FUE Recovery Timeline

FUE Hair Transplantation and FUE Recovery Timeline

FUE Hair Transplantation and FUE Recovery Timeline FUE hair transplantatıon, which is the most common among hair transplantation operations, is applied by women and men all over the world against the problem of baldness. The latest technology devices are used in this method, which has a very high success rate.

The success rate in hair transplantation is related to the correct healing process as well as the correct operation. In the FUE hair transplant method, if you understand the healing process well, know how it develops and pay attention to some issues, you can achieve your dream hair with a near-cut success rate. Today, we will discuss “FUE hair transplantation and FUE  recovery timeline”.

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

In FUE technique, which stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction”, hair follicles are taken directly from the donor area with special devices and transferred to the area to be transplanted. During this process, special equipment with millimeter precision is used.


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During the operation, it is very important to determine the hairline properly and to plant the hair follicles in a natural way. Therefore, it is always necessary to work with an experienced clinic, regardless of whether it is using FUE or another method.

How Many Days Does Healing Begin After FUE Hair Transplantation?

Micro-sized incision areas are used when hair transplantation is performed with the FUE method. Thanks to the absence of large incisions, the healing process begins in a very short time.

It is seen that the healing process begins within a few hours after the operation is completed. First, the wounds begin to scab both in the donor area and in the transplanted area. Later, these scabs disappear over time and the hair follicles settle completely into the skin.

The healing process may vary from person to person. As long as you follow your doctor’s recommendations and do not delay the necessary dressings and care, the recovery phase will take place quickly and healthily and you will be able to get the hair you want.

Experiences in FUE Hair Transplant Recovery Process

It takes from six months to a year to complete the fue recovery timeline and achieve natural looking hair. Although the healing process is completed in a shorter time, you may need to take care of your hair for a year after the operation.

First Week:

After hair transplantation, the first week is when the hair follicles are most sensitive. This area should not be rubbed, pressed and protected even from light blows. At the same time, although it is in the shape of a point and is very small, it is still necessary to be very careful in order not to catch microbes because there is a wound in this area. Strict compliance with the warnings made by the physician is also a determining factor in the success of the hair transplant procedure.

First 15 Days:

Post-operative recovery period starts from the first hours. In this process, you may find that your wounds are admitted and inflamed by swelling slightly. In this quite normal situation, using the medications recommended by your doctor will allow you to get through the process quickly. Scab wounds heal within the first 15 days, itching in the transplanted area passes.

Between 15 – 30 Days:

When the hair follicles are naturally transferred from their location to another place, they enter a period called the “sleep phase”. During this period, hair growth stops. Between 15-30 days after the operation, it can be seen that hair loss and hair growth stop in the areas where hair transplantation is performed. This situation is part of the healing process and is temporary.

Between 30 – 60 Days:

The adaptation process of the hair follicles to the point where they are newly transferred starts after the first 30 days. Sometimes it can be seen that the sleep phase does not end up to 60 days. It is normal for hair follicles to grow unevenly, shorter in some places and faster in some places.

Between 3 – 6 months:

During this time, the healing process in the skin is already completed and it is seen that the hair follicles begin to adapt to their new position. Especially from the sixth month, it can be seen that the hair becomes thicker and grows healthier.

Between 6 – 12 Months:

As of the sixth month, significant changes in hair can be seen very clearly. However, in some patients, fue recovery timeline may take up to a year. Especially if there is an opening in the top region, later recovery may occur.

The following symptoms are considered normal in the first few months of the healing process:

  • Crust on the skin
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Shock Shedding
    If you encounter the mentioned complications, it will be unnecessary to worry. If you encounter such situations, it indicates that your healing process continues normally after FUE hair transplantation.

First Wash After Hair Transplantation

For the first wash, patients must wait for clinical control. The physician informs the patient when the first check will be made after the procedure. Generally, the first wash should be done between 24 hours and 72 hours after the procedure. A lotion is applied to the transplanted area to soften it.After waiting for about 30 minutes, the hair is rinsed with warm water and free of lotion. Then, the hairy area is gently foamed with a medical shampoo recommended by the physician. Then it is rinsed with warm water and using a paper towel, only the moisture is removed without rubbing the scalp.

Washing periods will be reported to the patient by the physician. These periods must be followed, since the aim is to purify the area so that no residue remains. After about 15 days have passed, the normal hair washing period can be started.

Hair Growth

Hair falls out within the first 3 weeks after hair transplantation. This is a planned situation and you do not need to worry. In fact, the hair does not fall out, it breaks at the root. Afterwards, it takes about 90 days for new and healthy hair strands to form. At the end of this period, healthy hair strands begin to grow.

Of course the natural hair growth pattern is seen. A small amount of hair grows every day and an extremely natural hair growth is experienced. Hair regains its most natural and healthiest shape 8 months after the application.

Thus, we discussed the fue recovery timeline issue.

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