Hair Cloning Transplant Cost

Hair Cloning Transplant Cost

What is Hair Cloning Transplant Cost?

Hair Cloning Transplant Cost Since the day hair problems existed, hair cloning transplant cost human beings have started to research for hair problems and after the techniques developed today, the most developed countries of the world have started to work hard for hair cloning, which is called hair reproduction. But the level reached has not reached the level where hair can be cloned yet. Studies conducted with volunteers for hair cloning continue in many developed countries, especially in the UK and USA.

But hair cloning is not that easy. For the last 10 years, there are many studies such as how hair can be reproduced and how it can be maintained. There are a lot of unresolved questions such as how will the waiting time of the cloned hair be or will it hold if transplantation is done, even if there is already cloning.

What is hair cloning or copy and paste is not an easy application. If hair cloning had already been done, hair transplant centres that perform clone hair transplantation, like hair transplant centres, would have to increase.


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Where will the hair be cloned be obtained?

Cloning equals copying, so if one-day hair cloning is done, of course, healthy and lush hair will be taken from the person’s own hair. Because it will not be possible to take another person’s hair and clone it. Because of the incompatibility of tissues and cells, problems with very serious consequences may occur.

Since hair is a living cell that carries protein, the hair to be cloned can only be one’s own hair. You can get more information from the aesthetic clinic specialists.Is It Possible To Get Results

With Hair Cloning?

Hair cloning allows the cells to regrow by producing fresh tissue by modelling, ie replicating. In addition, the quality of the existing hair increases and shedding is prevent. However, scientific studies on hair cloning are still ongoing. Explaining that the studies on this subject will conclude in the coming years and that thousands of hair roots can be obtained from a single hair root, scientists state that this procedure, which is perform according to the basic principles of cell therapy, will be hope not only in hair transplantation applications.  Also in different aesthetic operations.

It is indisputable that hair cloning, which is a miraculous remedy for people who want to have hair transplantation but do not have enough donors or hair follicles suitable for transplantation, will create a medical revolution when it is finalize  and apply all over the world. What Is Better The FUE Or FUT Hair Transplant?

Different Solutions for Hair Loss

While it is expect  that the developments in hair cloning will take its final form, the development and application of different methods for hair loss and baldness continue. Hair transplantation, which is the most apply  and prefer  method, is perform  by taking the healthy and suitable hair in the neck and transferring it to the spilt area. With several different techniques applied in hair transplantation, it is possible to find permanent solutions to hair loss and baldness. We can generally examine these methods under three headings;

1-FUE Technique:

In this method, which is perform  by taking the hair follicles suitable for transplantation in the nape area, separating them with a special application. Placing them in the area to transplant, a permanent solution to baldness is offer  in a short time. The hair that starts to grow again a few months after the operation continues to grow permanently after about a year and grow for a lifetime.

2-DHI Technique:

With this method, which is perform by taking individual hair follicles from the nape area or hair or chest hair .  Placing micro-slots on the bald skin one by one, it is possible to apply without incision and bleeding without stitch marks. This application, made with needles with a thickness of micron level, leaves almost no traces and gives precise results.

Hair transplantation can be perform  for anyone with donor hair follicles either by FUE or DHI method. hair loss As a result of these procedures perform with local anaesthesia, a success rate of nearly 100% is observe . If care is take  after hair regrowth and previous mistakes are not repeate , lifelong hair growth and growth occurs. FUE Procedure Pain

3- Auto Hair Cloning:

Another method, which is popularly call  hair cloning, but also call  auto hair cloning or hair grafting, is also apply . In this method, the connection between the cells in the hair follicles take  from the person is activate , the follicle cells are model  and re-inject  into the person. After a while, new hairs begin to grow from the hair follicles and scalp that regenerate and strengthen. This method, call  hair cloning or grafting, is one of the hair transplant applications.

In the hair grafting method, the quality of the hair that grows after transplantation increases. The number of hair follicles increases and more hair grows. New hair follicles are form  in the donor area. There are no losses in the nape area, and the openings that occur are close  after a short time. It is a practical technique because it improves in a very short time and is a very easy application. In auto hair cloning technique, results can be obtained without the need for a second session. Healthy and permanent results are obtain with hair grafting method perform  with a method similar to PRP application.

Currently, it does not seem possible to apply the cloning process in the medical sense for hair. Scientists who say that this will be possible in the coming years, still cannot give an exact date on this issue. On the other hand, while the discussions on cloning as an ethical problem in general continue. It is not yet clear where the outcome will come.

You need to do very good research on centres or hospitals claiming to do hair cloning.  The most important thing to remember is to determine the most suitable hair transplant method for you. Because hair cloning is a very expensive the application.