Hair Growth Stage After Hair Transplantation

Hair Growth Stage After Hair Transplantation

Hair Growth Stage After Hair Transplantation Our priority in our hospital is to fully meet the expectations of our patients. In doing so, we try to provide the highest quality service by keeping the comfort at the highest level. In our Hair Transplantation Unit, we serve with our highly experienced team working in company with advanced devices. Let’s take a look at the hair growth stages after transplantation and what we need to do at these stages. Hair Graft Growth Hair graft growth occurs within an average of 1 year and the final result is obtained at the end of 1 year. Additionally, the following timeline will help you track

Hair Graft Growth. 1-6 Days After the Operation

Within a few days after the operation, slight swelling may be observed in the transplant area, depending on the person. This usually starts on day 3 and ends on day 6. On the 7th day, the treatment areas may be slightly pinkish depending on the skin type.

7-10 Days After the Operation

Your hair has grown 1-2 mm longer, your appearance has improved. You can start the second week washing procedure in your file to completely remove the scabs.


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1-3 Months After the Operation

After a few weeks, it begins to grow with noticeable itching. It is completely normal to see acne and forehead oily. This new hair growth process will take 3 months. These, too, will start to grow over time.

5-6 Months After the Operation

In the 5th and 6th months, most of the hair has completed its hair growth phase. Some of the hair may be in the form of a feather or under the skin. New hair is 2-3 cm long and will gradually become thicker.

8-10 Months After the Operation

Between the 8th and the 10th months, the patient follows the noticeable development from the operation until this time. Now the hair has grown and thickened. A much better appearance has emerged compared to a few months ago.

1 Year After Operation

In the last year after the operation, the patient has seen the result more clearly. Although the change of his hair will still continue, a noticeable success has been achieved in 1 year. The hair will now continue to grow and develop throughout the patient’s life and can be cut and shaped as desired. Standard shampoos and other hair care products are sufficient.

Shock Shedding After Hair Transplantation

Hair Growth Stage After Hair Transplantation Another issue that frightens people who have hair transplantation is shock shedding. The sudden loss of the transplanted hair and the rashes in this area, perforated scalp, sparse hair strand appearance may frighten patients You are likely to experience hair loss in the third week of the hair transplant operation. Although this spill scares you, we consider it normal and it is a temporary process. Although there is no exact date for how long it will take, we would like to say that the spills last up to 45 days. It is a fact that the severity and duration of this spill differs in each person. In some of our patients, it sheds completely within 7-14 days and goes through the renewal process. In some patients, this situation continues for 1-2 months. Shock Loss Donor Area

Causes Shock Spill?

The main reason of this process, which we define as temporary hair loss after hair transplantation, is the growth cycle of the hair follicle and the short-term shock experienced by the transplantation process. However, this process is quite normal. Each hair strand has 3 phases as “Growth, Pause and Shedding”. Hair follicles begin a new growth phase for a new hair hair immediately after the shedding phase. One of the most important factors of shock loss is the coping of this cycle. Immediately after the shedding process, the hair follicles move into their other stages and the natural cycle begins again.

Factors Affecting Shock Loss:

  • Hair structure of the person,
  • Growth cycle with hair follicles,
  • Having a thin leather structure,
  • Duration of roots waiting outside,
  • Whether the root is kept from the living part during planting,
  • The temperature of the environment where the roots are kept,
  • Correct management of the post-transplant process,
  • Nutrition and stress after transplantation,
  • Frequent graft cultivation may increase temporary shedding.

When Does Shock Shedding Begin?

After the hair transplant steps; Temporary hair loss may occur with new transplantation in areas with intense hair loss. It is a completely natural reaction. Although there is no need to worry, the hair transplant specialist will be informed about shock loss before the procedure. Shock loss does not occur in every patient at the same time. The clear range is between the first 1 and 3 months.

It is seen in some patients in the second week and in some patients it can be observed earlier or later. Shock shedding is experienced only once after hair transplantation. After shock shedding, it is not possible to lose hair again or experience sparseness. Shock spills may not be the same in every patient. While it progresses severely in some, 10%, in others it is much higher. Shock spills do not have alarming qualities, on the contrary, they are the harbingers of the new hair strand. When Does Hair Grow After FUE?

How Many Days After Hair Transplantation?

The first 10 days, which we consider critical and important, we need to be very careful. The reason for this is that we can show the adaptation process of grafts to new places. When the grafts complete a 10-day process in a healthy way, it becomes difficult for them to move. Manual hair correction, small touches do not damage the grafts when the first 10 days process is completed in a healthy way.

Of course, you have to wait a few more days after the first 10-day critical period for the grafts to remove the skin. However, after the 10-day process is over, you will feel a little better. You should stay away from sports activities such as head movements, head ball and melee training. However, you can return to normal sports activities at the end of the 10th day. Roots are poured in an average of 30 or 45 days. Hair production starts again in 3-4 months. However, these times are general times. The way you care for your hair depends on the factors you show in your own diet. Hair Growth Stage After Hair Transplantation