FUT Hair Transplant OP

FUT Hair Transplant OP

The subject of fut hair transplant post op is a very curious subject. This technique is a hair transplant technique that has been applied for about 30 years. It is among the most advanced hair transplant methods supported by advanced technology all over the world. Also, the FUT method is the second choice due to the rapid progress of technology in recent years. Accordingly, the fut hair transplant post op process is also important.

What is the FUT Method?

The Fut method is the process of removing hair follicles from the donor area as a strip and carefully placing them in the area to be transplanted. With the recent development of technology, the FUT method has left its place to the Fue method. However, the FUT method is used from time to time.

Who is the FUT Method Applied to?

The FUT method is applied to anyone who is suitable for hair transplantation. Who are over the age of 22, Have permanent hair loss, Hair transplantation has reached a certain level, Anyone with an adequate donor area and a good general health condition is suitable for the FUT method. Also, these factors influence the fut hair transplant post op process.


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In Which Cases FUT Technique Is Used In Hair Transplantation?

With the development of technology, the use of FUT method has gradually decreased. However, in some special cases, FUT technique can still be used.

The doctor you go to applies only FUT method for hair transplantation. If the hair in the donor area is very small, this method is recommended by the doctor in order to collect more grafts. When a small number of grafts are collected due to retouching, the FUT method is used. If the hair in the donor area is extremely dense, this method is preferred in order not to damage the surrounding hair follicles. It is preferred because it is much cheaper than other methods.

How Is Hair Transplant Technique Applied With FUT?

In the FUT technique, the targeted area to collect hair follicles is numbed with local anesthesia. A rectangular piece, approximately 15 cm x 2 cm in size, is cut out from the anesthetized donor area. Also, Nurses step in to extract the skin from the donor area. The grafts separated from the skin are placed neatly into containers called petri dishes. While the collected grafts are prepared for transplantation, the opened donor area is closed with aesthetic stitches and wrapped.

After the healing process that will take about 20 days to 1 month, a horizontal suture scar will remain in the targeted area between the two ears. One of the disadvantages of the FUT technique is that there are permanent stitch marks in the donor area after the operation. During the  fut hair transplant post op process, these factors may be important to you.

In the other stage, local anesthesia is applied to the area to be transplanted. After the area to be transplanted becomes numb, channels are opened as much as the number of grafts removed by the nurses. These channels are holes the size of a needle head where hair follicles will be placed. After the channels are opened, hair follicles are placed in these channels and the hair transplantation process is completed. Post Hair Transplant Care FUE

Things to Consider Before FUT Technique Operation

While explaining the fut hair transplant post op issue, we should not go over the previous one. Aspirin and similar drugs should be stopped at least 1 week before the FUT method. Washing the hair, using chemical products such as lotions, slaves and conditioners negatively affect the process. You should wear your comfortable clothes before FUT hair transplantation. Also, this process is one that also affects the fut hair transplant post op issue.


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Things to Consider After FUT Operation

In hair transplantation with the FUT method, more than one expert team must work simultaneously. It is also a separate requirement that the patient comes back to the clinic one week later and the stitches are removed.

In addition, the dressing must be applied to the stitched area fut hair transplant post op. On the 3rd day after the operation, you can wash your hair and relax a little more.

Recovery Process After FUT Method

Since surgical intervention is performed in the FUT method, it is necessary to protect against the risk of infection in the applied area. Fut hair transplant post op , dressing should be applied to the operation area the day after the operation. Scabbing ends within 15 days at the latest and the stitches of the surgical intervention area are removed at the end of this period.

FUT Technique Prices

In the FUT method, the price varies depending on the width of the area to be transplanted and the hair structure. It can vary by treatment center without a clear price.

Advantages of FUT Technique

Since the grafts are not collected one by one, the FUT method is very fast. This is a highly sufficient reason for preference for patients with limited time.

Thanks to the FUT hair transplant operation, grafts are collected faster. Since the collected grafts are freed from other tissue pieces, the channels to be opened for transplanting the hair will be smaller. With the small size of the channels, blood circulation will not be impaired and the transplanted hair follicles will grow faster. There is almost no surgical scar, especially in people with white hair. These factors directly affect the fut hair transplant post op issue. 6 Weeks Post Hair Transplant

Disadvantages of FUT Technique

Unfortunately, stitch scars remain after FUT hair transplant surgery. In addition, if stitches are not taken, the person who had a hair transplant may get an infection. Since the scalp is removed, there may be numbness or some muscle relaxation after the operation. There may be bruising or swelling around the eyes, as well as redness. When a second hair transplant operation is required, a new stitch scar is formed and the recovery time is also prolonged. These are the factors in the fut hair transplant post op topic. If you have researched the factors on fut hair transplant post op well, you can apply to apply this method.