Hair Implant Prices

Hair Implant Prices

Hair Implant Prices Our hair makes up a big part of our looks and it can change how people perceive us. It can also give us the confidence we need. Unfortunately, as we get older most of us start losing their hair. It has become a fear for both men and women because it causes insecurity. Modern science has a solution for hair loss, it is called hair implants. It is an effective way to fill the bald spots on your head. Since it is your own hair that is transplanted you will feel as If you never had any problems with hair loss. This article will answer the important question of how much is it to get hair implants and other questions you might have about this procedure.

What is hair implantation?

Hair implantation is a surgical procedure that has been around since the 1930’s. Its main goal is to redistribute the hair follicles on the patient’s head evenly. To get hair implants you must consult your doctor. There are two ways to do hair implantation: Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Depending on the hair and baldness doctor will decide the procedure. FUT is more common than FUE. In FUT the surgeon removes a strip of skin from your head with hair, divides it, and transplants it on the bald areas. In FUE doctors shave the patient’s head and transplants the hair follicles. The hair can be taken from other parts of the body such as chest hair. In both male and female pattern baldness, the top of the head is the most affected part therefore hair follicles are usually taken from the back of the patient’s head.

How much money you will pay for the surgery may differ from FUT and FUE. It is best if you consult the hospital about the prices of these surgeries. Surgeries may take hours or days depending on the procedure. Even though the surgery is long it is painless because of local anesthesia. After the hair implantation surgery is completed, patients can return home on the same day. They can even return to their daily lives and work in three days. The doctor may prescribe pain medication in case of pain. Medications such as antibiotics, steroids, and anti-inflammatory medications can be prescribed by the doctor. It is for the best to keep in mind that these medications have their separate costs. Exercise, washing, and combing the hair is not recommended after the surgery. It is best to wait until your doctor allows you to these activities.


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After the surgery: Benefits and Side Effects

Hair implantation has a high success rate especially compared to other hair restoration techniques. Still, this does not guarantee success. Loss in the implanted hair may occur in the first three to twenty-one days. It is called “shock loss” and it is perfectly normal. The scalp may also be tender for the first couple of days. In a few months, the implanted hair will start growing and thickening. Usually in the first three to four months, 80 percent of the implanted hair will grow back. This rate also depends on the surgical technique that was used. FUT has a higher success rate than FUE. Keep in mind that you cannot have surgery If you do not have existing hair or your bald spots are too big. To learn If you can have the surgery first you must consult a doctor.

These implanted hairs can last a lifetime still this is not a guarantee. Age, hair colour, and type even the lifestyle can be a factor in how long they last. As there is in every surgery, hair implants have their own side effects and cons. First of all, there is “shock loss”. It is a temporary side effect that makes the newly implanted hair fall. The most common side effect is scarring since they might cut off a piece of your scalp. Any scars are covered up by the hair after surgery. There are other side effects such as bleeding, itching, inflammation, and infections. These side effects usually pass after a couple of days. Every surgery has its dangers and there is no guarantee that the implanted hair will last forever. Not a side effect but the price can be a big con depending on the situation.

How much is it to get hair implants?

One of the most asked questions about hair implants is “how much is it to get them?” The price of the implants depends on many things. One of the most important things to consider before the surgery is the doctor. Experienced doctors and surgeons can have higher prices than others. That is why we recommend you to do your research before getting the hair implantation surgery. Even though experienced doctors have a higher price point but not every expensive doctor is good. Therefore do good research about both the doctor and hospital then get into contact with them. Get in contact with them to learn how much hair implantation surgery costs.

There is an important factor in surgery prices and that is the country that you will get the surgery done. Every country has different prices for hair implantation surgery. Some of them are so cheap that both travel and surgery expenses can be cheaper than your own country. The cheapest and most popular places for this surgery are Poland, Thailand, Mexico, and Turkey. Price can change depending on how many sessions it will be or the number of hair follicles that will be transplanted. Still those countries are the cheapest option for operation since the stay time is also not that long. To sum it up the procedure, the place, the doctor, and the length of operation can all affect the cost. To learn how much is it to get hair implants contact us. Hair Implant Prices