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FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

What is fue hair transplant treatment? When asked, it will be useful to give information about the content of the method. FUE hair transplant method is a widely used hair transplant method in the world. No incisions are made on the scalp during this method. Also, no piercing is applied on the skin. 

This method was first applied in Japan in 1988. The method took place in the medical literature in 2002.

In fue hair transplant treatment; Hair follicles are taken from the targeted area, that is, separated from the skin and implanted in the desired area. The hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted to the desired area not collectively, but one by one in the same way. For this reason, the implantation of the hair follicles causes this method to be performed with longer sessions compared to other methods. Today, this method is done with micromotor rather than punches.


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It would not be wrong to say fue hair transplant treatment is the most used method in hair transplantation procedures. The question of how this method is applied is one of the most important points. The first requirement is that the method is applied by experts in their work. Otherwise, awful images may occur.

What are FUE hair transplant techniques?

Micro FUE Hair Transplant Technique

This technique is an improved version of the manual FUE technique. In micro hair transplantation technique, it is the process of removing hair follicles by means of equipment with micro tips. Micro motors are used in this technique with tiny tips. The inserts are based on the principle of punching holes in the range of 0.6 – 0.9 mm. Micro circles are opened on the scalp, the hair follicle and the tissue structures around the hair follicle are separated and removed.

Saffir FUE Hair Transplantation

Just like the Micro FUE technique, Saffir FUE and Micro FUE are actually not techniques. They are only sub-innovations of the FUE technique. The only difference of Saffir FUE is that the tips used are made of Sapphire, not metal. It is effective in opening micro chambers on the scalp and is ideal for less crusting rates. It also contributes to the acceleration of recovery phases. Sapphire tipped micro needles are much healthier than other needle structures.

Soft FUE Hair Transplant

Although FUE is referred to as the sub-technique of hair transplantation, it is a sub-innovation of the FUE technique. SOFT fue means; Supporting the hair transplant operation with drugs focused on sedation, it turns out that the patient is relieved but does not have an effect on his consciousness. In summary, there is no loss of consciousness with this technique, but you can have hair transplantation without feeling any pain. Sedation-effective drugs are not of a type that will prevent actions such as going to the toilet and talking.

In Which Cases Is FUE Hair Transplantation Used?

FUE hair transplant treatment has been widely preferred recently because it provides many innovations and convenience compared to older methods. The reason why it is preferred more than the past methods is that it allows faster recovery of the person treated because the person’s scalp is not cut. Thus, the area where hair transplantation is performed is not stitched and the problem of stitch marks is eliminated. Since the recovery time is shortened, it is faster to achieve a natural appearance, so the fue hair transplant treatment is preferred. Micro Fue Transplant

Ease of Operation

Since the hair follicles taken from the region are applied to the person to be transplanted, serious problems do not occur in the area. For this reason, the fue hair transplant treatment is among the more preferred methods.

Easy Application

People who want to have a faster hair transplant and do not feel pain generally prefer Fue Hair Transplantation. Because the procedure takes less time than it is performed with local anesthesia, and the entire hair transplant process is completed within six to seven hours.

Chance to be effective in all conditions

Thanks to the fue hair transplant treatment, it is preferred by people with the scarcity of donors in the place where hair follicles will be taken. Because, if there are not enough donors in the area to be rooted, hair follicles from the beard and chest can be taken and applied to the area to be treated.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation Performed?

Before fue hair transplant treatment, the hair of the person in the donor area to be taken is shortened to a very very small length. It is an important point to start hair removal from the donor area after hair shortening. Before starting the process, the area where the hair will be transplanted and the target area where the hair will be taken are numbed with local anesthesia. During this method, general anesthesia should not be applied. Also, any surgical method is not applied during fue hair transplant treatment.

How Long Does FUE Hair Transplant Take?

The duration of fue hair transplant treatment varies according to the size of the desired area and some factors. How long the hair follicle and hair tissue is required for the transplantation area is important in terms of the processing time. If the hair follicle and hair tissue, called grafts, needs to be taken up to 4000-4500 during hair transplantation, this process can take approximately 7 hours. 

Depending on the number of grafts, there may be cases where the hair transplantation process takes 9 hours. Short-term breaks can be given during the procedure depending on the condition of the session. It may take 3-4 hours to get the grafts during the Fue technique. There is a short break after graft removal.

After FUE Hair Transplantation

After fue hair transplant treatment, some changes occur on the transplanted hair. The most important of these changes is that the transplanted hair starts to fall out one by one after a very short time. Although the loss of newly transplanted hair frightens the person, the shed hair will grow back permanently after a very short time. So don’t worry and trust the doctor who helped you through the fue hair transplant treatment process.

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