Fue Hair Transplant Without Shaving Hair

Fue Hair Transplant Without Shaving Hair

What is Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

Unshaved hair transplantation is a method of Fue hair transplant without shaving hair that is applied side, and top parts of the hair. This method of hair transplant donor area is shaved just behind the head. It is generally preferred by people with long hair. With long hair shaven at the rear portion, camouflaged with long hair at the top. This method is determined by the drawing and planning experts of hair transplantation. It is performed with two different methods.

Whether or not which method is suitable for the patient; If appropriate, the technique to be applied is determined as a result of the evaluation by the doctor, and the patient is informed.

The FUE method is a single session procedure. A maximum of 4 thousand grafts (hair root) can be transplanted.


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In the DHI method, a maximum of 3 thousand grafts can be transplanted in a single session. 1 to 3 hair follicles can grow from each hair follicle.

Who Should Prefer Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

Unshaved hair transplantation is one of the most preferred methods. It is the most preferred method of hair transplantation especially for women who do not want their hair cut. People who generally prefer this method are as follows;

Unshaved hair transplantation is the most preferred method as hair transplantation in women with hair loss.

Those who have sparse hair on the upper part of the head can have hair tightening with unshaved hair transplantation between the sparse hair.

People who experience partial hair loss as a result of any discomfort or accident can transplant hair to the area with hair loss.

Only those who have problems with openness in the forehead area can have unshaved hair transplantation.

People who do not have too much hair loss in the vertex area may prefer this method.

How is Unshaved Hair Transplantation Performed?


It is the first stage in which the unshaved hair transplant operation is planned. All information about hair transplantation procedures and possible complications is given to the person who will have hair transplantation. The design of the hair transplant line is done at this first stage.


All the hair is washed and a special sterilization is applied to the hair. An area of ​​2 to 4 centimeters wide is shaved on the back of the head to be used as a donor, as needed. At this stage, sterilization and sedation of the operation area are also performed.

Collection of Hair Roots

At this stage, hair follicles are collected. This process is applied in the nape area, which has a non-spill feature. First of all, saline fluid is injected into this area so that the roots can be collected correctly and comfortably. During this procedure, the patient does not feel pain or pain. After the saline fluid is injected, the grafts should be collected correctly by experts.

Opening Channels

The follicles to be transplanted to the area to be transplanted should be in the same direction and at the same depth as the existing hair hairs. Applying the correct angle of the hair to be transplanted makes the hair look natural. Therefore be cultivated channel should be adjusted to a specific angle. Opening channel number must correspond to the root sown. At this point, the distance of the hair should be adjusted very well. Otherwise, complications may occur. If the treatment to be applied is DHI, the channel is not opened. Can Hair Transplant Be Done Without Shaving Your Head?

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the last step of the procedure. At this stage, the roots taken are placed in the canals and the integration of the transplanted hair is provided. At this stage, the most important point is placed against the open channels of hair follicles. Experts attending clinician after examination of the updates received in accordance hair roots are planted in the area designated for the determined amount.

Completion of Hair Transplantation

During the completion of hair transplantation, a hair strengthening exchange process is applied. This process makes the hair stronger. It also speeds up the healing process. After this process, dressing is applied to the planted area.

Differences Between Unshaved Hair Transplantation and Shaved Hair Transplantation

The Unshaved hair transplantation method removes the psychological pressure of the social perception caused by hair transplantation. In addition, there is no need for procedures such as scraping or shortening the hair applied in other methods. For this reason, the operation is completed without any change, interruption, or restriction in the patient’s life.

This method allows women and men who do not want to give up the current hairstyle and who are attached to a certain style to continue the same style they want. This has been the reason why many people prefer this method.

In other hair transplantation methods, it is obvious that the operation is performed in the area where the hair is taken and this creates a bad image. Unshaved hair transplantation camouflages this bad image.In the normal hair transplantation method, the hair is scraped or shortened. This is a problem for some people. However, it is very fast for people to return to their daily life in the unshaved hair transplantation method.

With this method, women who want to have a hair transplant do not have to cut their hair as short as a male model. For this reason, the unshaven hair transplantation method for women is one step ahead of other methods.

The most important difficulty of this method; It takes more time and patience. For this reason, it is not an application preferred by hair transplant clinics. Also, due to its difficulties, the unshaved hair transplant fee is slightly higher than other applications. Do You Have To Cut Your Hair For FUE Transplant?

What You Should Know Before Unshaved Hair Transplantation

In the unshaved hair transplantation method, it is not possible to shave the hair at all. Long hair transplantation method is applied to avoid shaving. Since the hair follicles to be taken will be in a camouflable area, a limited number of grafts are taken. For this reason, hair transplantation can be performed in a limited area. Fue hair transplant without shaving hair transplantation method is not recommended for people with large hair openings.