cleaning of the skin lotion. After the foaming occurs, the foams formed are delivered to the planting area. Also, avoiding rubbing movements, the planting area is cleaned with light movements. and rinse with warm water.

After the washing process is completed, the drying process is done with the help of a soft towel. The thing to be careful about here is not to rub the towel against the scalp. You just need to put the towel on your hair and dry it as a light tampon.

Not all crusts are removed immediately after the first wash. Therefore, do not make a futile effort for all your shells to pass. These shells will be cleaned a little after each washing and when the required time is up, there will be no trace of the shells.

24 to 72 hours after surgery graft regions to form the shell and the shell would fall within 3-10 days. As the crusts are shed, you may notice that the hair is shed with them. THIS IS NORMAL. The breakout bark or scratch, otherwise it can cause infection and can endanger the survival of the graft. If crusting longer than 14 days, you may not shampoo in a strong enough manner. Remember, surgery is the next critical period of 5 days. During this time, shampooing and so on. Precautions must be followed. How Long Before Scabs Fall Off After Hair Transplant?

What should be done for the shedding of the scabs formed after the hair implant?

Scab rupture occurs naturally. During the first wash, the necessary treatment for the shedding of scabs is applied by our hair transplant center experts. You will then be given detailed information about what to do.

Other hair transplant doctors also advise their patients to gently massage using their fingertips while showering. With a circular motion this can gradually peel off, but at the same time, you must be extremely careful not to use nails.

After the scalp has healed, that is, after the critical period, you can massage your scalp. This helps reduce recovery time if it takes at least 10 minutes a day. However, you must start to massage as of the time given by your doctor after hair transplant surgery.

It is important to never remove the shells, as they can dislodge newly transplanted hair grafts. This is because the scabs stick to the transplanted hair. It is enough to wait for all the crusts to be shed by following the instructions of your doctor.

When Does Scab Heal After Hair Transplantation?

The scabs that begin to form on the first day of Fue hair transplant scabs  are almost completely cleared at the end of the first 10 days. But in this case and it may be also the same in every patient. Scabbing after hair transplantation may completely disappear after 15 days in some patients. Therefore, do not panic if within 10 days of passing shells, wait a few more days. After Hair Wash What to Apply