Hair Implants Gone Wrong

Hair Implants Gone Wrong

Especially in hair implants gone wrong  that do not have the approval of the Ministry of Health, there are a lot of non-experts who try to do hair transplantation with appropriate campaigns. To avoid such problems, careful research should finish  and the operation should finish by a specialist plastic surgeon.

One of the important problems in hair transplantation is that the hairline and hair transplantation is not far from the natural appearance. These bad results we have mention  can   correct  by hair transplantation again, but if the patient is suitable for the second surgery, hair transplantation correction can be perform. The correction process will be more laborious and demanding than the first surgery.

The patient’s expectations should take into account. The donor area will also be subject to fatigue for the second time. It is an operation that requires experience. And mistakes should not   make. If the patient is suitable for the second transplantation, the operation can  start.


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The bad image caused by hair loss and the hair loss we call male pattern hair loss to disturb people. During this loss, our patients find the remedy for hair transplantation. However, in some sowing techniques, sowing can have bad results. Thanks to the developing technology, this enables hair transplantation correction procedures to be performed and hair to be saved after bad transplantation.

Correction of Faulty Hair Transplantation Operation

There are many reasons why the hair implants gone wrong sometimes fails and is bad. Using the wrong technique is the most important factor. Trying to take more follicles than the normal hair follicles taken from the donor area, and the transplanted hair follicles do not grow or produce hair.

Within a month after hair transplantation, the hairs on the transplanted grafts may naturally fall out. This definitely does not indicate that the transplantation is bad or unsuccessful. Especially in some patients, it can be observed that the transplanted hair does not shed after the transplant. In some patients, about 50% of it may be shed, even 100% of it may be shed. Here, there is no difference between the patient with hair loss and the patient who does not.

Faulty Hair Transplantation

Our patients need to know that the hair loss process is a normal process after hair transplant correction. After this 1st month period, new hair will begin to grow within 1.5 2 months. It is necessary to wait approximately 6-8 months and 1 year for full results. In addition to these, we should also mention the loss of existing hair. Additional treatment methods . Additional recommendations can  make to reduce and prevent hair loss, especially since the patient is examined before the surgery and after the surgery. Approximately 8-9 months after the transplant process, the hair will cover the scalp with sufficient growth.

First of all, the fact that grafts larger than normal are transplanted at the beginning of the wrong hair transplantation procedure looks very bad. So much so that it causes a deformity in the form of plugs that look like a cornfield. In such cases, the scar tissues piled up in the borders generally cause deformities in the form of collapses or elevations contrary to the current image or the image that should be. These deformities can look like flagstones, and they are outside of acceptable limits. Female Hair Transplant

Why Large Grafts Look Bad?

Since the large graft contains more hair strands than normal, it may look like corn tassel or artificial baby hair. Correcting such deformities is quite difficult, even impossible. Permanent deformations may occur. If the deformity that has occurred is too much and the hairline is ahead of normal, it is possible to remove large grafts by surgical intervention. After these grafts are removed, smaller ones can be prepare  and re-transplant  compare to the existing ones.

Apart from this, in some cases, a horizontal strip and fillings can be sketch  1 or 2 cm anterior to the scar area, the forehead skin can be advance  in the pelagic direction and micrografts can be added to the hairline to enhance the appearance. If this is not done, forehead tissue expansion is required for fencing and  orehead extension. We will add another information letter as a continuation of this article regarding this situation. You can find the article on this subject in our article titled How can the image be correct  as a result of the large graft implanted.

We discusse  the image as a result of the large graft implant . We talk about a method about how to fix it. In this article, we will explain the method of correction with another method. According to the method we mention ,  grafts can be partially reduce  by using smaller punches in this method. The large grafts transplant  are reduce eccentrically and one or two roots   reducing the number. The reduction of large grafts and partial retransplantation of the hair taken from these grafts by recycling prevents the waste of hair follicles, which is a very important issue for these patients with limit  donor resources and is a useful method. Is A Hair Transplant Worth It?

Large Grafts

If the deform interior hairline is relatively high (8-10 cm) and there is enough donor  hair implants gone wrong micro . Mini-grafts can  place  in front of the hairline, that is, half an inch anterior to the fillings, creating a transition zone. As a result, the density provide  by the fillings is preserve and the deformity is camouflage . Micro grafts can also be add  between fillings.  If the old grafts are not too large, that is, if they are five to eight roots. The hairline is high, it is quite possible to correct the problem with micrografts and mini grafts only.

The large graft creates a bad image in the donor area where it is take , as we mention in the previous article, it looks like a paving stone. This does not leave a pleasant impression in terms of appearance.

There are many undesirable complications such as not growing hair, growing hair sparse than a promise, hairline being asymmetrical, hairline being behind, hairline being far in the front, prominent hairline, cornfield appearance in transplant  hair, scar tissue that causes irregularities in the transplantation area.