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FUE Post Op Everyone worries about the success of the hair transplant result in a certain period after FUE Post Op. Seeing these spills, he inevitably hesitates. Especially the loss of transplanted hair within a month may increase this hesitation. At this point, you must keep your cool. Also, it will be sufficient to follow your doctor’s advice. Seeing your doctor at certain periods will affect you positively. In addition, sharing the developments with him will have a positive effect on your operation result. On the other hand, unfortunately, it would not be reasonable to talk about the success of the operation until 6 months after FUE Post Op.

Why does hair transplant after hair transplant fall out?

Waiting for the scab to fall out after hair transplant operations is a troubling process. But after these troubled 10 days, it will make you feel good to see those scabs shed. It will be very good for you if your transplanted hair creates a covering effect on the empty area for a long time. However, your happiness will be short-lived. Because, in the first 30 days after your hair transplant operation, almost all of the transplanted hair will fall out. This situation is encountered in almost all operations. So there is nothing to worry about in this situation.

It is your most natural right to question why hair loss occurs in this process. In fact, we can call this situation the life cycle of hair. Most of your transplanted hair starts its new life with the resting and shedding phase FUE Post Op. As a result, they shed within the first 30 days. They come out again after 90 days. Your hair will be relatively thin at first. However, they will have a fuller appearance over time. FUE Post Op these will happen.


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Immediately After Operation – First Night

A bandage will be applied to your donor area when you leave the hospital FUE Post Op. You will then be wearing a forehead band to prevent postoperative swelling. Tiny crusts occur in the transplanted area. In addition, all of the rashes will disappear within 15 days. You may feel swelling, itching and mild pain FUE Post Op. These symptoms can be relieved by the practices recommended by your doctor, if you follow them. 

Swelling: A few days after the operation, swelling can be seen on the face and mostly around the eyes. In this case, you can apply ice compress to the swelling area. Do not seek remedies for other medicines. This problem will disappear suddenly after 5 days. Itching: Itching is a sign of recovery and it is completely normal to feel this feeling FUE Post Op. Do not scratch or nail the transplanted area. The itching sensation may continue for a few days. Burning sensation: FUE Post Op, a burning sensation may occur especially in the donor area. In this case, it is recommended that you only apply the moisturizing lotion to your donor area three or four times a day. Also, it is suggested that you wait for it to be absorbed.

FUE Post Op process

Dressing and PRP or Laser Treatment are applied in the clinic the day after the operation. After dressing, the bandage in the donor area is removed.

A few things are done on the 3rd day after the operation. You should use the special lotion recommended for you. In addition, the hair washing procedure is started as described with shampoo after hair transplantation. The hair washing procedure helps to heal the scalp and remove the scabs that occur.

5-7 after the operation. The hair transplanted daily becomes stronger and will not be displaced by touching. You should avoid damaging the planted area and nail it. You may feel itching during this period. This is normal and a sign of recovery.

Your appearance will return to normal within 2-3 weeks; The difference between the transplanted and existing hair will disappear. Therefore, it will not be understood that you have had a hair transplant.

Hair loss in the transplanted area, known as shock shedding, is observed in this period. And then, the growth period of your transplanted hair comes into play.

In the 4th month, the hair growth process accelerates. Then, around the 6th month, half of the expected result from the hair transplant operation can be observed.

In the period between 6 and 12 months, the transplanted hair continues to grow slowly. At the same time, the hair strands become stronger and thicker.

You will have the final result of your hair transplant operation within 18 months. Now your hair regrowth has been completed and you will see 100% of the transplanted hair. You will have denser, long and strong-looking hair. Post FUE Hair Transplant Care

Things To Do At Home

It is appropriate for the patients to rest on the day of the procedure and the next day after they are discharged FUE Post Op. They are asked not to spend time outside as much as possible. On the day of the procedure and the next day, they should be careful not to tilt their heads forward at home. Computer use is possible provided that the head is not tilted forward. Patients should not rub the head area.

First Wash After Hair Transplantation

For the first wash, patients must wait for clinical control. The physician informs the patient when the first control will be done FUE Post Op. Generally, the first wash should be done within 72 hours after the operation. A softening solution is applied to the hair transplantation area. It is waited for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, it should be rinsed with non-cold water. Afterward, it is freed from the lotion. Then, the hairy area is gently foamed with a medical shampoo recommended by the physician. Then it is rinsed with warm water and using a paper towel, only the moisture is removed without rubbing the scalp.

Nutrition After Hair Transplantation

Nutrition After Hair Transplantation is important. Let’s list some of the reasons for this for you. The nourishment of the transplanted hair follicles is through the blood. Therefore, proper nutrition ensures that vitamins and minerals in the blood reach the hair follicles. Healthy nutrition reduces hair loss FUE Post Op It reduces the natural shedding that occurs in your hair that has not been transplanted. In addition, when the hair follicles are nourished, they become stronger and prepare healthier hair strands. Cell renewal rate increases and the healing period after hair transplantation is shortened. After hair transplantation, the number of hair strands decreases.

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