Fue Surgery

Fue Surgery

FUE hair surgery,  hair transplantation can be complete. Hair transplantation has become very popular and in demand in recent years. Hair loss, a part of human nature, has and continues to affect women, mostly men. Various solutions have been produce. Some of them has apply as a seamless, less damaging method compared to the FUT.

The advantage is that there is no cut or stitch in the area where the hair is taken. There is very little pain after this surgery and the recovery period is very quick.

Root processing rates have drop to 1% today, are about to become the gold standard. Although FUE hair surgery is becoming more common in the world, it requires technical skills. Your hair will not fall out due to the strong hair follicles. After a year, the hair follicles regain their health in the transplant area. We can consider FUE hair surgery as a safe and risk-free method. Root processing rates have dropped to 1% today and became the gold standard.FUE hair surgery has become increasingly common in the world. However, it requires technical skills. Due to the success rate and strong hair follicles are taken from the donor area.


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Fue Technique

FUE Hair Transplant surgery is a commonly perform  types of plastic surgery as a permanent solution to baldness today. It is an operation that most plastic surgeons can do. Although it is perform by most plastic surgeons, success rates are not high. Although there are many Hair Transplant centers and plastic surgeons doing this job, This work professionally engage people are to follow developments in Hair Transplant technology.. At this point, the decision falls on the patients .Hair transplantation is irreversible and it is very difficult revision is an important process .Hair transplantation should be well researched and correct decisions should be made. So before choosing your hair care professional and the center should pay attention to what?

Your hair will not fall out after transplantation. After a year, the hair follicles regain their health in the transplanted area. We can consider FUE hair surgery as a safe and risk-free method.

FUE Hair Transplant Design and Frontal Hair Line

How to determine your frontal hairline should be designed correctly by the expert.  Choose your hair transplant specialist and center according to the references. You can get detailed information about the design and see hair transplant samples.direction and intensity of the received surrounding hair follicles.Fue Hair Transplant: How It is Done and How Long It Takes?

Correct Determination of the Direction of Hair Root Growth

In general, two different techniques are use together in hair transplantation operations. One of them is the FUT technique; The other is the hair transplantation method with the FUE technique. The FUT technique, which is consider  a traditional technique, is not prefer  today. Instead of the FUT technique, the FUE technique, which has a much more advantage compared to it, is prefer. It is perform  by transferring the hair follicles to the bald area.  The length of the hair follicles in the nape and must be separate  according to their direction. It is important that the hair follicles take are not damage  in any way.

After the hair grafts are separat, channels begin to open for the area to be transplant .The separate hair follicles are place in these open channels one by one. This is the most important stage of the hair transplant process.A surgeon expert in the field, so that no obvious natural looking can achieve successful results.

The Reason For The Hair Roots To Be Implanted From The Neck Area

Since the hair in the nape area is insensitive to testosterone, it doesn’t fall out. Hair follicles in the nape area are prefer  because they are resistant to hair loss. In some cases, the hair in the nape area may be lost or insufficient due to a different disease. In such cases, hair follicles can be take from different parts of the body such as the chest.

After FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant new hair from the hair roots planted after surgery poured in an average month. This is necessary and expected process of hair transplantation. After this process of shedding new hair grows from hair follicles are permanently plant  in 5 months. According to the technique wherein use is provide a yield of about 90% to the transplant hair roots.

Price Determination in FUE Hair Transplantation Process

There is no fixed fee system in FUE Hair Transplant surgeries. Price depends on the person and the technical quality being use. The number of hair follicles to take and transplant and individuality of the procedure to be apply to play a decisive role in pricing . The number of grafts will  take at the examination centers during the plantation, the propose technology and other factors determine the price considering.After this stage, the patient decides plantation. The plantation, eyebrows cultivation, planting eyelashes, beard cultivation and so on. The surgical procedure varies according to the region in pricing will apply.Hair Transplant Density

The most important factor here stands out as the size of the application. Therefore, photographs of the person or application area are require  to report the fee. Experts inform about operation details in the photos. Since Hair Transplantation requires skill, visuality and experience, it is a special scientific art. The self-confidence of people who grow healthily and have natural hair also increases. Plantation is finish  by a professional team gives very good results. Growing hair changes its appearance and positively affects the psychology of the person.

The bath ban is lifted three days after the operation, and the patient can continue. The small evidence opened were completely healed. At the end of this week, there will be no scar on the neck area.

Hair loss may occur due to environmental and / or genetic factors or some diseases. Unfortunately, not everyone who experiences hair loss is suitable for hair transplantation. In order to determine whether the person can have hair transplantation or not, the examination and consultation should be done in the clinical environment and by a specialist. After it is decided that it is suitable for hair transplantation, transplantation is performed according to the open area in sequential period.