Hair Cocktail Mesotheraphy Today many people are not satisfied with their hair. Hair cocktail mesotherapy is a solution for air and water pollution, stress, insomnia.

What Is Hair Cocktail Mesotherapy?

Hair Cocktail Mesotheraphy is a non-surgical treatment is your body aimed. This is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids mixture hormones, and plant extracts to rebuild your hair required for the hair into the scalp. Treatment involves injecting acid of hyaluronic directly into the mesoderm.

So, this magnifies and reconditions the skin by supporting the production of collagen and elastin and stimulates your hair scalp.

Hair Cocktail Mesotherapy is the strength injection of vitamins, minerals (Calcium, Iodine, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Potassium), involved in the keratin floor of the epidermis, amino acids, and floor expanders necessary for hair improvement and progress into the scalp.

Mesotherapy is very effective for the scalp and hair. Hair cocktail mesotheraphy could be very robust for the scalp and hair. It’s regarded as one of the crucial well-known functions in trendy cosmetology in fighting multiple hair issues.

Which you can maintain many problems with this implementation: stimulant inactive bulbs, supply nourishment to hair follicles, and putting off dandruff.  Hair Cocktail Mesotherapy is a hair remedy method applied with the aid of an experienced professional.

Microinjections aid the applying of designated medications containing nutrition and vitamins and minerals quintessential for healthy hair and hair progress. Hair Cocktail Mesotherapy establishes cellular regeneration programs, prevents hormonal imbalance and normal issues in male and female hair loss circumstances.

This stimulates vasodilation in order to achieve adequate perfusion to the cells of the capillary bulb and optimizing the supply of nutrients. So, the content material with high concentrations of nutrients of staff guarantees the whole diet of the dermal papillae, and as well as proper metabolic functioning.

Preparations For Hair Cocktail Mesotherapy

Each injection is a blend of several beneficial ingredients for your hair like minerals, vitamins, and other advantageous factors that experts have selected individually for each patient. So one injection can be mixed in two to five active ingredients.

Vitamins of group B, which supply natural metabolism, are effective in the growth and renewal of hair. In addition, these ingredients are among the supplementary used in hair cocktail mesotherapy : Copper and zinc – get ahead of the weakness of the hair structure.

However, preparations containing these elements should be used for hereditary hair loss.

The acid of Hyaluronic – responsible for the nutrition of ampuls, accelerates hair growth. Amino acids are the establishment of the hair, contributing to the creation of keratin structure.

Growth factors – standardize blood flow to the scalp, making hair follicles stronger than ever, and provides hair volume Coenzyme – fills your hair with crucial energy improves the hair structure. Prepared cocktails are available for hair treatment. So the professional will choose the compositions for you in the most suitable way.

How Is It Applied?

The technique uses very fine needles to transmit a series of injections into the secondary layer (mesoderm) of the skin. The idea is to accurate underlying issues like poor distribution and inflammation that cause skin damage.

So, there is no standard formula for the injection of substances in hair cocktail mesotherapy.

Doctors use many different resolutions, including:

recipe medicines similar to vasodilators and antibiotics, hormones suchlike calcitonin and thyroxine, enzymes like collagenase and, hyaluronidase, herbaceous extracts, vitamins, and mineral.

Allopathic Cocktails Used in hair cocktail mesotherapy

Hair Cocktail Mesotheraphy They include vitamins, minerals, elastin, collagen, vasodilators, and other active ingredients. The doctor points out the right position and desired outcomes after a detailed decomposition of hair and scalp and troubles interconnect to the patient. So, this type of cocktails can quickly resolve the difficulty.

Homeopathic Cocktails Used in hair cocktail mesotherapy

They include only plant elements unified with a hydrated solution, without the use of oils and other chemical ingredients. This ingredient awakens the activity of the body’s own potential and participates in the action of bulbs. The effect is cumulative, so you should not expect visible results and after the first procedure.

Is There Any Pain During the Procedure?

Yes. Outside its high price, pain is the main disadvantage of mesotherapy. On the other hand, it all counts on the individual pain threshold. So, the back of the head and ear area is the most sensitive area to injections. After mesotherapy, you cannot wash your hair or go to the pool and steam rooms for four days to avoid complications and disturbance.

It is also worth stopping the process during the menstrual period, as the pain will be felt much powerful along with this time. So, whether or not pain can be felt depends on the patient’s pain threshold. Mesotherapy Side Effects 


  • People who perform mesotherapy for hair loss remark that:
  • so corrects hormone imbalances in and around the hair follicle
  • transmits nutriment to the hair
  • evolve blood circulation
  • Hair loss gradually stops
  • Hair growth is effective
  • The activity of the oil glands decreases, curls view cleaner, longer, and more complete
  • Blood flow and oxygen delivery to the bulbs increase
  • Dandruff is decrease
  • Improvement is visible in hair density, smoothness, brightness during hairbrushes and styling.

Prevents hair decrement and revive growth, as it increases the volume, brightness, and general aspect of the hair. For this reason, it is appropriate for revitalizing damaged hair after dyeing, bleaching, curling, using straightening, etc.

Clinical works show the serum improves the thickness of the hair by more than 40%.


This process; will improve the condition of the hair, and which has factors such as air pollution,  malnutrition, and body impotence.

On the other hand, when it comes to a specific disease, mesotherapy cannot change the condition. Before making a decision, you can see that each person has a lot of feelings that they are happy to share on the forums. And think of the comments.

All of these greatly affect natural beauty. Hair is among the first parts influence by the disrupts in the body. So now, it is easier to prevent hair problems today with hair cocktail mesotherapy.